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Barajas de Michoacan

Barajas de Michoacan

Jose (View posts)
Posted: 937229148000
I would like to hear from people with the last name Barajas. My Dad tells me that a lot of the Barajas family have moved to California and Florida, My grandparents are Ezequiel Barajas and Elvira Zuniga,


Arnold Vera (View posts)
Posted: 937272779000
My greatgrandmother was Trenidad Barajas.I belive she was from San Luis Potosi,Mexico.That is where my grandmother was born.Trenidad Barajas married Raymundo Vera date unknown.My grandmother,Francisca Vera was born to them in 1893

I''m a Barajas from Michoacan

Carlos E. Barajas (View posts)
Posted: 946921395000
I was born in a small town in Michoacan near the
border with Jalisco. And as far as I know my
family has been living there for more than 350 years
since it was one of the first 4 Spanish families
to settle there. But that's all I know since people
didn't keep good records back then.

The Barajas ancestry

Cenelia A Barajas (View posts)
Posted: 948127942000
Hi name's Cenelia A Barajas, my fathers name
is Rafael Barajas Silva my mothers name is
Cenelia Barajas De Pantoja. I'm really interested in finding out about my families
My father was born in a smll town in Michoacan frm a little city that has the name of "aguas" in it. He really dsn't talk
alot his family. His mothers name was Maria Del Carmen Silva.Icant really recall any more information on him. My mothers mother was named Maria Pantoja. I really dont know my grandfathers name. I was born in a small town in Jalisco called La Manzanilla De La Paz. If your

Barajas from Michoacan

Posted: 949372957000
Edited: 1009491695000
Hi Carlos. I've been told that my grandfather -- Andres Ramon Barajas -- was also born in Michocan. From what I've read on these message boards, there are a lot of Barajas in Michoacan, Mexico. I am intrigued reading that your family -- also Barajas -- has lived in Michoacan for 350 years! Wow! How did you find out your family was one of the first four Spanish families to settle in Michoacan? I'd like to know more about that because if that's the case, we might be related. Let me tell you what little I know about my grandfather. His name was Andres Ramon Barajas and he was born between 1880 and 1889 in Michoacan, Mexico, near Morelia. He left Mexico and came to the US when he was 13 or 14 and took on the surname of the person who raised him (Mendoza). He came to Corona, California around 1902 and lived there until he died in 1959. Older relatives have told me that his mother's name was Lucy Gonzales and that he had two sisters, Inez and Acenscion (not sure about the spelling). I have some old notes that mention Rancho de Por Venir (notes also say that the name changed to Avenida Por Venir). Do you have any idea what that is? I hope to hear from you. My e-mail address is:


ANITA BARAJAS (View posts)
Posted: 953114406000
My grandfather, Gonzalo Martinez Barajas, was born in Huanusco, Zacatecas in 1906. My great-grandfather was, Fernando Barajas, was Alcalde of Huanusco around the turn of the century. That's all I know. I'm just starting to find out more.

Barajas surname

Posted: 980948959000
Edited: 1009491695000
My grandparents were also from Mexico, I know
that my grandfather was a full blooded trarascan
Indian, I'm hoping to find out more information
he was from Michocan also, his name was Vicente
Barajas, married concepcion vasques. hope to hear
from you.

Barajas family

Gloria Barajas Lopez (View posts)
Posted: 990622997000
I am searching for family:My greatgrandfather was from Michoacan, Jose who had brothers, Jose(pepe),who has a daughter, Catalaina,Bardomiano and Filimon. Jose married Natalia Silva from Hermosio and moved to Az in 1920's.Our family is shrinking & would like to find relatives.I live in Mesa,AZ.

Re: I''m a Barajas from Michoacan

Julie (View posts)
Posted: 1013534208000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Barajas
Hi Carlos,
Interesting enough my Barajas side of the family is also from Jalisco-Michoacan (I call it that because they live on the border). Most likely we are related, but where exactly is your family from?


Re: Barajas de Michoacan

Posted: 1224830791000
Classification: Query
please help me find my dad i was told my dad is from Morelia, Michoacan mexico i never seen him he and my mom split before i was born and i would love to see him my dads name is JOSE ARTURO BARAJAS and he was last seen in sacramento ca between the year 1977 thru 1979

my name is jose luis barajas i was born nov 29 1978 and i still live in sacramento ca usa

i have a photo of him on myspace please help, earlier this year my mom told me i had family living on a street i think called Niños Héroes, and its in Morelia, Michoacan mexico. that sucks that my mom waited 30 years to tell me that!!! any 1 please help

the first time i seen my dads photo i was 12 and told THAT I have A BARAJAS family in sacramento ca


contac me at

xbox live gamertag GOUKi916
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