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Gorman family

Gorman family

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John Edward Gorman (12/28/1919 ND - 10/16/1990 San Joaquin CA) married Lois Block (4/26/1923 - 1/19/2002; ) in 12/5/1963 in Chicago.

This is John in the SSDI: and in the CA death index his mother's maiden name was Meyers: This looks like his WWII Army enlistment record: I do not know the final arrangements for John, although he may have been cremated as Lois was (which I only confirmed by ordering her death certificate from California).

I do not have obits for John or Lois Gorman.

As for John, I do not know the names of his parents or siblings.

This may be John with his family in 1920: in 1930: and 1940: and the 1925 ND census:

Re: Gorman family

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This record gives you John's parents' names, which proves you have the right census records for his family:

Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
Name: John Edward Gorman
SSN: 701168286
Gender: Male
Race: White
Birth Date: 28 Dec 1919
Birth Place: Hankinson RI, North Dakota
Death Date: 16 Oct 1990
Father: Bernard Gorman
Mother: Lena Myer
Type of Claim: Original SSN.
Notes: Aug 1939: Name listed as JOHN EDWARD GORMAN; 04 Jun 1993: Name listed as JOHN E GORMAN

There is an Ancestry tree that has his siblings listed, including birth/death dates.
When I did some google searches, a couple of them have obits online.
I will post what I found for John's siblings:

Wallace William Gorman
BIRTH 18 DECEMBER 1916 • Kenmare, Ward, ND
DEATH 26 AUG 1979 • Mohall, Renville, ND

Wallace's spouses:
One spouse is listed as Private (could still be alive).

Another spouse:
Ruth Viola Johnson
BIRTH 27 AUG 1910 • Donnybrook, Ward, ND
DEATH 7 SEP 1977 • Kenmare, ND

Marcella Mae Gorman
BIRTH 30 MAY 1918 • Kenmare, Ward, ND
DEATH 30 APR 1969 • Robbinsdale, Hennepin, MN

Marcella's husband:
Stanley Henry James Cordes
BIRTH 1912 • New Ulm, Brown, MN
DEATH 1947 • Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN

Kathryn Anne Gorman
BIRTH 18 NOV 1921 • Kenmare, Ward, ND
DEATH 15 FEB 2007 • Minnetonka, Hennepin, MN

Kathryn's obit:

Kathryn's spouses:
James "Jim" Harrington
BIRTH 2 MAY 1900 • Missouri
DEATH 16 OCT 1971 • Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA

Fred Bower
BIRTH 15 AUG 1916 • Bottineau County, ND
DEATH Unknown

Henry Raymond Gorman
BIRTH 19 SEP 1923 • Kenmare, Ward, ND
DEATH 23 JUL 2006 • Storm Lake, Buena Vista, IA

Henry's obit:

Henry's spouse:
Ruth Lenore Cooper
BIRTH 16 FEB 1925 • Somers, Calhoun, IA
DEATH 15 DEC 2013 • Storm Lake, Buena Vista, IA

Orlan Andrew Gorman
BIRTH 25 SEPT 1925 • Kenmare, Ward, ND
DEATH 12 FEB 2006 • Florida, USA

Orlan's spouses:
Aloha Delphaine Hammack
BIRTH 25 FEB 1928 • Columbus ND
DEATH 11 MAR 1987 • Hopkins, Hennepin, MN

Sally K Triske
BIRTH 04 NOV 1936 • Grand Forks County, ND
DEATH 12 SEPT 2012 • Hennepin County, MN

Mary Louise Gorman
BIRTH 4 MAR 1933 • North Dakota
DEATH 2 JAN 2005 • Richfield, Hennepin, MN

Mary's spouse:
William Dale Mahnke
BIRTH 26 AUG 1930 • Kenmare, Ward, ND
DEATH 24 MAR 2005 • Minneapolis, Hennepin County, MN

Some of the above may have obits online but I didn't look for them all.

Re: Gorman family

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Ok, I kind of figured this would be his family based on the information I have received from relatives over the years, they did seem like a really good match. :) One thing I wonder is, since they were both in their 40s when they got married, were John and Lois married to other people previously?

Ok, so the trick with Ancestry trees, as always, is confirming the info we find. :)

Kathryn's 2007 obit states that her siblings "Wally, Jack, Henry, Arnie, Sally (Cordes), and Mary (Mahnke)" died before her. I'm assuming that Arnie is Orlan and that Sally is Marcella? If so, she was the last one still alive. Also surviving are Henry's wife Ruth and Arnie's wife Sally. No burial location for her. No first name of spouse listed, so possibly divorced.

Henry's obit was a bit more useful, and it did lead me to a memorial: which also has links to the parents as well as Wallace and Orman.

Bernard makes for another unexpected connection to Olmsted county MN! His memorial lists the dates for all of his children, but of course I still want to confirm.

No luck finding an obit or memorial for Mary Mahnke or Marcella Cordes to confirm their info.

Regarding the spouses, I have found memorials for Ruth Johnson and Patricia Thompson for Wallace Gorman, Ruth Cooper for Henry Gorman, and Sally Moore (tree says Triske) for Orlan Gorman.

This memorial matches the dates from the tree for James Harrington: and for Aloha Hammack Gorman: so hopefully we can verify that these are the right people. No luck finding anything for those dates for Stanley Cordes, Fred Bower, or William Mahnke.

Re: Gorman family

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For Lois, I found the SS App, so I don't think she was married prior to marrying John Gorman.

Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
Name: Lois Emily Block
[Lois Emily Gorman]
[Lois Gorman]
SSN: 342142264
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birth Date: 26 Apr 1923
Birth Place: Chicago Cook, Illinois
Death Date: 19 Jan 2002
Father: Walter W Block
Mother: Hilma Mork
Type of Claim: Original SSN.
Notes: Feb 1940: Name listed as LOIS EMILY BLOCK; Jan 1964: Name listed as LOIS EMILY GORMAN; 24 Jan 2002: Name listed as LOIS E GORMAN

For John, an Ancestry tree has two other wives listed, but as "Private", presuming they are still alive. One of those wives, John seems to have had a son with, and here is the info on him from that tree:
Bernard Gorman
BIRTH 02 JAN 1962
DEATH 21 JAN 1993 • California, USA

So here is another twist on the above child ... I found two birth records in MN, listing different parents, but the fathers listed seem to be brothers, John and Henry!

Minnesota Birth Index, 1935-2002
Name: Bernard James Gorman
Birth Date: 2 Jan 1962
Birth County: Hennepin
Birth State: Minnesota
Father: John Edward Gorman
Mother: Terrill Peterson (one wife's name? or maybe they never actually married?)
File Number: 1962-MN-007510

Minnesota Birth Index, 1935-2002
Name: Bernard James Gorman
Birth Date: 2 Jan 1962
Birth County: Hennepin
Birth State: Minnesota
Father: Henry R Gorman
Mother: Ruth Lenore Cooper
File Number: 1962-MN-007509

An update - link to this child's memorial, explains a little bit more (sad):

Re: Gorman family

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Re: Gorman family

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For Marcella Cordes, the MN Historical Society record:
Name: Cordes, Marcella
Death Certificate Index | Text | 1969-MN-028721
Death: November 30, 1969
County of Death: Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States
Mother's Maiden Name: MEYER, Date of Birth: Apr 8 1918, Place of Birth: OUT OF STATE

Mother's maiden name matches.
Marcella's birth date is different on this record than what is on the Ancestry tree (which had no prof of date anyway).

Re: Gorman family

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Wow yeah, that is in fact pretty messed up about Bernard. There are some pretty bad people in this world.

Good find on Orlan's obit. His first wife Del was already deceased, which is likely the Aloha from above.

Good verification on Marcella as well, just need to find out where she is buried so I can create a memorial.

Re: Gorman family

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Re: Gorman family

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Re: Gorman family

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Ok so Mary and William Mahnke are buried in Kenmare ND where the family lived for years, just don't know which cemetery yet.

And Sally Gorman's maiden name is Moore (which is correct on her memorial), but a previous married name is Tiske.
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