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Van Eps -- Van Aps -- Van Knapp

Van Eps -- Van Aps -- Van Knapp

kara k (View posts)
Posted: 941035290000
Hi, this name is in my tree. Does anyone else have any of these forms? I also have
Van Epps -- Vn Aps -- Vanaps -- Vnaps --
VanKnaps -- Napps -- Knapp. Just hoping to get some where. Thank you k.k.

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Dave Van Eps (View posts)
Posted: 941646132000
Hi, I am one of several VanEps' that reside in the Denver area and I am interested in investigating more of our family's history. Hope to here back from you!

Van Eps - Van Aps- Vanaps-VanKnapp

karan (View posts)
Posted: 942562894000
hi dave, my ancestors are originally from New York. if this fits any where let me know. the only one we know for sure is Alexander(James Alexander)was from the Schenectady area, Madison, Glenville, or some where. born in the early 1800's, 1807 - 1810's not possitive on the date. he traveled to Canada on or around the American Rev. with a Benjamin Vanaps. the spellin of their names have varried over the years, possibly because of them speaking in broken English and not being able to write. thankyou for the response. Karan

vanepps from ny

jjames (View posts)
Posted: 958262154000
thire are still vanepps living in newyork Schenectady area, Madison, Glenville, or some my girl friend meghan vanepps is from the area around albany ny and father robert was born in the schenectady area and as far as i know his realitives have all pretty much came from around that gen. area
also some info we dug up by chance while in a small town called varona ny that we stoped of the high way to get a bite to eat and we noticed a vanepps st. in town and we asked about the name to the owner of a local restrant tuns out he was some how involed on the town consel at the time and told up that
the town was setteled by duch patroon named vanepps and that the town actuly was involed in a big legal battal to do with the onita indieans being screwed with in a treaty from that time and it turns out the treaty was aready ruled in a court of law to have been somhow inproper and rulled that the land was not legaly bought now thay are in a tight spot in court (its now in the natinal news even hee hee)tring to fug out what actuly do about it and how much $$$$ thay got to fork over with out having to actuly declareing the whole town of verona as being the onitas
(thire are actuly leans on some property intill its all setteled and now some tiny trib in michigan is trying to sue the onidas saying thay stoll it from them and that the town and the WHOLE sourounding few towns once wher thire lands just thay wher not as strong in #'s as the onitas so thay whernt offered any treatys (like the more powerful tribes) at all sence thay whernt a threat we moved em to mich. so if i wher you dont buy any land in verona ny cause in ny stoleing property is stoleing property is stoleing property
i know that was a long winded post but though ya might find that instresting


karan (View posts)
Posted: 958386206000
thankyou for the advice. very interesting story. it makes one wonder how the miscommunication could have happened? (being dutch and native american). thanks again for the info. it has given me a new lead to follow.

Re: Van Eps -- Van Aps -- Van Knapp

Posted: 1236648489000
Classification: Query
my grandmother's maiden name is van Knapp. she traced it back to the Mayflower. The name started as "EPS"
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