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African American Logan Family

African American Logan Family

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Surnames: Logan
Hello I am looking for info on my African american Logan family from NC. !st was slave from ghana africa changed name to Chief logan was at 96 island SC. He married Indian nmamed Matilda, had 4 children John Wesley I ,Jack,Gus,
and Elijah Logan. All born in SC. Then all moved to Nc. John married Maria[indian] children Hannah, Daniel,Jack,Augustus,Alfred,Mariah and John II. Gus had son named Jeremiah whom landed here in Knoxville,Tn founded a AME Zion church known as "Logan Temple" still here near by.John II [born 1853 SC] married Mary Angeline "ittle Feather" Miller off reservation. he was from Henderson,NC where some they say still live there today. John was pastor and founded "Logan's Chapel" church and they are buried out back at Shawcreek. After they died their descendents[some/most?], my family came to Knoxville,TN. Looking for info on Logans from Nc trees off all children etc.. Many are in Ohio these days.
Children Were Lelia,John III,Hannah,Daniel,Arthur,Nora,
Juanita,clarence,Katie, and Mary Logan.

Re: African American Logan Family

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Where were your Logans from and where in North Carolina were they? Were there any in Rutherford/Polk County? I don't know too much about the Logan family. Bennie and Jane might know more as they are Proctors and might no more about the Logans since they had family members actively living with the children of Catharine Proctor my great,great, and on Aunt.

Re: Proctors, Black & Native American from NC, SC

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Surnames: Miller, Logan, Proctor
Not sure if these are your people. The Black Logan and Miller families I know are from Polk County North Carolina. All are established families. There is some Indian in their descent. One of my relatives married a Garfield Logan. Her name was Lillie Belle. They stayed in the Green Creek, Cathy's Creek area of Polk County which was also a part of Rutherford County. I have not done much digging in to that side of the family. I only know the Logans and Millers have been in North Carolina for at least two centuries. Rutherford County has a website with the Census records from 1800's onward. The website includes many Black church cemetary records which were very helpful to me. It also has an index of marriages dating back to the 1800's. You can actually order a photocopy of the marriage licenses on file. I can't recall the website exactly, think it is rciwfloyd. but you can google rutherford county, nc and get to the web site. The person who can help is W. C. Floyd. It is all free. He really helped me a lot.

Re: Proctors, Black & Native American from NC, SC

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I was wondering how I missed this post. W.D. Floyd is now referring people to the Genealogical Society. Lille Belle is kin to me thru Catherine, I have her marriage certificate and I know where she is buried I am just curious as to what she and Catherine looked like because there don't seem to be any photo's of the Hooper's or their children.

Re: African American Logan Family

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Surnames: Proctor, Hooper, Fields
Re: Info about the Proctors/Hoopers of Rutherford Co., NC.~

I was born Beverly Fields and my father (Max J. Fields) was from Asheville, NC. My dad's mother was CATHERINE PROCTOR FIELDS (b.1898 in Asheville). She was named after her dad's mother CATHARINE HOOPER PROCTOR~her grandmother. Her father was ELIAS D. PROCTOR (born April 29, 1880).Elias' FATHER was CRATON PROCTOR (b. 1825) and his MOTHER was CATHARINE HOOPER (b.1854). She was the second and much younger wife of CRATON PROCTOR in Rutherford Co. Craton was first married to Mary Jane (Baxter ?). He and his family first lived in Catheys Creek and later in Green Hill).

I've read your various informative communications that are listed here from 2005-06 with other family "searchers" and historians. My only maternal aunt FRANCIS FIELDS ROLAND (now age 78)is my only aunt left in my father's family. She lives in Asheville. She has pictures of her grandfather ELIAS PROCTOR (my great grandfather). I've found his 1918 military Registration Card online. I've found him on the census rolls in Asheville in the early 1900's. He was married maybe 2-3 times (to Carrie, Annie and Viola).
Elias Proctor was a butcher. I have older first cousins who lived in Asheville and interacted with him regularly in the 1940's and 1950's. He looked like a white man, and folks who didn't know him thought he was white. On his Military Registration Card in 1918, his race is listed as "white" and it indicates that he had blue eyes.

For a while he was employed at the "Vanderbilt Mansion" when it was being built back then. This is now known as the Biltmore House today.

They say that ELIAS PROCTOR could show his hot temper, and folks didn't "mess with him." (smile) My grandmother Catherine PROCTOR Fields looked sort of like a short "Indian squaw" lady...and she was a little light skinned woman...who was about 5 ft. tall and about the same in width. She was a soft-spoken woman with a very sweet, calm disposition. She died Dec. 31, 1976. She and her husband, (my grandfather) Andrew Fields (a blacksmith from Tryon, NC) had 11 children...8 boys and 3 girls.

My (Fields) grandparents and my (Proctor) great grandfather lived their entire lives in Asheville. Elias Proctor died in Asheville, as well, and all of them belonged to Mt. Zion Bapt. Church. These Asheville Fields (Proctor) off-spring later scattered all around the USA, served in WWII, were community leaders and had good skills and talents. The current generation of these "family heirs" continue this legacy.

I can be reached at 919-673-5786 (cell) in Raleigh, NC.
I am a retired School Social Worker, writer, storyteller and published poet. If anyone can give me any further family information, I would be MOST grateful.

Thank you so much,
Beverly Fields Burnette

Re: African American Logan Family

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Surnames: Proctor, Welch
Hi Beverly. I do not have any info on you rfamily. But, wonder if they are connected in any way to myline who also lived in Rutherford and Rowan Co. of NC. My line comes from
William Proctor & Jane Welch here.

Re: Proctors, Black & Native American from NC, SC

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Surnames: Proctor
Thank you Deborah...
I appreciate your reply this afternoon. The connections that you mentioned seemed so close. The William and Elizabeth Proctor that are listed as Craton Proctor's (b. 1824 or 25) parents seem very much similar to the William Proctor and Jane Welch that you mentioned in your own family line.
You also mentioned Rowan Co., NC. Ironically, I went to Livingstone College in Salisbury from 1964-68. :-)

Many thanks again...

Re: Proctors, Black & Native American from NC, SC

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Ms. Beverly, it took me some time to notice you had responded to my post, I was beginning to think no one knew anything about my Hoopers and Proctors.

I'm sorry it has taken me to so long to get back to you. I'm a Hospice nurse and it's been very busy the last few months. I've been up for quite some time the last 24 hours and I'm just now catching up on my emails. I also live in Raleigh, my cell is 919-621-2497.

You mentioned Craton's first wife as being a Jane Baxter, you know I found a death certificate for one of his oldest sons and he list his mother as Jane Hooper, which struck me as odd because Catherine, Craton's second wife had a sister named Mary Jane who appears in the house with Alfred Hooper in 1850 and then as Craton's wife.

I would love to hear more about the Hoopers and Catherine since my grandmother's father's mother Priscilla, Catherine's sister didn't live very long.

Please feel free to call me at anytime I'd love to go over what I had researched.

Talk to you soon.

Re: Proctors, Black & Native American from NC, SC

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Hi Leah,
I was THRILLED to see your email tonight, which was dated "TODAY" when I found it. I have been busy, as well. It is now past midnight, but I will try to reach you tomorrow (Wednesday). My cell no. is please call me ANYTIME. I've got many printed pages to share and compare...and some verbal info from older cousins,who are happy to hear all that I am finding out on Thank YOU for responding, and I'm so happy that you are local. (Smile)
Beverly Fields Burnette

Re: African American Logan Family

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Surnames: Logan, Ragin
They may very well be related to my family. My grandmother on my father's side, Mary Ragin married William McKinnley Logan in the early 30's. McKinnley as she called him was from either Sumpter or Summerton in Claredon County, South Carolina. He was of African and Native American mix as all the Logan's were according to my Aunt who met them years ago in the 1960's. I do remember seeing a picture of a Native American very old relative as a child while looking through my grandmother's photo album. She said she was a Logan. William Logan had 7 siblings and we have a pretty extensive family tree here so you can search it to see if we are linked. Search under (Logan's and Ragins).

Good luck and keep me posted!

Elizabeth Logan
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