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Kelton 1870's - Rosevear

Kelton 1870's - Rosevear

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Surnames: Rosevear
Would like to contact descendants of early residents of Kelton, Box Elder Co. Also interested in stories of those who passed through Kelton on their way to somewhere else, espically to the gold mines of Idaho. My ancestor, Joseph Rosevear owned and operated the Kelton Hotel early 1870's. Would like to locate the ranch he also owned. His brothers William, Jack, and James lived in area. They are from Cornwall, England. Willing to share what I know. Thanks.

Kelton Burial Records

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I tried to send the Kelton, Utah, Box Elder County, burial records to you, but was unable to. If you would like them, I will email them directly to you. Let me know.

Kelton burials & old photographs

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Surnames: Rosevear, Grose, Hume, Dunn, Riley

I would be pleased to recieve the Kelton burial records. I have seen a photo from an old book of the marker for John "Jack" Rosevear, brother of my ancestor Joseph Rosevear. Their sister Thamazine Rosevear Grose may also be buried there?

I think I have a copy of the 1870 US census for Kelton.

I have not been to Kelton, but my uncle has done some research in the Box Elder Co. trying to locate the ranch property, but has not been successful. The ranch is said to be "18 miles from Kelton," and may be called "Rose Mare"? Joseph probably sold it in the late 1870's, but I would be interested in any land records for him and his family. He returned to Box Elder Co. in the mid 1880's, then went to Three Creek, Idaho.

Joseph's brother William Rosevear worked on the construction of the railroad, and lost an arm in an "accident." He eventually went back to England, but don't know what happened to his wife. He had a daughter Nancy, b. in Australia.

In an old family album we have a few photos of other residents of Kelton that I could share with their descendants: John Hume and S. Dunn, who were both employed at the Kelton Hotel, ca 1870's. Also one of the Riley tiwns who later were at Hailey, Idaho.

Let me know what info I should send you about my family and what records you will be searching.

What is your connection to Kelton? Did you have family there at one time? I would love to find old newspaper stories about people who lived in Kelton and the area, espically in the 1870's.



Kelton Hotel

Steve Harrington (View posts)
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I am trying to do some research on Kelton. I enjoy metal detecting and am hoping to find some old photos of the town of Kelton. I was just there today and it is in pretty bad shape. There is no way to tell where anything was anymore. It's actually kind of sad. I did look through the cemetary but only a few of the markers were readable. If you have any way to scan any of the photos showing the location of old buildings I would be most intrested in seeing them. If I can be of any help to you just let me know also. I can tell you that the folks that settled Kelton, Utah were quite a tough bunch. Kelton is in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kelton Hotel & employee photos

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Surnames: Rosevear

Sorry that I can't be of much help to you about photographs of Kelton in Box Elder Co. I have seen one of the town, ca. 1872, but my photos are of some of the people who lived and worked there. In the photo I saw of the town of Kelton, the buildings were in one line, on the same side of the tracks as the spring was. I have never been there, so I don't know if this is much help since the tracks were removed and used for the war effort in WWII (so I have heard.) Since two of my great grandfather Joseph Rosevear's siblings were buried there, I would be interested in knowing which markers are left in the cemetery. At one time there was a marker for John Rosevear, his brother.

I found an interesting story in an old newspaper about the hotel, but before my ancestors owned it--I think. It was described as having canvas on the walls and ceilings to keep the desert dust and dirt from blowing through. Passengers stopping for the night were warned not to fall asleep in the dark lobby because of the large number of bedbugs infesting the hotel!

Let me know what you discover in your search-- both at the location and in writing. There isn't much written about Kelton that I have found. Thanks for writing.


Kelton Wagon Road

Byron Knutsen (View posts)
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I am trying to find information about where in Kelton the old wagon road started north to Idaho. I am a retired math/science teacher and have a gps and mapping program and want to map this road north into Idaho. I live in Malad, Idaho and am mapping the trails and wagon roads between the valleys in this area. Any help would be appreciated. I would also like to trace the water pipe that came in from the north to supply water for the town and train. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Kelton Wagon Road

Steve (View posts)
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I'm not to sure about where the wagon trail/roads started. I haven't been there lately but I THINK I remember a very large water pipe/well. This is where I remember seeing it. If you go east of the cemetary you come acoss a foundation. Off the northeast corner (I think) I sort of recall a small fence. There was a large hole with some wood around it also, what came across as a old well maybe. I looked down the hole and saw a very large broken iron pipe. I remember the pipe because I though it was rather out of place. I don't know how much this will help. Maybe with a metal detector (which I have) you might be able to find out what direction they go. As a metal detector I know how little information can be a big help. Good luck.


Re: Kelton burials & old photographs

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Surnames: Grose
Do you have any more information on Thamiazine Grose. I have her listed in my family tree and do not know where they lived. Let me know. Thanks Cathy

Re: Kelton burials & old photographs

Linda McDonald (View posts)
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Surnames: Grose, Rosevear, Mark

Thamisine Rosevear Grose was a sister to my great grandfather, Joseph Rosevear. Thamisine married Joseph Grose in 1852, probably at Luxulyan, Cornwall, England. She was living at Kelton, Utah,USA, where she died in 1873.

What kind of relationship do you have to Thamisine that she was included in your family tree? I noticed you also have an interest in the "Mark" surname. Thamisine and Joseph Rosevear had a sister, Ann, who married Nicholas Mark, also from Luxulyan, and went to Utah.

Hope this information helps.


Re: Kelton burials & old photographs

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Hi LInda
Yes my husband is related to the Mark family of LIttle Britain, ON. I have been working on the Mark family books trying to update as much info as possible. I have a a bit of information about the Grose family. I also have a friend that is interested in the Grose family. We are trying to make the family connections. Please email me directly if you want to compare notes....I look forward to talking to you.
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