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Kastelhun Connection

Kastelhun Connection

Betty King (View posts)
Posted: 947100715000
Dear Ms. King:
I have tried to send something three times but they never made it shall try again.

Thank you for sharing you information. Yes, I am very interested in finding connections with our name.

Here is how I am connected:

My Father was Carl M. Kastelhun. He passed away May 10, l996. My Dad had a very interesting story to his life.

His Father Martin Kastelhun married Willamena Schmidt(sp?). Each of them had three children from their previous marriage, then they had 3 children between themselves.
Those three children were my Dad, Carl Katelhun, Margie Kastelhun and Martin Kastelhun. When my Dad was three and Martin was 3 months old their mother died. We thought she had died from childbirth complications (common in those days)but from a recent source have heard she had fallen out of a hayloft.

My grandfather Martin Kastelhun was too old and did not have the means to care for these babies and the six half/step children were of grown age but would not take the babies because they had not wanted their parents to marry. So, Martin Kastelhun (my Grandfather) placed my Dad his sister and brother in the St. Joseph Orphans Home in Louisville, Kentucky. During their life in the orphanage someone wanted to adopt my Dad but his Father would not allow adoption unless someone would adopt all three. When my Dad turned 18 he left the orphanage and returned to live with his Dad, then Martin did the same when he got out. Margie went to live with an Aunt in Louisville until she got married. When Margie got married she moved to Florida. There was no sibling contact with her for 35 years! My Grandfather lived to be nearly 100. (I never knew him for he had passed away long before I was born. My Dad and our family stayed in close contact with his brother Martin who had never married. He was pretty much a loner.

My Dad married my Mom in 1948. They had three children. My Brother Charles Michael Kastelhun (who was murdered Nov. 10, l998), myself and my Brother Eric Lee Kastelhun.

After 35 years of no sibling contact with Margie my Dad came accross a death notice in the Louisville paper. It was the death notice of the Aunt who cared for Margie. Dad and his brother Martin went to the funeral home with the hopes of a reunion with their sister and sure enough it happened. That was when I got to meet my Aunt Margie and her two Daughters. Since then Martin died in 1997.

As for me, I have been married for 22 years and have 2 Daughters, Jill and Kara.
My deceased Brother Michael Kastelhun left behind a grown Daughter, and my Brother Eric Kastelhun married and has 2 Daughters, Samantha and Melissa.

About a month ago my Mom received a letter from a "Kastelhun" decendant trying to find information on her Grandmother...My Dad's mother. She is the one who informed us on how our Grandmother had died. She then phoned my Mom to talk. My Mom is suppose to send me her name and I will try to get her online with us sometime. Cannot remember her name. I will be happy to send you a copy of her letter when I get from my Mom. I also have some copies of very very old legal papers. I believe it was an estate settlement. There are a ton of names on there but I found very difficult to follow. My Dad gave me this copy before he had passed away. Would be happy to share that with you also to see if you can find any connections. These things will have to be mailed though so let me know.

I sure hope this goes through this time because it is the 3rd time I have tried. I live in the Atlanta, Ga. area. My Mom still resides in Louisville and my Brother Eric is in the Lexington, Ky area. What area are you in? I hope we can find a connection somewhere. It would be neat to see things come together. We have never been able to locate the burial place of my Grandmother. We thought it was somewhere in the Floyd Knobs, Indiana are but now think maybe Indianapolis. Go to Kentucky death index l9ll-l996(if you haven't already). I think that Martin was my "Great" Grandfather, Anna was his wife and the infant "Anna" was their Daughter. George was one of my Dad's half Brothers. Don't have it in front of me but the other one I think was someone's son in that chain.

Please stay in touch and keep me posted to anything you may have to add. I hope you may find something to help you in the information I gave, if not at least it's an interesting tidbit from our family tree.

Thank you for contacting me, I look forward to communicating with you again.
Gail Kastelhun - Nymberg

Kastelhun Connection

Betty (View posts)
Posted: 947243186000
Dear Gail,
Was so happy to hear from you. Would you mind try e-mailing your address to my daughter. Maybe it will get through to her. Her e-mail address is:

Her name is Kathyryn Evans. She wrote a letter to your Dad late summer of 1997. Your mother wrote back to her and explained that your Dad had passed away earlier that year. She sent a copy of the estate settlement and a couple of papers from a Bill Smith. I wrote a letter to your Mom , in late year 1998 and didn't hear back from her. I later found out about your brother's death, just about that time, so I truly can understand her not answering my letter. I live in the Louisville area and guess I could call your Mom, but she may not want to give your address to someone she doesn't know.
Please let me know and I'll be glad to send you all the information I have.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Betty (View posts)
Posted: 947339195000
I believe I found your address. As soon as I can get everything together, I'll send it on to you.

"Kastelhun Connection"

Betty (View posts)
Posted: 947501939000
Hi Betty,
I just e-mailed your Daughter Kathyryn Evans. Spoke with my Mom yesterday by phone and she told me she had sent you the info I was going to send you. That's all that I have. Did you notice how they spelled Kastelhun in that estate settlement? I am really confused at this point really....I am thinking that your Grandmother Emma Amelia Kastelhun, was possibly a step or half Grandmother/Great-Grandmother to me. Had told you Daughter it all depends where we all fall age wise to determine that. I am 42. I think it could get really confusing with half/step relatives involved but it could make things really interesting.

I also shared with your Daughter that another individual contacted my Mom by mail as well as by phone prior to your contact. Her name is Kendra Wernke of Scottsdale, Arizona. Had my Mom mentioned her to you? She is the one who informed my Mom of how my Grandmother died, by falling out of a hayloft. Like the rest of us she didn't have too much information. My Mom is going to send me Kendra's mailing address so that I may write to see if she has an e-mail address to share with us. If not, I will forward her address to you and your Daughter.

I am sorry for the lack of communication from my Mom but as you have found out alot has happened to our family within the past three years. She does have some difficulty with her short term memory, I feel is a result of the tremendous amount of stress she has had to deal with. Sometimes I have trouble with mine too! My Mom just underwent open heart surgery two weeks before Thanksgiving. This came of total surprise, just as everything else has. She is doing well but still deals daily, with the loss of my Dad and my Brother. Thank you for your understanding. I was telling Kathyryn that my Mom finds all this information very interesting and enjoys it very much. But to make things alot easier for us all, you may just want me to relay any new info. to her, especially since she does not have a computer.

The other day on my way to pick up my youngest Daughter at school I just got goose bumps thinking about all this. Can you imagine how good it would feel to know that people cared enough about you to research to find out after all these many years of being gone, of never meeting/knowing these people that they would want to know and find out about you? I have tried to make preparations to pass through our family. I am trying to get all burial sights that I know of and can get to on Video. I show the name of the cemetary and headstones/markers so that my children,their children, on and on will have that to pass along and to know, so they don't have to go through major searches like we are having to do. Although it is great fun! I am not so wrapped up into it that it has become "a job" because I want to do it as a hobby, to have fun. I feel, things we are to know will just surface just as you, your Daughter and this Kendra Wernke have.

I look forward to receiving what you are sending me. How did you find my address? Did you send it to Cumming, Ga.? Nymberg is an unusual name also. I am leaving that search up to one of my husband's 5 sisters!
I would really like to have your e-mail address so that I don't have to go through this web-site all the time. There's is enough on here for someone "new" to get in touch with us.

Keep in touch!

p.s. I also have a very very old (large)cameo portrait of my Grandmother. It's pretty damaged on one corner from it's age. My Dad gave to me. One of these days I will get it in to have it restored and copies made. Will be happy to send each of you one. Kendra Wernke had requested a copy also. It will probably be awhile but when I get it done I'll let you know.


Posted: 981562741000
Edited: 1019158468000
I am researching Anna Kastelhun. I do believe she did die giving birth to Annie Lee. Are you still researching this line?


Posted: 982616547000
Edited: 993265932000
I have some information about this line. I found it while researching my grandmother. Seems she would have to be kin somehow with such an unusual name as Kastelhun and most all of them living in this area. Haven't been able to connect her with anybody yet, but I haven't given up. If you are interested, let me know.


Posted: 982620388000
Edited: 1019158468000
Yes,I am very interested. Was your grandmother a Kastelhun?


Posted: 982620785000
Edited: 1019158468000
Betty the Kastelhun's I am researching connect to the Dienes line. Also the Kastelhuns I am researching are direct decendants of Martin Kastelhun does this connect to you?


Posted: 982670205000
Edited: 993265932000
Elaine, My grandmother's name was Emma Amelia Kastelhun. She was born in Jefferson Co., Ky.,where I live, in 1868. She died here in 1947, when I was a small child and I have no memories of her at all. Since I started my research with no knowledge whatsoever, I just tried to find any Kastelhun that I could. There are not very many of them and most seem to be from this area. So, all of what I have is about the Martin Kastelhun, Sr. line. I believe my Emma has to be related, but can't find out how. Her father's name according to her Death Cert. is William Kastelhun and her Mother, Charlotte Nichols.
I have a copy of Anna Dienes Kastelhun's Funeral Record. A friend of mine works at Ratterman's Funeral Home and she made a copy of it for me out of a Record Book. You can't read all the info because she had a hard time getting the book into the copying machine. So, she wrote down the parts that didn't get copied. Has her father as George Dienes and her mother as Anna Theobald. She was born 1896 and died in 1985. She and her husband, George R. Kastelhun,Sr. are buried in St.Michaels Cemetery. I took a picture of their gravestone as well as the one of their children. I have been able to find 5 children: Anna L.(B.1924-D.1924), George R. Jr.(B.1927-D.1991), Evelyn (B.1925 /living) Joseph Leroy(B.c1928/living), and Donald L. (B.1932-D.1978).
Anna's husband, George R. Kastelhun, was a son of Martin Kastelhun, Jr, and his grandfather was Martin,Sr.
I have a little more info on this line of Kastelhuns, so if you would like copies of what I have, I'll be glad to send them to you.


Posted: 982701499000
Edited: 1019158468000
Betty I would love to have a copy of the obit of Anna Lee. I would like for you to e-mail me direct. My e-mail is elaine I look forward to hearing from you.
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