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Searcing Lucq de Bearn, Estialesque

Searcing Lucq de Bearn, Estialesque

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Surnames: Descaray-Malerode-Crouseilles
Seaching for these two names. Married perhaps in Lucq de Bearn Aquitaine, France. The Descaray name may have been changed from D'Escaray or De Escaray. This is only conjecture. If anyone has any recollction of these names please contact me ASAP. Thank you.

Re: Searcing Lucq de Bearn, Estialesque

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Salut !

There are many researchers following the Escaray name.

Your « d' » = « from » - that you have beginning your spelling (Descaray) is not recorded anywhere (at all) as a legitimate name variation, which I verified in several scholarly and popular indexes in France and online (no one had it), but the spelling Escaray is not unusual.

My Larousse Dictionnaire Étymologique des Noms de Famille states that the original spelling of your Escaray name is the somewhat popular « Escayrac », and a good variations of this include « D'Escayrac » and « Descayrac ». When I looked at message boards, I see many of the same researchers following all four of these spellings (Escayrac, Descayrac, d'Escayrac, and Escaray).

According to Larousse, the source Escayrac name (from which variations derive) HISTORICALLY originates in the département of Lot in France, in the town of Lescabanes where there is a topographic feature with this name.

I see most researchers on various Internet sites with ancestors of your chosen spelling variation « Escaray » originate in the towns of Beyrie-sur-Joyeuse (#1 by big percentage), Aren, Garris, Béhasque-Lapiste, Aussurucq, Ascain, Pagolle, Béhasque-Lapiste, Mendive, & Larceveau-Arros-Cibits (all in Pyrénées-Atlantiques); Pontonx-sur-l'Adour (Landes); and Labège (Haute-Garonne).

None of the researcher following the variation « Escaray » identified Lucq-de-Béarn as a place of origin for them, but this this does not mean that, perhaps, your ancestors married in this town.

The Escayrac / Escaray name also is popular in Navarra, Spain.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Your name Malerode is followed by VERY few researchers, but I found hundreds of extracted records for this name.

According to Larousse, this name HISTORICALLY also originates in the département of Lot in France. Its meaning is « bad two-wheel cart » or « bad cart maker ».

Most record extractions for the name « Malerode » are from the towns of Monein, Oloron-Sainte-Marie, & Saucède (#1, #2, & #3 by a large percentage), **Lucq-de-Bearn**, Verdets, **Estialesque**, Ance, Lasseube, Cardesse, Abos, & Préchacq-Navarrenx (all in Pyrénées-Atlantiques); and, Haux (Gironde).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Your « Crouseille » is also followed by many researchers, with literally thousands of record extractions for it as well.

This name is especially common in the Massif-Central of France. The HISTORICAL spelling is « Crouzevialle », and it means « from a city in the Creuse region » .

I will not begin to list places, however Monein (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) is by very large percentage where people with this named lived. (Apparently, these people from Creuse moved south! - smile.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There are many websites to look at, that I will not bore you with, but of course, GeneaNet as well as Géné (which has record extractions from French genealogy societies) have the most.

You can find the original parish records and civil registrations online (for free) at the most of the sites of the départemental archives in France. Since it appears that most of your ancestors are from the département of Pyrénées-Atlantique, here is the link to search for the original records you may be seeking:

I am certain if you use the spelling « Escaray » I have identified with other informations you already have that you will have much success !

Bonnes recherches !

Descaray-Malerode - Maybe I found it!

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Surnames: Descaray / Escaray, Saffore, Malerode
Salut !

I looked one more place, and I think I found it ! And, the mayor spelled your name your way on the original record : Descaray ! (I found it indexed as : Escaray - Ah-hah !)

The digitized image of this original record is available at the website I gave you at the bottom of my previous message. So, I looked for it and found it. The original marriage certificate is extensive, about 1-1/2 pages. Here is my extraction for you :

Archives départementales des Pyrénées-Atlantique
Image : Verdets (no. 643/1231)

État Civil - Acte de mariage (Civil marriage)
Date de l'acte (date of marriage) : 25 Nov 1852
Lieu de l'acte (place of marriage) : Verdets (Pyrénées-Atlantique)

SUJET (groom) : DESCARAY Jean
Père (father) : DESCARAY Pierre (70 ans / years old)
Mère (mother) : SAFFORE Marguerite (décédée à / died in LUCQ-DE-BEARN on 29 Jan 1835)
Agé (age of groom) : 26 ans / years old
Date de naissance (groom's birthdate) : -- (not recorded)
Lieu de naissance (groom's birthplace) : LUCQ-DE-BEARN
Domicilié (groom's residence) : LAUCÈDE (?? possibly in Archdiocese of Narbonne, Saint-Jacques-de-Laucède - stated in 3 places)
Métier (groom's occupation) : Domestique (household servant)
Métier Père (father's occupation) : Journalier (day laboureur)

CONJOINT (bride) : MALERODE Marguerite
Père (father) : INCONNU (Unknown - Illegitimate birth)
Mère (mother) : MALERODE Marie
Agée (age of bride) : 27 ans / years old
Date de naissance (bride's birthdate) : 15 Fev 1825
Lieu de naissance (bride's birthplace) : VERDETS
Domicilié (bride's residence) : VERDETS
Métier (bride's occupation) : -- (not recorded)

Témoins (witnesses) :
1. Jean-Pierre Boylocq, 27 years old
2. Laurens Casaux, 48 years old, day laborer
3. Jean Cayala, 48 years old, carpenter
4. Jean Ypes, 44 years old, elementary school teacher

Neither the groom nor bride signed their names (probably illiterate), but all four witnesses signed with the mayor of Verdets.

I hope this is your record, but if it is not, no problem.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you !

Bien amicalement !

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Classification: Query
Salut !

I looked at your original marriage record again at the website of Archives départementales des Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

I see now that the name of the town where your Jean DESCARAY was living at the time of his marriage is : SAUCÈDE

Sometimes the capital letters « L » and « S » look almost the same, which is why I was fooled. I hope this did not cause any problems !

with my best regards & bonne quête !

Re: Saucède

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Classification: Query
My cousins and I do appreciate your research on our behalf. I cannot express how grateful I am for you help. Even my family in France didn't know what you have already communicated to us.

Thank you again.

2e mariage DESCARAY, 1e mariage CROUSEILLES

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Salut !

I found more information for you. (Maybe you have it already?) It is the second marriage of your Jean DESCARAY (after your Marguerite SAFFORE died) to Marie-Anne CROUSEILLES (her second marriage); and I found Marie-Anne CROUSEILLES's first marriage to Jacques BIGARD.

I tried to access the servers of the Archives départementales des Pyrénées-Atlantiques today, but they have a big problem and they took them down for maintenance. So, I can't see the original data right now and maybe all weekend until they are back up.

However, here are the index entries for these two marriages from my books :

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

État Civil - Acte de mariage
Date de l'acte : 14/03/1876
Lieu de l'acte : Estialescq (64)
Père : DESCARAY Pierre
Mère : SAFFORES Marguerite
Infos complémentaires : Veuf de: MALERODE Marie
Né(e) le : 22/01/1826 à LUCQ
Infos complémentaires :
Témoins: PECAUT Pierre
Date et lieu de décès Père sujet : le 24/09/1855 a Lucq
Date et lieu de décès Mère sujet : le 29/01/1835 a Lucq

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

État Civil - Acte de mariage
Date de l'acte : 26/01/1865
Lieu de l'acte : Estialescq (64)
Père : BIGARD Pierre
Mère : CAZADABAN Marie
Infos complémentaires : Né(e) le : 10/11/1828 à ESTIALESCQ
Métier : Cultivateur
Métier Père : Laboureur
Métier Mère : Cultivatrice
Infos complémentaires :
Témoins: DURRUTY Jean-Joseph
Date et lieu de décès Père sujet : le 06/05/1840
Date et lieu de décès Mère sujet : le 19/12/1858

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you can get this data yourself when the servers go back online, great.

But, if you need me to extract the rest of the data from the actual records, or if you need my help to get digital images of these or any other original records (birth, death, or whatever) simply send me me a note. I will try my best to get them for you as soon as is possible.

Bien amicalement

Posted: 1337419323000
Classification: Query
I should not write when I am tired !

My last message was technically correct, I suppose ... but of course I meant to begin by saying : « (I found) the second marriage of your Jean DESCARAY (after his first wife "Marie?" Marguerite MALERODE died)... ».

--- His mother was dead too, but that was not the point. (ouf !) But I am sure you figured that out (smile !)

The rest of that message is OK.

Tchao !

Re: Searcing Lucq de Bearn, Estialesque

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Once again, I can't express how grateful I am for your efforts on our behalf. I have forwarded all of your research to my cousin Marie Bacques in the Bearne. She being french and understands the language whereas I am limited in comprehending and reading French, she is the best one to continue on with the search.

Your leads are invaluable in our pursuit to learn about our Descaray or whatever the origin of that name was. Marie said that she was going to go to the villages that you provided for us.

If I can be of assistance to you for any research here in the U.S. please ask, and I will do due diligence in your stead.

Bob Mazeres
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