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Rackley Surname

Rackley Surname

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I am the daughter of Junior Martin Rackley. He went by Robert Rackley. Much of the family lives in the Nashville, McMinnville, and surrounding area's for as long as I can remember. I would like to find out more about the Rackley's. My grandfather was Colonel Robert Rackley. Both my father and grandfather are deceased. I live in Ohio now and would invite anyone who knows about us to e-mail me.


Stephen de la Vega (View posts)
Posted: 928273782000
I am the great, grandson of Lucy Fidella Rackly, who
was born in Coal Hill, Arkansas in 1888. I
have found some info on the Rackley family( including
name variations such as Racleigh and Racle. This
particular name can be traced back to Devon and
Cornwall in England to the 1500s. I haven't yet found
any Rackley's in the Civil War or Revolutionary
War records so I would like any info in that vein.
They may have arrived in America as indentured
servants or perhaps were Quakers...? Anyway, I
did find one Rackley listed as a passenger from England
it appeared she had committed a crime and was
sent to America as a slave for a period of time.
I wish I could find out more.

lucy rackley

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my grandmother was willie edna rackley. she was born in coal hill,ark, and had a sister named lucy. there were several siblings including john, ida, ernest and edward (twins) james, thomas , ollie ,alice, . I'm looking for sarah smith ,their mother. i know that she was cherokee but can find nothing on her parent. Any info would be appreciated

lucy rackley

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lucy's mother sarah remembers at the age of three , her father being dragged out of their house around 1865 .he had his tongue cut off and was taken away. there was some question of his loyality to the union. if you have any questions you can contact me at

lucy rackley

John (View posts)
Posted: 929481099000
There is a Lucy (Lucinda) Smith Rackley who was listed on Hestor Rolls
as daughter of Bluebird Silversmith, a cherokee tribal elder.
He was executed by Union soldiers in NC. "Murdered in Nash County NC, buriel unknown"
Lucy and siblings listed in Hestor Rolls to collect
restitution for displacement into a reservation to Oklahoma. Daughter of Sarah R. and Smith.
Siblings were 1/2 Cherokee/Choctaw Caucasion i.d farmer. HR 145 pg 113

Rackley surname

Greg King (View posts)
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There are some Rackleys who lived in Alabama throughout the early and mid 19th century. Several served in the Civil War. My own interest in the surname is that some relatives think that my ancestor Jeremiah Ratliff, who was in Blount Co in 1820, may have been originally named Rackley, out of VA or MD. There does not seem to be proof either way. Have you by chance seen this as an alternative spelling or linkage between the Rackley/Ratliff surnames?
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I think you have led me after alot of searching to my great great grandparents!! my ggrandmother talked of seeing her father have his tongue cut and taken away when she was around 3 or 4 years old. Do you happen to have any other info. I would be glad to share what i have.

thanks so much!!!!

gina finch

Rackley Family History

Jim Rackley (View posts)
Posted: 932131029000
Hello, I just discovered this website by mistake, but I am greatly intriqued with my family's history. I am in Central TX and we have a family history book which also includes some deviartions of the name. I believe the name you addressed is included. I will see if I can find the book and get back to you with more details. Any information you have on the family especiall between the Revolutionary war and civil war would be appreciated. Thank You.
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What kind of info are you looking for? I have some info on my Rackley's .Like the previous post on Bluebird Siversmith, my grandmother remembered the story of her grandfather being murdered be union troops. The family moved from Ark. to the IT. My grandmother remembered being afraid of Belle Starr's daughter Pearl , so they must have been neighbors. Do any of your Rackley's come from Ark. or IT ?


g finch

lucy rackley

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your g-grandmother and my grandmother were sisters. I would love to share info with you.
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