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An update to the Ks Fehrenbachers

An update to the Ks Fehrenbachers

Debra Kay Fehrenbacher Davis (View posts)
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Ok, there was a John and Anna Fehrenbacher, who had George and Eugene Fehrenbacher. George has children named Wayne, Howard, and Louise Fehrenbacher. As far as I know Howard is alive in Kinsley Ks and might have a lot more information. My grandfather, Eugene married Pearl Keenan of Great Bend and they had the following children: Raymond born in 1924 who died during the service of Rhuematic Fever in Illinois maybe; Patricia Fehrenbacher born Jan 13th, 1926 and died a couple of years ago in California, she had 3 daughters, Karen, Jackie and Patti Ann and they presently live in California somewhere. There was one daughter who died in infancy named Karen, another son named Lyle born in 1935 who live in Texas and has a son named Eric, and a daughter named Annie. Another son was Kerwin born in 1937 and died a few years ago, he also had a son named Courtney Fehrenbacher. My father was Jon Orin Fehrenbacher, he was born in Ks and lived there all his life. He was born Aug 19th, 1928 and died Feb, 5 1977. He had four children, myself, Debra Kay, another daughter, Dianna Marie and two sons Jon Orin Fehrenbacher Jr, and Brian Eugene Fehrenbacher.


James Farabaugh (View posts)
Posted: 938768550000
Hello. My name is James Farabaugh and I was born in Johnstown PA. I was wondering if you had any information of Augustin Fehrenbacher (b.Aug 27, 1800;d.May 2,1892 - Baden Germany) or his son Leonhard Fehrenbacher (b.Nov 22, 1830;d.Feb 11, 1897 - Baden Germany)? I have been told that I am a decendant of these men and I am trying to get some information about them. Thanks.

Fehrenbacher family

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Hi Deborah--You information looks good. My dad is Wayne and his father was John George Fehrenbacher. Dad and mom presently live here in Atchison, Kansas. There are six children in my family line. John, myself-Helen, Lawrence Daniel, Teresa, Joseph, and Anna. I would love to talk with you via e-mail.

Family Tree

Joseph Fehrenbacher (View posts)
Posted: 941407695000
My name is Joseph and I am the brother to Helen and the son of Wayne B. and Betty E. Fehrenbacher
I live in Wichita and I have two Children Erika 17 years and Rachel 14 years. My wife is Robin E.
If you would like more info contact my brother John via email He can tell you alot more
than I can about who's who. Thanks

Joseph Ray Fehrenbacher


Rosemary Farabaugh Darr (View posts)
Posted: 948974705000
I am Rosemary J Farabaugh daugther of
Daniel P. Farabaugh, son of
Vincent P. Farabaugh, son of
James Albert Farabaugh, son of
*Erhard Fehrenbacher, son of
Augustin Fehrenbacher b. 8/27/1800
married to Maria Anne Kienz b. 02/07/1805

Sounds like Erhard and Leonhard are brothers or maybe they
are one in the same person. My great grandfather James one
of 14 children and I don't know why...but in the list of names
his is listed as Farabaugh and all of the rest of his siblings are listed
as Fehrenbacher.
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Have you come across a Solomon in your line? Are you of the Farabaughs in Cambria County? My grandfather, Solomon, was born in 1833 according to the census records in Pittsburgh, but I have not been able to find his origin in ten years! I'm wondering if he may have been the child born at sea that Tony mentions in his Farabaugh book.

Sally Fairbaugh-Van Doren


Mary Watson (View posts)
Posted: 980256703000
I am probably a distant relation. My mother's father was Cletus Farabaugh and his family was from Carrolton,PA and his ancestors were the Fehrenbachers from Baden,Germany. She has been doing extensive geneology studies of her family. I'll forward her e-mail address to you when I get it. (She only recently got on line and I don't know her address yet)

Re: Farabaugh/Fehrenbacher

Jeanna Farabaugh Fisher (View posts)
Posted: 1014171284000
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I see your search started a while ago but maybe you'll see this. I have a book put together by a second cousin (I believe), it starts with Augustin. He was born in Baden, 1800 but died Carrolltown, 1874. His second son was Leonhard, born Baden, 1830 and died in Carrolltown, 1897. He married Mary Ann Becker and had 11 children. The last one died Aug 14, 1971, in Johnstown. Her name was Anna Elizabeth. From the book at least four of the 11 are buried in Johnstown: Mary Catherine,Martin, Melinda and Anselm. The rest are in carrolltown or do not list a buriel place.

Re: Farbaugh/Fehrenbacher many Bricks Wives Children

Joseph B. Hills, Sr. (View posts)
Posted: 1065921776000
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Surnames: Ganshirt Genshart Baum Motz Stumpp Kienz Fliehler Farbaugh Fehrenbacher
Augustin Fehrenbacher, Mauer, (aka bricklayer) b.08/27/1800 = Maria Anna Kienz b.02/07/1805 m: 08/27/1827
2 kdr: (children)
Erhard b.01/071829
Leonhard b. 11/22/1830
Amerika ausgewandert (went to america)

Paternal family of Augustin:
Johann Georg Fehrenbacher, Maurer b.04/24/1768
Maria Katharina Motz (1st wife, Family of 6 below:) & Franziska Gänshirth ( 2nd wife 10 children, please request info if you want it.)
6 kdr.
1. Johann Georg (#1) b.09/27/1798 (d. infancy?)
2. (Augustin)
3. Johann Georg(#2) b01/02/1804 d.?
4. Katharina b3/13/1806 d. 04/01/1886=Damas Fliehler 4 kdr.
5. Maria Anna 10/08/1808 d?
6. Michael b.08/26/1810 nach Amerika ausgawandert = Maria Anna Stumpp (1st wife) 10 kdr, & Gertrud Hoog (2nd wife) 2 Kdr. (Request info on children if you want it)

Johann Georg Parents Were Mathias and Maria Anna Johner 2nd husband married 06/15/1767 6 kdr.

Mathias parents were Mathias (Sr) and Anna Marie Tholmann (1st wife of 4!) m: 2/14/1724, 9 kdr.

Mathias (Sr.) Parents were Martin & Anna Maria Böhm m: abt 1698, 5 kdr.

Just passing through, not related directly. Joe

Re: Farabaugh/Fehrenbacher

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Surnames: Farabaugh, Rogers
Hello Mary:

I am responding to your posting in 2001 about Cletus Farabaugh of Carrolltown, Pennsylvania I am researchin gthe Rodgers (Rogers) family --- the family of Cletus' wife ellen V. Rogers (1899-1987). Please respond if you or your sister are still online.

Ted Hull
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