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Runyon Sofield

Runyon Sofield

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Looking for information on the ancestors
and/or descendents of Runyon Sofield. I don't
know when he was born, he died ca 1849 in
Woodbridge, NJ. He had nine children; Isaac,
David-1797,Runyon-1805, Charles-1807,
Jefferson-1809, Rowland-1814, Enos-1806,
Eliza and Jerusha.

Enos is my ancestor and he married Mary
Clarkson. He died in 1880 and is buried in
the Alpine Cemetery in Perth Amboy, NJ.

Would greatly appreciate any information
on this family.

Don Tunison

Re: Runyon Sofield

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Go to and search for "Runyan
Sofield" -- there is a GEDCOM file there
with some information compiled by one of
Runyon's decendants.

My g-g-g-gather Isaac Sofield is buried in
the Sofield plot at Alpine cemetery, but I'm
not sure of his relation (if any) to Runyon.

Re: Runyon Sofield

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Go to and search for "Runyan
Sofield" -- there is a GEDCOM file there
with some information compiled by one of
Runyon's decendants.

My g-g-g-gather Isaac Sofield is buried in
the Sofield plot at Alpine cemetery, but I'm
not sure of his relation (if any) to Runyon.

Runyon Sofield

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Thank you very much for the information on
Runyan Sofield. I had tried Runyon previously
and nothing came up. I will contact the
submitter to see if there is any more info on
the family.

Thanks again,

Don Tunison
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Don, David alerted me to your message and the following is what I have to offer:

Benjamine Sofield born about 1740 came from England. Tradition tells us that the Sofields were originally Dutch, coming from Holland. The name in Holland Dutch was Soper and this name was used by many of the American branch and is still used by many of them. NOTE: I just had another inquiry a few days ago from a "Soper".

Old documents in the possession of Francis S. Winfield, cousin of George W. Sofield show that his great grandfather Runyon used the name of Soper in signing legal documents. They went over to England so as to sail from there on the ShipCaledonia in 1662, which we understand landed at what is now known as Morgan on Cheesequake Creek, but which locality was formerly identified with and known as Perth Amboy.

Tradition has it that the original Sofield, Benjamine above referred to, went up a ways and settled at Perserberry near what is now Rahway on what then was and is still know as Dark Lane.

Benjamine Sofield was the father of Runyon Sofield, Sr., who was born in 1768,but upon comparing dates, he landed in 1762 and would not properly fall in line for the parentage of Runyon Sofield, who was born in 1768. He was probably the grandfather of Runyon, Sr. the intervening one's name not being known.

The following is taken from a sheet from the Bible in the possession of Francis S. Winfield.

Children of Runyon Soper (Sofield) Sr.

Isaac, born 2/1/1796
David, born 7/13/1798
Jureueshey, born 3/4/1799
Runyon, Jr., born 1/1/1801
Charles (my line) born 1/29/1803
Lizeran, born 5/7/1805
Jefferson born 6/23/1808
Roland born 2/19/1814
Enon born 2/8/1817

The old Bible sheet says "Manny died April 29, 1800 at seven o'clock in the morning. NOTE: can't figure out how this fits in, except it may be another child.

Susan Kelly, wife of Runyon Sofield, Sr. born in 1775, died October 15, 1953. Runyon Sofield Sr. born in 1768 died May 3, 1849. See tombstones in Alpine Cemetery, Perth Amboy, NJ. The old Sofield plot has monument and is located in most southwest corner of Alpine Cemetery. Susan Kelly and Runyon Sofield were the parents of Capt. Charles Sofield, who married Fannie Larkin whos son was Capt. Charles W. Sofield.

Hope this helps.


Runyon Sofield

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Good Morning Jane,

Thank you very much for the Sofield information.

Almost all of the information I have on the family comes from material
my mother collected probably twenty five -thirty years ago while she was
doing research on her her father's Heath family. When she died I got all
the genealogy material and the Sofield material is just a collection of
notes she had taken on the family. From information she copied from
Runyon's will there were nine children, but several of the names vary
from yours. She had Rowland for Roland, Enos for Enon, Jerusha for
Jureueshey and Eliza Ann for Lizeran. For David she had a wife: Mary__,
for Jefferson two wives; 1st Catherine M. __; 2nd. Maria__; Enos married
Mary Clarkson. The will mentions that both girls had died before Runyon
and their children were legatees. Have you seen this will? There are
also wills for listed for Middlesex county for David 1814 and 1878; Enos
1882; Runyon(jr?)1883; Sarah 1893: and Thomas J. 1897. In a separate
paragraph she says that according to the records of the St. Peters
Episcopal Church in Perth Amboy a Charles Sofied married the daughter of
James & Ann Marten on 08 Jun 1822. They had one child; Susan Ann b.
1824. There is also a record of a Charles Sofield that married Fanny
Larkin, no marriage date. They had ten children.

Other information I have says Enos Sofield married Mary Clarkson,d/o
David and Catherine Clarkson,. They married ca1837. Enos died 05 Sep
1880. They had seven children; Emma 1838, Gilbert 1840, Harriet, 1842,
Lavinia 1844, Antice 1847, Alfred, 1848 and Ella 1851. I am a descendent
of Emma.

Other things I have found on the internet. Rowland Sofield b. ca 1815
married Elizabeth Kelly and a had at least one child, Elizabeth, b. 26
Sep 1854 in Perth Amboy. Albert Sofied s/o Runyon Sofield(jr.) and his
wife Hannah; b. 14 Feb 1866. There is a Enos Sofield listed on the
1840,1850 and 1860 NJ Census for Middlesex County. There are two
references for Jerusha one a birth but the date is way too early. The
parents however are listed as Runyon Soffield(two F"s) and Susannah
Kelly. The other reference for Jerusha is a marriage to Abraham Johnson
Harned, 06 Feb 1818, they married in Metuchen.

One final thing for now. Do you have any information on a David
Sofield, b? married in1799 to Margaret Clarkson. I am almost certain
there is a connection to Runyon. Have you come across anything that
would connect the two?

There is one last thing, my connection to the Sofields.

Runyon Sofield- Susan Kelley
Enos Sofield-Mary Clarkson
Emma Sofield David Palmer II
Agnes R. Palmer-Samuel Heath
Louise Heath-Jesse Tunison
Donald Tunison-Ernestine Elkin

Thanks again for the info,


Sofield information (Middlesex Co, NJ)

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Here is some expanded / source information on some of the things Don mentioned:

Sofield wills from Middlesex Co as indexed in "New Jersey index of Wills"
David 10509L Inv 1814
David 14345L W 1874
Inv 1874
Enos 15139L Inv 1882
Runyon 12487 W 1849
Sarah A 16481L W 1893
Inv 1894
Thomas J 17009L W+Cod 1897

These wills are all available on microfilm from the FHL.

Records from St Peter's church were published in "The History of
St Peter's Church", Rev W. Northey Jones, 1924 (also available on
film from the FHL). Sofield records from that work are:

> Marriage
> Charles Sofield to Catherine Martin (J Chapman) 8 Jun 1822 (pg 158)
> Burials
> Mr. Soper 9 Apr 1814 (pg 162) [presumably this is David Sofield]
> Mrs. Margaret Sofield 26 Apr 1822 (pg 163)
> A child of Charles Sofield 28 Apr 1829 (pg 166)
> Susan, daughter of David Sofield 4 Jul 1841 (pg 170)
> Susan, daughter of Isaac and D.A. Sofield, aged 4 years (H.J. Leacock) 27 Mar 1845 (pg 170)
> funerals
> 1849--june 2, Mr. Runyon Sofield, Baptist

There is information about the Larkin and Martin marriages in this
book as well.

It also lists stones at St Peter's for David Sofield and his wife
Margaret. David Sofield d 8 April 1814, "aged 39 years" and
Margaret d 25 April 1822 "in the 59th year of her age"

This David and Maraget are listed as the parents of my g-g-g-gfather
Isaac (his death certificate says his parents were David and Mary)
but everything else I have on Isaac indicates that he was born ~1821, not
before 1814.

I've seen the 1799 marriage of David Sofield and Margaret Clarkson in "Genealogies of
NJ families" but haven't found anything else to connect them with St Peter's.

Sofield in Alpine Cemetery, Perth Amboy

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From "Cemetery Records of Alpine Cemetery" FHL film 873737 item 2.
Typed by The Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1947.
Filmed in 1972.

My comments in [ ]

Martin, Lydia L., b 1903, daughter of Jefferson Sofield and Maria Sofield, d 27 Oct 1817, age 14, wife of Thomas C. Martin. sic
Meshrow, Annie M., d 17 Jan 1875, age 21 years, 4 months, 11 days, wife of Edgar V.R. Sofield
Sofield, Bertha May, daughter of Edgar Sofield and Sarah R. Sofield, d 21 Sep 1881, age 1 year 6 months 2 days
Sofield, Charles W., d 25 Apr 1873, age 26 years 4 months
Sofield, David b 13 Jul 1797, d 26 Dec 1873, husband of Mary Sofield
Sofield, Deboraha[sic], age 78 years
Sofield, Edgar V.R., b 1871, d 1925, husband of Annie M. Meshrow [There were two Edgar V.R. Sofields; this is the wrong one!]
Sofield, Eliza J., b 1831, d 1862, age 31 years, wife of John E. Sofield
Sofield, H. Maude, b 29 Nov 1883, d 3 Sep 1915
Sofield, Henrietta Dexter, b 1840, d 1887
Sofield, Isaac, was in US Navy -- no information given. By his grave was a GAR plaque marked 43.
Sofield, John E., b 19 Jul 1832, d 19 Jan 1903, husband of Eliza J. Sofield
Sofield, Kate M., b 2 Apr 1843, d 13 May 1904, wife of Edward H. Wallace
Sofield, Laura A., b 2 Dec 1844, d 2 Feb 1909
Sofield, Marie A., b 1873, d 1874
Sofield, Mary, b 2 Jun 1800, d 16 Jul 1870, age 70 years, 1 month, 14 days, wife of David Sofield
Sofield, Runyon, d 31 May 1819[sic], husband of Susan Sofield
Sofield, Susan, d 17 Oct 1833[sic], age 79 years, wife of Runyon Sofield
Sofield, Wallace D., b 27 Nov 1895, d 19 Dec 1903
Sofield, William E., b 14 May 1854, son of John E. Sofield and Eliza J. Sofield, d 23 Jan 1911
Sofield, William W., b 1840, d 1932
Wallace, Edward H., b 8 Jun 1834, d 19 Feb 1905, husband of Kate M. Sofield

Alpine Cemetery Recoeds

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Thanks for the cemetery records. The date
for Runyon Sofied is, I think, not right as
his will is dated 1849 and in a previous
message, from the records of St. Peters
Church, his funeral was 02 Jun 1849. I also
have a deed for a lot in the cemetery. It is
lot No. 202 in Section B.The deed was to Enos
Sofield and is son-in-law, David Palmer. The
deed was recorded 14 Sep 1868. The lot cost
59 dollars. I wonder how much it would be now?

Re: Sofield information (Middlesex Co, NJ)

John Gavel (View posts)
Posted: 1032466604000
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Surnames: Sofield
I am endebted to you and Dave for your on line info on the Sofields. My cousins are Sofields on their mother's side and since they "dig up" info for my mother's father's side to which they aren't related I try to help them out also with their-to-me-not-relations. First, the census although it doesn't go back before 1830 for NJ is really helpful. Sofields abound in the first pages of the first ED of 1850 thru 1880 for Perth Amboy. Second, there are at least two to four of every Christian name it seems. Runyon Sr had a son Isaac (born 1798) and a son David (born 1797). David had a son Isaac (born 1831). I've found at least four Williams and even two E V R Sofields.
Anyway, your data has helped tremendously and will continue to do so as I discover more Sofields. I suspect Runyon Sr had several brothers but until I get a his decendants sorted out I don't think I'll confront that concept just keeping it to "ours" and "not ours" for now. My cousins trace their line as follows:
Runyon (1768-1849) + Susan Kelly (1775-1853)
David (1797-1873) + Mary (1800-1870)
Isaac (1831-) + Deborah (1831-1909)
E(dwin) V R (1848-) + Sarah (1855-)
Edgar (1872-) + Mary E (1876-)
*2nd Wife of Edgar
+ Bertha M. Hanson (1876-)
Margaret (1908-1997) + Joseph Aloyious Yanas (1905-1999) who was my second cousin.
A final thought, the Sofields are a long lived bunch and I have found ones in their 70's clearly raising grandchildren, perhaps even great grandchildren and one that I'm not ready to swear to - but appears to have remarried a younger second wife and started another large family, some with the same names as children he had with his first wife! Like I said with the number of same names floating around I recheck things as much as I can.
All the best,
John Gavel, not one of the oystermen
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