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Hiram Lebarre son of Andrew and Margaret Marr

Hiram Lebarre son of Andrew and Margaret Marr

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Hi I am looking for HIrams wife. Does anyone out there have that info?

I know Hiram married because he had at least one son- William David who married Maria Pilkey.

Great to see so many of us looking for our branches!

Hope to hear from someone soon.

Hiram's Wife

Sandra LeBarre (View posts)
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Hiram married Julia Ann Whiting father Caleb Raymond Whiting mother Margaret Casselman born August 6, 1810 Oakville Ontario.

I am emailing you directly also.

I think we can help each other in filling in some blanks

Sandra LeBarre

Hiram and Julia!!---Thank you Sandra!!!

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Hi Sandra!

Well, for you to have this information, we must be related somehow. From Hiram and Julia (Thank you so much for her!) I go down to William David and Maria Pilkey. Then, their son, Charles Branum LeBarre who married Elba Leeming. Charles and Elba had a daughter Elvira who married Harry Wood and they had a daughter Mabel Olive. "Olive" is my grandmother, still living in Hamilton, Ontario. My mother was born up there and married up there. Her name is Judy. She married Lem Chaisson (An East-coaster) and they had 2 children in Hamilton, one being me and the other my brother Mat. We moved to Prince Edward Island back in '73 and have been here ever since.

I would love to share what info I have- it is limited though. I have Hirams father, grand father, great grandfather, and I also have their respective spouses, but the gr.grandfather's wife was German- and her last name is unknown to me.

I tried to open your mail to me at my home last night, but my internet service would not work. I was getting "this page is not accessible" messages.

So, I came in to work today- just to check the Labar message board.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Andrew Margaret LeBarre

Sandra LeBarre (View posts)
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Hi Louise

I can pass on to you the info I have on the decendants of this couple. I also have information on the LeBarre name back to France and my husband has attended a reunion in PA, USA for the LeBarre family, this year was the 75th annual.

email me at home


The LaBar Connection

Denise (View posts)
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Hi Louise
Sent you a bunch of LaBar/LeBarre stuff last Saturday to your Email. Did you get it? I also included my Email for you. After reading your note to Sandra, I have figured out that your Mom I are 4th cousins. I think that makes us 4th cousins once (gereration) removed?
Hope to hear from you


Denise (View posts)
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Hi Sandra
Hiram Julia were my GGG Grandparents. Have info to share. Am always looking to fill in blank spots. Would love to hear more about the Reunion in PA each year. Have heard others mention it also. Email is

LeBarre info you sent me

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Hi Denise,

Nope, I never received any info from you.
Possibly had a error in my email address.
It is a lower case L the first letter there.

so it is

I have sent you a letter via your email :
I hope the letter gets to you- plus a copy of the letter I wrote to Sandra. i also included an old photograph of the Charles Branum LeBarre family My grandmother is Olive. In the photo. Her mother: Elvira, was not well at the time of the picture, and so she is not in it. My grandmother Olive was raised at her Aunt Marie's (Who is just behind my grandmother and off to the left a bit. I hope you are able to open it and see it. Let me know.!!!


Hey Denise- check Message #18

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Was this the reply you had hoped for after the information you sent me? Or did you send me information to my home address?
Hope you got all the info I left in #18. That was alot of typing!!!!


I enjoy it. Keep in touch!

lost messages!!!!

Denise (View posts)
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I will try again to send my response to Message 18 by your Email tonite. If you don't get it, leave me message on message board. Yes I got all 4 messages. Have not been able to open picture yet, am still working on it. (I am very computer challenged!!!)
By the way Caledonia,Ont. was settled by Scottish immigrants. A founding father was Ranold McKinnon(MacKinnon-is this spelling used interchangable? If it is I thought this might be helpful). There is a park the new high school named after him. I believe his house still stands.
I haven't had this much fun in ages. I feel like a kid in a candy store.

LeBarre family in Ontario

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Greetings! I followed a link from another family name to this page. I have information on John Hamilton LeBarre, son of Hiram, including record of his second marriage - to Mary Elizabeth Hotchkiss and birth of one of their children. Her father is my direct ancestor (Miles Hotchkiss). You can contact me off-list at I have a contact who is a descendant of John Hamilton LeBarre and Mary Elizabeth Hotchkiss.
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