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Family history

Family history

Robin "Trevillian" Lavoie (View posts)
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My maiden name is Trevillian. I'm curious about my great-grandfather's family. His name was Buckner Trevillian. He used to live in Indiana and was from a wealthy family. He rebeled against them and moved to oregon to become a miner/logger. I would really like to know if he did indeed come from Indiana. And If I have any family there now? Or anywhere actually.
Thank You, Robin Lavoie

Buckner Trevillian

Tim Helland (View posts)
Posted: 978208156000
Hi! I am researching my own family lineage. My grandmother is Berniece Harrington (originally Trevillian). Her father was Buckner Trevillian who was married to Truth Young for a period of time. Buckner resided in Grants Pass, OR for quite some time.

Does this sound familiar? If so, I would love to hear from you!



Re: Buckner Trevillian

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Hi Tim, I just copied some papers for you today. I am sending them to Becky's home, since I did'nt have yours. I am sorry I'm so slow. I found some names in a Bible that some one had taken out. My Grandmother " Ruth Boeck " had saved them. Most of them copied very clear ,some are faded. I hope this helps you. If I find any more I will send them to you. I will mail thease papers tomorrow. Keep in touch. Donna

Re: Buckner Trevillian

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Buckner Trevillian is my husband's great-grandfather. We have a 6 month old son who is named for him! I believe your grandmother is my husband's great-aunt. I just mailed a card to someone with your last name asking for more information about the Trevillians. Maybe I should be talking with you, too! Please contact me if you read this post.


Re: Family history

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Hello ..I am from Grants Pass Oregon and I think your Buckner was our towns Buckner ...I am attaching some photo of a game table that the city park ,Riverside Park dedicated to your GG grandfather.... I remember him myself, he always went to the park to play checkers with the kids. I never got the chance to play him, as there was always a line to play him in checkers and we never stayed at the park long enough for me to get a turn :-) I did live next door to him when I was 15 years old in 1983 on Rogue River Hwy and I remember he always received lots of books in the mail, national geographic type books...he also always walked to the park and we gave him rides on occasion..... My husband and his family would also give Buck rides to town ..My mother-in-law remembers when he lived out in the Galice, hog creek area of the rogue river.. I remember her talking about seeing him out there ..I also posted the picture on my FB wall and will post the replies I received just posting the pictures...He was a good man and a very loved man by our whole town, everyone knew Buck .I 4 pics of the game table. I took different angles... the sky is usually very pretty blue, but is smokey now due to forest fires in the area ...Take care and if I get more Buck stories posted on my FB wall I will add them

Jadine: old man Buck Trevillion

Patti: He was such a neat man!!!

Sam: I used to play games with him. My sister lived on Park street and I spent a lot of time over there. He was so kind.
Tammy: I remember Buckner really well. I can recall one time going down to Riverside Park, I thought he was a bad man, like going to hurt the kids. Well, on another day that I went he was telling stories of his life and that he would never hurt anyone. He would sit for hours and talk with the kids about the history of his life and other things that he had been thru. I know deep down in my heart he only wanted a friend and to be able to make other's around him happy and he did that as well as he could. God Bless him for all that he did. R.I.P Buckner.

Re: Family history

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Surnames: Trevillian, Young, Helland
Yes, that is definitely our Buckner. My great-grandmother was Buckner's first wife. I was fortunate enough to meet him in person while traveling with my mother and grandmother. He was a very interesting character. During our visit, he had quite a number of unique board games that he kept at the park. I was fortunate enough to play him a few times, but I'm assuming he let me win. ;) He passed away a couple years after our visit.
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