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Burlington's Home for Destitute Children (Contact Info)

Burlington's Home for Destitute Children (Contact Info)

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Incase you had an ancestor who stayed here, this is the current contact information for this Orphanage.

The Baird Center was founded as "The Home for Destitute Children" in 1865 to help children orphaned by the Civil War. Vermont had the highest per capita losses resulting from the war.

It changed to "The Children's Home" in 1932 when government funding began to be provided by the Roosevelt administration and people were better able to support their own kids at home.

It became the Baird Center for Children and families in 1982, and merged with Howard in 1994 to create a comprehensive system of care.

Baird Center for Children & Families
(802) 863-1326
(802) 863-2400
1110 Pine St
Burlington, VT 05401


Re: Burlington's Home for Destitute Children (Contact Info)

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Classification: Birth
Surnames: Ploof,Jubar/Zubar,Rayano
I would very much like to find additional information about my gggrandmother Sarah A. Ploof of Vermont.

Sarah was born in 1840 in Charlotte,Vermont.I believe she was put in an orphanage between 1840 and 1856.Her death Ferrisburgh Registration reads that she was an adopted child,parents cannot be found.Her maiden name is listed as Rustin.At the age of 18,Sarah married my gggrandfather,Abraham Ploff(Ploof)on May 17,1858 in the state of Vermont.(Sarah's maiden name is listed what looks like Zubar,doing research,the name Zubar is actually Jubar.Sarah's adopted parents were French Canadians)The wedding ceremony was performed by John Chase Minister of the Gospel.In presence were Joseph Norman and Mary Seguin.A daughter born on the 12th of December 1859 and a second child a daughter was born the 21st of August 1861.

Abraham and Sarah's daughter Mary was born August 21st,1861.Mary's birth record lists Sarah's maiden name as Rayano.

Is there anyway possible that you can help find what orphanage Sarah was in? Any additional information is appreciated. Please do not email me direct.Thank you.

Re: Burlington's Home for Destitute Children (Contact Info)

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Classification: Query
Well the way I found my ancestors who were in orphanages was through the U.S. census, but I no longer have that subscription so you will have to search it if you have it.

Search U.S. census for Vermont in the year 1850, I would just search Sarah at first, keeping in mind the correct one will probably be in or around Charlotte, Vermont and that she will be 9-10 years old depending on if her birthday is before or after the cenus date. Once you check on one possible "hit" you will see what date the census was taken on top of the page and KNOW if she would have been 9 or 10 so when you chaeck future hits you can screen by the right age. I found one of my ancestors doing this.

If there were no orphanages in that city try Burlington and any other city that had one.

I'm pretty sure the 1840 census did NOT list dependents by name I THINK the 1850 did but it might not. If not you will need to get a list of orphanages in operation in those years and try and contact them each and ask them to search their records. Even if 1850 does list names you might find a list of orphanages helpful because it will tell you what cities to keep an eye out for when you search the census.

And of course keep an eye out for all those "maiden" names also. KEEP the FAITH! One problem I have run into time and time again is that so many records are not on the web yet. What you can NOT find today will only be one mouse click away 10 years from now, or maybe even next week. So even if you don't find it now check back often.


Re: Burlington's Home for Destitute Children (Contact Info)

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Classification: Lookup
Surnames: Ploof,Rayano,Jubar
Thanks for the confidence!I did find one possible leads that another subscriber back in February of 2007,author beangenes of "Martin Genealogy" posted.One problem,I have not received a reply.
My gggrandmother Sarah Rayano?Ploof was born in 1840 Charlotte,Vermont.She was an adopted child-Sarah A. Jubar(pronounced Zubar).She married my gggrandfather at the age of 18 years old.Marriage license states that Sarah was from Ferrisburgh,Vermont and my gggrandfather Abraham was from Colchester,Vermont.

I will keep all in mind.

Again,thank you!

Re: Burlington's Home for Destitute Children (Contact Info)

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Blackmore booska
I am searching for an Elizabeth (Lizzie) Blackmore (sometimes Booska) who was at this home.

Thank you very much for this information. I will probably physically go there myself. But I was also told that there is some information at UVM.

What can I expect to find?

Thank you!

Re: Burlington's Home for Destitute Children (Contact Info)

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Thank you, Michael, for posting this. It just came in very handy.

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