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Lyda Family

Lyda Family

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Looking for info on Ann Lyda. Lived in WI. Married a Repsummer. Any info would be appreciated.


Elaine Lyda (View posts)
Posted: 954761735000
I have quite a geneology of Lyda's dating to 1740 and contact with Norman Lyda and others who have similar information. Who is your "oldest" ancestor. We to go Jacob and Andrew and othe unnamed brothers. The family settled in North Carolina. My husband's branch moved to Idaho in about 1916.

Lyda family

Lyda Taylor (View posts)
Posted: 955522450000
Would like to be in contact with anyone researching
Lyda family tree. Andrew and Jacob Lyda tree

Lyda family tree

Elaine Lyda (View posts)
Posted: 955531675000
I have geneology to Andrew and Jacob to 1740. I don't work to find unknown relatives but try hard to make sure the information I have for the people I know is correct. I've known five generations personally and I make every effort to stay current and accurate for those born, died, married etc. Did you have a particular person in mind? Who is your relative after Andrew and Jacob, the brothers? They had children who were also Andrew and Jacob. I will be gone from my computer from April 18 to May 18 but I will help if I can. Where are your US relatives from? Ours are mostly in North Carolina and, since the early 1900's Idaho. A lot of us are in Oregon but that is more recent, like since 1948. Yours, Elaine Lyda

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Lyda Taylor (View posts)
Posted: 955650960000
My great grandfather was David Whitfield Lyda born 1856 in Edneyville, NC. Married Mary Elizabeth Barnwell (born 1-28-1859; died 4-7-1966). My grandfather was Volley Cossett Lyda married Cora Burk Tinsley.
Do you have a copy of the Lyda Ledger?

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Lyda Taylor (View posts)
Posted: 955651318000
My great grandparents lived in Henderson County, NC near Fruitland. My grandfather moved to SC and lived in Spartanburg County. He was fourth of 10 children.


Elaine Lyda (View posts)
Posted: 955655744000
Hi - I think I remember some of the names, I will try to find time to look for them. My husband's father was Tallie Joe, his father was Isaac Monroe (Roe), his father Isaac Monroe, and then Jacob and Andrew, I think, it might have beeen Andrew and Jacob. The were twins, Vollie and Dollie some where in there. I'm very short of time but I will look. I don't have the "Lyda Registry", where do you find one of them? I had Forrest Lyda's information. Norman Lyda is still in Hendersonville. His email is I don't know him but he is interested in geneology and has new information from Forrest than I have. Forrest has passed away but was really a "bug" for geneology. His information for the Lyda's in Idaho and Oregon isn't accurate and but I suspect his is ok for those living closer to him. I will be gone until May 18 but will get back to you then. Let me know if you find a tie between the ancestors, I'd be interested to update my info. I have Family Tree Maker in my computer and it works well for me. Yours, Elaine


madeline farmer justice (View posts)
Posted: 957986409000
Elaine,my mother is Pauline Lyda Farmer twin sister to Paul Lyda chldren of Lexine Barnwell Lyda. I have heard mom speak of Volly many times.I will see what i can find out. All of my Lyda kin are in Edneyville,NC.if you have any info concerning the Lyda Clan please e-mail me at thank you so very much Madeline Farmer Justice

David Whitfield Lyda Line

Posted: 959554580000
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Hi Lyda,

I have David Whitefield Lyda and descendant in my Lyda database.
I also have the line up to Andrew.

I have a copy of the Lyda Ledger (I was a contributor who worked
with Margaret for a number of years before she passed away in Feb 2000).
Volly C and three children are on page 69.

I have been spending a lot of time recently on researching the SC lines
and would love to collaborate with you and compare notes.

Steven Lyday
Posted: 959555457000
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Your Husband and Vollie C are 2nd Cousins once removed.
Tallie Joe Lyda
Isaac Monroe Lyda, II 'Roe'
Isaac Monroe Lyda, Sr
Jacob Lyda
Andrew Lyda

Volley Cossett Lyda, 'Vollie Vaul'
David Whitfield Lyda, 'Dee'
David Madison Lyda
Jacob Lyda
Andrew Lyda

May I ask, are you Lois Elaine Wagner Lyda?


Steven Lyday
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