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Smethers in Indiana/Ohio area

Smethers in Indiana/Ohio area

Linda Powers Wolf (View posts)
Posted: 963053545000
Does ANYONE have any info on my Grandfather -Thomas Smethers? All I know is: He was born in Indiana; He had a Sister by the name of Julie or Julia, two Bothers and another Sister; Married Elsie Opplinger, my Grandmother, in the early 1900's; their children were, my Mother, Vera and her two Brothers, Uncle Art, who was a former Pro-Bowler (out of Fort Wayne)who had 2 sons and Uncle Jim who married Aunt Wilma, they had 4 children, Vera Marie, Mary, Dennis and I do not remember my other Cousins name as we did not stay in touch as we grew up (which is Very sad). My GFather was an electrician and was electricuted when someone turned the elecricity on the two wires he was working on (at least that is what we were told).
My Mother and Dad had my Sisters, Sandi, Kathy and myself (Sandi born in Fort Wayne and Kathy and I in Oregon).
We have relation in Kansas who we are related to and who work for the Church (LDS) and Margie cannot find a thing on Thomas Smethers (my GFather - her Uncle - our GMothers were Sisters).
If we are related to any Smethers out there -PLEASE let us know!
Awaiting your reply anxiously, we remain.
Thank you!

"SMETHERS" in Indiana/Ohio area?

LindaPowersWolf (View posts)
Posted: 964886624000
To add to my message of 8 Jul 00, my Grandfather (Thomas Smethers) had siblings whose names were:
Sisters; Julia, Kate and Grace
Brothers; Lawrence and Clarence (who were
My Great-Aunt Julia married Kimes Wesley. And...this is the entirety of my knowledge of my Family on my Mother's side.
Can anyone tell me - is anyone in this Universe related to any one with these names? I refuse to believe there's no one left in our Family!!
Please answer my E-Mail out there, Thanking you in advance, my Sister's and I remain.

Smethers in Indiana

Posted: 966281317000
Edited: 993178396000
I know of a Thomas Smethers in Huntington Co. Indiana. I don't think he is your grandfather, but this is the imformation I have. Thomas Smethers b. 1857 d. 20 Aug. 1938. Married Ida Belle Schuman 28 Aug. 1879. Their daughter, Lillie, had a son named Thomas. His grandparents adopted him, giving him the Smethers name. He married a Clara and died in Wisc. in 1966. These are the only Thomas Smethers that I've come across. My grandfather was a Smethers.
If I see other imformation that might help, I'll send it your way.
Faith Burke

Smethers in Indiana

Linda Wolf (View posts)
Posted: 966459735000
Faith, Thank You so much - it was great hearing from any Smethers!

The dates don't exactly match up, but I truly do not know when my Grandfather Thomas Smethers was born nor how old he was when he was killed. My Mom has a picture of him, it looked like he was in his early 20's in this picture, not sure. I figure my Grandfather was born around 1890? But not sure? My Mom was born in 1911 in Huntertown, IN and she was around 8 yrs old when he was killed, per our Uncle Jim (one of her 2 Brothers).

I know I have relation in Columbus, OH area, being Uncle Jim and Uncle Art's children, my cousins, but have not communicated with them since we were kids (about 46 years ago, isn't that sad!) We simply lost touch.

Thanking you in advance Faith for whatever or whomever you find, I remain.

Linda Wolf

Smethers in Indiana and Ohio

Posted: 966649769000
Edited: 993178396000
Dear Linda,
Please contact my e-mail address at I have been corresponding with a Smethers in Columbus Ohio that is a distant relative of mine and maybe yours.

Smethers in Columbus, Ohio

To Faith Burke from Linda Wolf (View posts)
Posted: 967098422000
Thank you for your E-Mail, so sorry for the delay, as I work for a Law Firm and do not check my E-Mail every day - I'm absolutely beat when I get home.
Who did you find in Columbus, Ohio that we may be related to? That is where my Uncle Jim lived most of his life and my Uncle Art was close?
Looking forward to your reply, best regards, Linda

Smethers in Ohio

Posted: 967558316000
Edited: 993178396000
I've been talking to Ken Smethers in Columbus, Ohio. His email is Many years ago he visited my grandmother Smethers and left his address with my Aunt. He knew where my grt grandfather, Samuel, was buried in Ohio. Hope he can help you in your search. Keep in touch.

Smethers of Ind and Ohio

Barbara Smethers (View posts)
Posted: 981295950000
Dear Faith, I guess I'm the one in the family to try to finish my father-in-laws genealogy. In reading your note to Linda I noticed you said you were related to a Samuel Smethers and so are we so I;d like any Information on him you mite have.thanks.

Samuel Smethers of Ohio

Posted: 981398816000
Edited: 993178396000
I have gathered a lot of information about Samuel. His father was John Smetters/Smethers Jr., son of John & Margaret (?) Smetters/Smethers, Sr., son of George Nichols and possibly Anna Lovisa (Nothstein) Smithers/Smither/Smethers, son of William & Maria Catharina (Jeakey) Smither, of Berk Co., Pa. There is a lot more and I have some pictures also. My e-mail address is Please tell me how your related & what information you have. Thanks, Faith

Samuel Smethers in Ohio

Loretta A. Smethers Stuber (View posts)
Posted: 982737025000
I see that you received the info. that I sent to you on my 2nd Great Grandfather, Samuel Smethers, son of John Smetters/Smethers, Jr., and the rest of the ancestors back to Wm. & Maria C.(Jeakey)Smither in Berks Co., Pa. I also have some photos of Samuel and Sarah Jane (Gaster)Smethers and others in the family as I wrote to you before. I would like to also know how Barbara is related. I have extensive info. on all the children of Samuel & Sarah. Anyone interested in the info. or needing help on their research, please feel free to E-Mail me at
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