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Boykin family in South Carolina

Boykin family in South Carolina

Evelyn Segars Boykin (View posts)
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looking for ancestral information for descendants of Burwell Boykin.

Re: Boykin family in South Carolina

Taylor Hamilton (View posts)
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Hi, I am descended as follows;
Stephen Henry Boykin
Banks Hamilton Boykin
James Franklin Boykin
John Abney Boykin
Isabel Boykin Hamilton
Robert Patterson Hamilton Jr.
Taylor Hamilton

Re: Boykin family in South Carolina

Don Smith (View posts)
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My G Grandmother was a Boykin, and I may be able to assist. I have information on the Boykins in SC, so do you have specific infotmaion you need, or just general?
Did you know that there were at least two Burwell Boykins?
They are both buried in the Boykin family area of the Quaker Cemetary in Camden SC.

Re: Boykin family in South Carolina

Don Smith (View posts)
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Summary of ancestors, including Burwell Boykin

My 7th Great Grandfather
EDWARD Boykin – an early VA settler, born about 1650. Before 1635, his family lived in Charing Cross, England.

My 6th GR Grandfather
WILLIAM Boykin – son of Edward and Ann Boykin. Married twice. Had a son William Boykin with his first wife .
Southampton Cty , VA

My 5th GR Grandather
William Boykin – moved to SC about 1755. Settled near Camden SC and is considered the common ancestor of the SC Boykins. Married Elizabeth Bryant of Northampton Cty, NC. The third child of William and Elizabeth was Burwell Boykin, Born 1752.

My 4rd GR Grandfather
BURWELL Boykin – Moved to SC with his parents. In 1812 built the family residence “Mount Pleasant”. BURWELL was married twice, having 6 children with his first wife
Elizabeth Whitaker. After her death, he later married her sister Mary Whitaker and they had 11 children. All total, BURWELL had 17 children.
· Stephen Henry Boykin was the 4th child of Burwell and Elizabether.

My 3nd GR Grandfather
STEPHEN Henry Boykin – Born sometime between. 1787 and 1794 (?). Was married twice. Married first Ms. Addison of Maryland, second Doris Rogers.
Stephen was a well known Land surveyor and mapped Sumter County, SC in 1824.
Stephen and 1st wife had two daughters.
Stephen and 2nd wife had 6 children.
The 3rd son of SPEPHEN and Doris was CAMDEN MOSCOW Boykin.

My GR GR Grandfather
CAMDEN MOSCOW Boykin.- B 1824 – Mar. Matilda Myers
They had 11 children.
The 11th child was Rebecca Franklin Boykin

My GR Grandmother
REBECCA FRANKLIN Boykin – Mar. Oliver Mathis
Daughter – Etta Mathis

My Grandmother
Etta Mathis- Mar. Bartow Tomlinson

Re: Boykin family in South Carolina

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I am researching the Boykin family especially the Boykins in Kershaw Co., SC. I have all the information that you have above, but nothing from Stephen Henry on to date. Do you have the names and date of birth, date of death, for Stephen and Doris's children, and where they are buried? Also would like the data on your GGGrandfather and G. Grandfather.Would appreciate you sharing your data with me. You can contact me directly at or post message here. Thanks

Re: Boykin family in South Carolina

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Don, I also would like to have clarification on to which children were born to Elizabeth and Burwell, and to Mary and Burwell. Can you help with this?

Re: Boykin family in South Carolina

Posted: 1013782717000
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Dear Don:

Burwell Boykin and Elizabeth Whitaker had three children:
1) Burwell, b. 1783, died as a small child.
2) Francis (1785-1839) m. Mary Darrington James (my line) he moved to Alabama in about 1818.
3) Elizabeth Boykin, (1787-181) m. Starke Hunter and they moved to Alabama along with Francis and a younger half brother, son of Mary Whitaker and Burwell Boykin, Thomas Boykin (1798-1827) m. Eliza Boykin and Amanda Starke.

Stephen Henry Boykin was born in 1774 and died about 1856 in SC. He could not have been the son of either Elizabeth Boykin, b. 1760 or Mary Whitaker by 1776, both of the known wives of Burwell Boykin. He signed a prenuptial agreement for Mary Whitaker before she married Burwell Boykin. To my knowledge, the mother of Stephen Henry Boykin is still unknown, and many people have been searching for this information. Hope this helps some. Charlotte G. Boykin

Re: Boykin family in South Carolina

Don Smith (View posts)
Posted: 1013818629000
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Hi Charlotte,
I can’t claim personal expertise on the Boykin lineage, as the
source of my information is a book entitled “The History and
Genealogy of the Boykin Family” This document was prepared
by Anne Jacobs Boykin Murphy (Mrs. Robert Neal Murphy), and
Published by:
Mrs. Robert Neal Murphy – Richmond VA
and Bernard Carter Boykin – Ruxton, Maryland

Correct or incorrect, I have to credit the book as the source of any question regarding the mother of Stephen Henry Boykin.
The book agrees with your information that Burwell and
his first wife had three other children, those being:
Burwell (died young), Francis, and Elizabeth

In one place, the book directly shows Stephen
Henry as the 4th child of Burwell and his first wife. However, in
another place, the book says :
“STEPHEN HENRY BOYKIN – 5th (Burwell 4, William 3, Edward 2, Edward 1st) son of Burwell Boykin –as such recognized by the family”

The phrase “as such recognized by the family” is probably the key to your point regarding Stephen Henry’s mother. This is most likely the subtle indicator that Stephen’s mother was not known to be Elizabeth.

Thanks for the new insight into that situation!
Don Smith

Re: Boykin family in South Carolina

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Dear Don:

I also have a copy of the book by Anne Jacobs Boykin Murphy. I have done extensive research on my Boykin line, and I am descended from Francis Boykin and Mary Darrington James. I have found very few errors in the book by Mrs. Murphy. Considering the time frame in which she did her research, she did a very good job documenting her information. What I did was to take her references and double check every one of them that had to do with my particular line, as I was working on becoming a member of several of the hereditary societies, etc. I do know that many people are looking for the name of the mother of Stephen Henry Boykin and to my knowledge, no one has found it yet.

However, it is my personal opinion and I don't have anything to back it up, is that there is a good possibility that Burwell was married before he married the two Whitaker sisters. I find it hard to be believe considering how many children that he had by his two known wives, that he waited until he was in his 30's to get married the first time, but I may be mistaken. There are any number of theories floating around, but none of them have been substantiated.

Just for my own curiosity, I did some checking on Stephen Henry Boykin just for my own satisfaction. I really got interested because someone contacted me and they had a lot of mis-information about Stephen Henry and his first wife, Rebecca Addirton who was from Maryland and this person had some derogatory remarks about them. Well, I found the marriage date and place of marriage in MD for them. And, his first wife I feel may have died from complications of childbirth near Camden. She did not leave him like this person was convinced that she did. They had two children, Addirton and Amanda who were I think adopted by Elizabeth Boykin Hunter and her husband Starke Hunter after the death of Rebecca Addirton Boykin. I believe that these two children lived in Alabama with the Hunters. There seems to be some indication that Stephen Henry was in Alabama too at one time, and it wound stand to reason that he would have visited in Alabama to see his children. I don't know how much time elapsed before he married the second time to Dorcas Rodgers, the daughter of Shadrack Rodgers and his wife Celia Jordan and had a large family with her. Hope this helps you some. Charlotte G. Boykin

Re: Boykin family in South Carolina

Don Smith (View posts)
Posted: 1013832079000
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Thanks for sharing this information with me ! I will definately have to print this and save it in my Boykin information.
I have only recently become interested in my Boykin heritage and am glad that there has already been a lot of research on that line. Unfortunately, researching the Smith line has proved to be much more difficult!
Again, many thanks for sharing this great information.
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