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Emery Porter, b. Kings Co, Nova Scotia

Emery Porter, b. Kings Co, Nova Scotia

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Re: Emery Porter, b. Kings Co, Nova Scotia

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Surnames: Porter Nova Scotia
You are not very far from me. I am outside Wolfville, NS. I, too, am looking for Porter genealogy information. Perhaps we could share?

Re: Emery Porter, b. Kings Co, Nova Scotia

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Hi Patricia,

I am unrelated to this family as far as I know. My family descended from John Porter of Windsor, CT and Felsted, County Essex, England.

Anyone with access to the book, "Yarmouth Nova Scotia Genealogies Transcribed from the Yarmouth Herald" by George S. Brown, will find the following on page 184:

"PORTER, JONATHAN, son John Tardy, m. 1853, Aug. 29, Mary Jane Killam, dau. James 1st, Lake George; d. 1886, March 22, and had:

1859, Oct. 9, Clinton Burr, m., 1884, Oct. 17, Ida MacKenzie, dau. John; d. 1893.

1860, Dec. 22, Byron Depew, m ., 1895, March, Sarah Gullison, dau. Capt. Benjamin; lost at sea 1896, Sept.

1864, Jany. 16, Martha Lindsay Ross Webster, d. 1865.

1867, Sept. 20, Sandford Lester.

1869, Feby. 6, Emery Whipple; d. 1869, March.

1871, Nov. 8, Janet Maud, m., 1895, Nov. 6, Ralph T. Harris.

1874, Aug. 9, Mary Ellen; d. 1897, Feby. 13, unm.

1876, April 28, Julia Florence."

Obviously this child (Emery Whipple Porter) lived only a month, but on page 190 is the following:

"PORTER, JEREMIAH, son Hezediah 4th, m. (1st) 1863, July 3, Bethiah A. Vickery, dau. Jeremiah; (2d) 1868, Dec. 24, Elizabeth Crosby, dau. Samuel, of Deerfield, and had:

1864, April 30, HANNAH MAY, m., 1895, Dec. 3, Dr. J. H. Harris; d. 1897, Jan. 8.

1865, Sept. 4, ELIZABETH CROSBY, m., 1885, Jan. 6, Benjamin Crosby.

1867, Feb. 17, George Franklin.

1869, Oct. 26, Edson Arthur, m., 1894, Dec. 21, Annie W. Crowell, dau. John P.

1871, May 9, Bethiah Luella, d. 1878, Jan. 12.

1873, March 31, AARON CROSBY, m., 1896, June 6, Josephine Roberts, dau. Thomas W.

1875, June 15, Emory Ellsworth.

1877, May 18, Samuel Adelbert.

1879, March 14, Bertha Luella, d. 1883, Jan. 9.

1881, Feb. 25, Frederick Ernest."

These are extensive genealogies, 762 pages, with another 184 pages of index for a total of 947 pages.

- Donnie Porter

Re: Emery Porter, b. Kings Co, Nova Scotia

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Hi, Donnie:

Thank you for this information.

I believe you knew my aunt, Ricky MacIntosh? And, you live across the way from where I am? I don't think my Porter ancestors are related to the Yarmouth Porters, but, I would imagine if we went back far enough, probably England, they would be.


Re: Your Earlier Edward Anderson Porter Post

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Surnames: Porter, Simms, Sugg, Suggs
Thanks for the info, Donnie. Somebody showed me a link to your info on his war record.

The Porter boys were second cousins of my mother. Their mom was my grandfather's first cousin and their grandmother, Minnie Louella Sugg Simms, was my great-grandmother's sister. When my great-grandfather died, Mama went and picked up Aunt Minnie for the funeral, as she didn't have a way.

I had found Anderson's obit but of course the info was nowhere near this in-depth. (It actually said "Mills Atoll," which caused some problems.) I'm assuming you're a relative of his, too?

How do you get such data from WWII records? I have a granduncle who died near Mindanao and I'd be curious to search down info on him, if possible.


Re: Your Earlier Edward Anderson Porter Post

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Surnames: Porter
Hi Zee,

Regarding Edward Anderson Porter and his service:

Using the date he was reported missing in action, I used an online database of all aircraft that had ever been reported as crashed at and found the location, aircraft type, and listed crew members for that date. As I scanned through their list by date I found an SBD-5 Dauntless Dive Bomber with Navy Bureau Number 36540 which had gone down near Mili Atoll and the names Edward A. Porter and Arthur H. Sparrow.

A book I was reading stated that after action reports from unit commanders archived at the Navy Yard in Washington DC had been used to document portions of his book. So I wrote the Navy Yard with the particulars and asked for the reports to which they replied that all those documents had since been transferred to the NARA (National Archives and Records Administration.

So I submitted a request to NARA online asking for the records and told them that, if denied, I was prepared to request them under the Freedom of Information Act. Within a couple of weeks I received copies of all the action reports for Bombing 16 for the dates requested and the documents had been declassified the day they mailed them to me.

All that sounds complicated but it all happened very quickly and I received complete cooperation at every turn. The Navy's Office of Naval Personnel and Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) both contacted me by mail and telephone asking for a DNA sample. The trouble is, they wanted either his Mother, brother, or sister to give the DNA sample. Regretfully, they have all long since died as far as I know.

Yes, I am Anderson Porter's first cousin once removed - my Dad and he were first cousins, his Father and my Grandfather were brothers.

I'd be glad to send you copies of these reports if you're interested and I'd be very excited to get a copy of the Obit that you referred to even if it isn't exactly correct in every way.

As far as your Granduncle, I'd say your best shot at getting that information would be to go to and you will see "Veterans' Service Records."

Also, I'd say there is a lot of material online about casualties in Mindanao and you might find some pertinent information in some of that.

My email address is and my street address is as follows:

3002 Ledford Mill Rd
Wartrace, TN 37183

Thanks for writing and I'd be glad to hear more from you.

- Donnie F. Porter

Re: Your Earlier Edward Anderson Porter Post

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Surnames: Simms, Sugg, Porter
Is this your other guy?


I figured 46 was the date they declared him dead, as opposed to his actual death. Just found this, so no perusal in depth.

Didn't print the obit; just took some info from it. But when I get back to the library, I'll see what's what.


Re: Your Earlier Edward Anderson Porter Post

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Sorry, the number is his memorial number on Find-a-Grave.


Re: Your Earlier Edward Anderson Porter Post

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Yes, they finally declared him dead on 04 Feb 1946 but his date of MIA and probable death was 18 Mar 1944.

The 1946 date with his name is inscribed on a monument for all such men killed but not found or recovered at what is often called "The Punch Bowl" Cemetery in Honolulu, HI.


Re: Your Earlier Edward Anderson Porter Post

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Surnames: Porter, Sparrow, Sugg, Suggs, Krumheuer
I am working on a bio for him, based on the info I found on family search, ancestry, and elsewhere, and a revamp of some of the facts you found, as well as Wikipedia.

I also found out his parents and found his mother on Find-a-Grave, where I corrected they guy who linked her to her "husband": he was in fact her BROTHER, and died at age SEVEN... hahahaha

Anyway, I will post you/your research as reference on that bio. I'm finding some cool stuff here. Then I'll revamp it and do the same for Anderson.

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