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Gosse family history

Gosse family history

Jon Gosse (View posts)
Posted: 950606759000
To anyone researching the Gosse surname: You may not be aware, but there is a rather substantial part of the family currently residing in England. My Grandfather, Albert Edward Gosse came to England from Newfoundland in Canada during the war and left four sons and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren bearing the Gosse name. I have visited Newfoundland where I was astonished to find that half of the Island seemed to have our surname (Ma Gosse's Bar, Gosse's Taxis etc.). My father has several cousins in Newfoundland, although the male line of our family now seems strongest here in England where there are many of us! The name is probably French in origin (it means baby or orphan) and I have it on good authority that French settlers leaving Poole in Dorset emigrated sometime around the mid 17th century. Apparently, a common ancestor to everyone on Newfoundland was Robert Gosse, but I will look into this. Spaniards Bay in Newfoundland is a great place to start your search I would think. In addition, I have an aunt, uncle and cousins living in Pentiction B.C. Canada. I read somewhere that Staffordshire (where I live) and Northern England also have ties with the name (possibly with a Norman connection. I hope that I have been of some help. I have only just begun to scratch the surface of this absorbing subject and am more than willing to exchange ideas. My own family reads: Angie my wife, Josiah William and Benjamin Nicholas Gosse (2 and 6 months respectively).

Jon Gosse 15.2.00
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I have just started to research GOSSE. All I know so far is Mary GOSSE (born in Spaniards Bay NFLD, 29 Feb 1884) who married Samual Wesley Powell (Born in Carbonneau ? NFLD). Mary's three brothers were Charles, Richard and Joseph from Whitborne, NFLD. Her parents were John and Elizabeth (VOKEY) GOSSE.
Can you help?

Thanks, Sharon

Whitbourne Gosses

Russell Gosse (View posts)
Posted: 965758008000
Hi Sharon,

My father is Charles Gosse and comes from Whitbourne. He had, I believe, 13 brothers and sisters, most of whom went down the U.S. east coast over the years. I was in Whitbourne last summer and my two brothers, Rick and Randy, just came back from there last week. Charles's parents were Richard and Caroline and his grandparents were John and Providence.

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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunatley, I don't have anymore info. as of yet. But I will keep you in mind and let you know as I find stuff.
Thanks again,
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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunatley, I don't have anymore info. as of yet. But I will keep you in mind and let you know as I find stuff.
Thanks again,

Gosse Family

Brian Gosse (View posts)
Posted: 972453662000

My father is Hayward Charles Gosse, originally from
Sydney, Nova Scotia. His parents were John and Mary
Gosse, and there were 14 children in the family, most
of whom settled in either Nova Scotia or Newfoundland.
I can get more info on brothers and sisters if you
are interested.

Gosse Family Tree

Geoff Smith (View posts)
Posted: 975598382000
Are you aware that the Mormon's have researched
this family tree? It goes back as far as
Richard? and Rachel Gosse born about 1690 in
Bridport. Do you have any info about these

Richard Gosse

Raymond R Gosse (View posts)
Posted: 988007974000
Hi Russell
I am a decendant of Richard from his first wife, Flora Drover. I have been trying for years to get information of the second family. Would be interested in sharing information of both families. I only have twelve children for Richard Gosse. I live next door to our cousin Wayne. Hope to hear from you soon.

Elizabeth Louisa Vokey

Raymond R Gosse (View posts)
Posted: 988010359000
Hi Sharon
I have been trying to solve that riddle for quite some time. I know for a fact that the parents of Mary (Gosse) Powell are John William Gosse and Providence Hutchings. I came across some notes written by a son of Mary a few months ago which mentions this woman as being Mary's grandmother. He was relating what his mother (Mary) had told him. I have not been able to find any trace of a Elizabeth Louisa Vokey (Eliza). The names of John and Providence Gosse's children are: Richard (1882-1971); Mary(1884-1968);Elizabeth(1885-1889);John Wm;(1888-1889)Jessie Louisa(1890-1983);Josiah(1891-1976);Rosannah(1893-1964); Nathaniel(1895-1957);John Wm.(1898-1962); Charles Edwin(1900-1993;Mary, Josiah and Rosannah went to the States. I believe there is another decendant of Mary also doing the family tree. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Raymond Gosse.

Richard Gosse

Raymond R Gosse (View posts)
Posted: 988012188000
Hi Geoff
The only Richard Gosse I have in that time frame is the one who settled in Torbay, Nfld. around 1699. He was born c.1675 and died c.1750. his father was Thomas Gosse,(1653-1726) wife unknown. If this is your Richard, I would be interested in his decendants. I am a decendant of his brother Thomas and Susannah Locke of Bridport, Dorset, who settled in Bread and Cheese Cove, Nfld. There was another brother John (1677-1750) who settled in Harbour Grace, Nfld. but had no decendants. The first Gosse I have is Thomas(1554-1623), married Elizabeth (1556-1632) in 1576. He was a Chandler & Tallow Merchant Bridport, Dorset, Eng. The oral history says that religon separated the brothers and decendants.

Raymond Gosse
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