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ESS family in NY state

ESS family in NY state

Pat Harter (View posts)
Posted: 943199610000
I would like to correspond with anyone that has a ESS family connection in their family tree. This is my ancestor...
Descendants of Peter Ess

1 Peter Ess b: November 02, 1814 in Alsace/Lorraine, France
.. +Katherine Hark b: September 09, 1825 in Baden, Germany
...... 2 [1] Frank Augustus Ess b: August 13, 1849 in Nunda, Livingston, NY
.......... +Wilhemina Marie Mehlenbacher b: May 01, 1855 in Wayland, Steuben, NY
...... *2nd Wife of [1] Frank Augustus Ess:
.......... +Emma L. Stevens b: Abt. 1862
...... 2 Fred Ess b: Abt. 1851
.......... +Jennie Pinckney b: 1851 in ,,PA
...... 2 [2] Sophia Ess b: 1853
.......... +Christian John Mehlenbacher b: 1850
...... *2nd Husband of [2] Sophia Ess:
.......... +Manley Parker
...... 2 Mary Jane Ess b: May 16, 1854
.......... +Henry Gruber b: December 17, 1849
...... 2 Katherine Ess b: December 28, 1857
.......... +Maynard
...... 2 Elizabeth Ess b: November 02, 1859
...... 2 [3] Charles E. Ess b: June 08, 1862 in Grove, Allegany, NY
.......... +Ida N. Isaman b: April 19, 1863
...... *2nd Wife of [3] Charles E. Ess:
.......... +Adda Hunter b: December 19, 1874
...... 2 George W. Ess b: September 11, 1869

My Ess Family

Margaret Ess (View posts)
Posted: 951719382000
I have been attempting to track my family history, although I am not sure we are connected.
My line of Ess' is from Ohio. I can trace my father's paternal grandmother to Bavaria, Germany.

Here is my lineage of Ess'...
1. George J. Ess (1831-1910)
born I believe in Ohio - not sure
m. to Crescentia M. Shaidnagle in 1916
(born 1843 in Bavaria)
m. in Massillon, Ohio
2. Their children (according to my family doesn't match ancestry records at all)
- Albert Ess
- Herman Ess
- Walter Ess (my grandfather)
b. 1883 - 1944
- Helen Ess
- Clara Ess
- Anna Ess
- Francis Ess
3. Walter Ess (my grandfather)
b. 1883 in Akron Ohio d. 1944
m. Arline Bamberger (b. 1887 d. 1972)
had five childen:
- Ruth Ess
- Mary Ess
- Rita Ess
- Walter Ess
- James C. Ess (my father)
4. James C. Ess b. 1928
m. Barbara A. Pfromm (b. 1933)
- Elizabeth Ann Ess b. 1962
- Mary Kathryn Ess b. 1963
- Margaret Ann Ess b. 1966
- Joseph Clarence Ess b. 1968
- Christine Marie Ess b. 1971

Ess Mehlenbacher families

Laura Rentmeister (View posts)
Posted: 959160885000
I'm a Mehlenbacher descendant of Ellizabeth S. Mehlenbacher who married Oscar Leroy Robinson. Elizabeth's brother, Christian, married Sophia Ess. I have some additional info about Sophia Ess including first husband's Allegany Co, NY probate, and Allegany Co, NY record of her 2nd marriage to Edward Marion Parker. Please contact me for more information.


Pat ESS Harter (View posts)
Posted: 959176251000

It was great to hear from you. My email is and would love to have a copy of anything you might have, from both Elizabeth and Oscar's family and Sophia's family. Sophia's brother Frank was married to Wilhelmina Mehlenbacher, daughter of Charles and Mary. So I have two branches of MEHLENBACHERs that work into my family. Frank and Wilhelmina were my great grandfather and grandmother. I am willing to share what ever I have that you may want.

My fathers, father

JAY ESS (View posts)
Posted: 961352245000
I was interested in your lineage. Very interestin. However I always thought my father's (walter) father was named Joseph. I know the massilon thing is right, and my grandmother on that side was Arlene Ess, who my sister i snamed after. Write me if you get this I'd like to know more.

Reply to Jay

Margaret Ess (View posts)
Posted: 961394878000
Hi Jay! I was hoping someone else would join my search. I am assuming you are my cousin Jay... son of Uncle Walt. My dad and Aunt Mary have been writing this stuff down for me my brother Joe to research... Which we are having some successes, but not too many. I am trying to actually draw out a family tree... Maybe you can help me out with all of your siblings and their families. I have been trying to get wedding dates (places), birth dates birth place, deaths, etc. I was hoping Eric would help me. Last I knew he was in Houston... but last time I tried to e-mail him, my message was returned to me. I started a family tree on
But I would like to draw my own out because the software doesn't make it easy when families get complex.
Nice to hear from you! If you want, e-mail me directly at

the tree...

Jay (View posts)
Posted: 961418781000
Remember my own families birthdates? Good God woman, I have enough trouble remembering my own.. But I'll see what I can do...:)

Birthday Search

Ess (View posts)
Posted: 964505024000
How is the birthday search going? I have to admit that I have been very busy for the past few months and have not had a chance to do any family tree stuff. I actually have a chart made up that I will have to send you to look at. Maybe you can help me make sense of all of it.

the search

Jay (View posts)
Posted: 964534552000
Well, I've been busy too, as summer here is the time when we do a lot. I have a box of photos that im going to drag out, thye may spark memories. I remember once we went to massilon to stay with the bambergers i think. I remember it because at that time massilon was this quant quiet village, almost a total hus on the place as i remember it. Anyway, of course we got in trouble for something, and one of our aunts on that side, if indeed they were our a switch off a tree and chased us around whipping at us. That thing really hurt! Ha ha ha.. Anyway I suggest you also contact sister arlene at She may be able to prod mom into putting down waht she knows too. SO its an ongong thing. What I want to know is where my crazy brother bob ever got the impression that we had at one time been named VonHess from a town called Essen in Europe someplace. Curioser and curioser. Talk to you in a while. :)

Ess family

Richard Ess (View posts)
Posted: 977496342000
I am descended from Otto Ess who came to the USA (NYC) from Bavaria in the 1920's. Through his family (in Bavaria) I have a family tree that goes back to 1747. The J. in your George Ess's middle name is most likely for Johann. Johann, Konrad and Georg in various order seem to be the names that they used. The small town they centered around in Bavaria is Schollang (o with umluat) which is east of Munich. My paternal great-great grandfather was Johann Georg Ess born Jan 2 1824, died 8 December 1887. From searching the LDS database a couple of times I was in Salt Lake City, UT, I know there were Ess’s in Bayern (Bavaria in German) back to the early-mid 1600’s. Ess is not a very common name. From looking at the worldwide LDS data, US internet searches, and help from relatives in Germany I would guess there are about 1000 people named Ess in the world with about half of them here in the USA. While there are Ess’s in England, France, the Netherlands, etc. the dates I can find for them are all generally in the 1800’s so my guess is that they came out of Bavaria area. Maybe earlier out of the Alps south of Bavaria. I am very interested in finding out more but have not found much time to pursue it. Hope this is of some help.
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