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Little Company of Mary, Sr.Patrick Merriman,1904

Little Company of Mary, Sr.Patrick Merriman,1904

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Surnames: Merriman
This was my great-aunt.She was born in Ireland, emigrated to Chicago, and joined the order of Little Company of Mary, and passed away in 1904 , at or near Malta. So, I know something about the end of her life. I don't know what year she was born, What her name was, or what year she emigrated. I can't find her in any Irish records. Can anyone tell me if the order has central files, or something to point me back to her beginnings in Ireland? I'd appreciate any help or suggestions.
Thank You

Re: Little Company of Mary, Sr.Patrick Merriman,1904

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The Little Company of Mary is an order of nuns founded in Nottingham, England, to care for the dying and it has now spread across the world.

You think that Sr Patrick died in 1904 "at or near Malta". It is not clear if this is Malta, Montana, or the Island of Malta. There is no reference to a convent today on the parish web page for St Mary, Malta, Montana. In the history notes about the LCM on the internet there is reference to the order having a house on the Island of Malta ca 1900.

Google provides several sites that might be of interest in a general sense, the best ones are probably

These two seem to take you initially to the UK, where there is a Heritage Centre. The Heritage Centre may be where the world-wide archives of the order are kept. There is a contact page on both these sites that you could use to write to the Archivist about Sr Patrick.

There is also a site that deals with the LCM in the USA -

Again there is a contact page.

Hope this helps

Jim Lancaster (Bury, Lancs., England)

Re: Little Company of Mary, Sr.Patrick Merriman,1904

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Thank you for your help. I contacted one of those addresses and got all the information I needed. Could you help me with one more? Sister Mary Patrick was one of three sisters who entered religious orders. Sister Catherine came to Chicago and
joined the Sisters of Mercy. I got the information from an obituary in 1904 for Sr. Mary Patrick. In the obituary, I learned that the last was Sr.Mary Dominique. Her order was St.Joseph de Cluny, and in 1904, she was alive in Chile. I had an uncle who apparently heard that she went from Ireland to France. From what I understand, the order established a presence in Dublin around 1861, so she probably at least made contact there. I found an email address and tried to find some info, but nobody responded. Would you know if there was a central record place for that order? Again, thanks for your help.

Re: Cluny Sisters, Sr.Mary Dominique Merriman

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Thanks for your note. You mention three sisters, two of whom were in Chicago prior to entering a religious order. Is it possible that the third was also resident in Chicago?
I have looked on Google and the order of the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny seems to be well spread across the world, particularly in poorer countries. However, there do not appear to be any Cluny nuns in the UK. The only site I found that belonged to the order, and provided information about it, was one for the Province of the US and Canada at On the home page, it provides the details -

Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny
Box 66
RI 02841
USA 401.846.4826

There is a contact page that provides the additional details -

Provincial House
7 Restmere Terrace
Middletown, RI 02842

Phone: 401-846-4826 Ext. 18

It is possible that the last email address may be the most helpful.

Do you have any links with a MERRIMAN family in Aberdeen, Orkney, and Altrincham??

Hope this helps

Jim Lancaster (Bury, Lancs.)

Re: Cluny Sisters, Sr.Mary Dominique Merriman

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Thanks for the help on this. The order established itself in Ireland in 1860. The third sister joined the order there and eventually went to France. I contacted the order at that email address for the US and Canada, and they got the information I need from the Mother house in Paris. Again, thanks for the help. You saved me a lot of time.
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