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This is a wonderful site that has been online for quite some time. It allows you, free of charge, to enter birth & death information on your loved ones. You can even post photos of them and their headstones on it. All you have to do is create an account for yourself. I swear by it and have located over 100 family members on it. And the best thing is, that they can be buried anywhere in the world and you can still list them there.If they were cremated or even if you don't know exactly where they are buried, you can post your memorial for them. Eventually someone will link the cemetery to them. Try it!


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I noticed that sometimes ancestry finds find a grave and other times it doesn't. Can I link it up myself somehow to ancestry If I know the grave memorial# and such. By the way it has been helpful to me. Any ideas?


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Hi Michelle,
I have noticed that not all findagrave memorials appear on ancestry. Its just been recently that they started appearing,so it's possible that they are still working on it. You might want to email to ask them about it. I'm not really sure how to go about doing it. Sorry, I couldn't be of more help.

Re: vs Ancestry

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I believe in and support free access to info on the web, like FindAGrave and

If a specific contributor of FAG wants to connect their info to Ancestry, that's fine by me.

BUT I do not want the info I have posted for my dead relatives, including my sometimes emotional feelings, gobbled up wholesale by Ancestry and then sold worldwide for a fee.

Yes, the memorials are open to the public, but the thoughts expressed there are often very personal, and private. Like visiting a real cemetery. My memorials honor the family who have gone before me, and in turn, gives me a sense of belonging.

FAG contributors are a loving, generous, sharing community. Many have gone out of their way to send additional information, point out my errors, post photos and do investigative work.

For some folks FAG may be "just another" source of birth and death records, but it is much, much more for a lot of us.

Re: vs Ancestry

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You are correct in that FAG is free worldwide to anyone who wishes to post online memorials to their deceased loved ones, and Yes, it is that contributors "choice" to post it on Ancestry for "all the world to see". However, In reference to your statement "BUT I do not want the info I have posted for my dead relatives, including my sometimes emotional feelings, gobbled up wholesale by Ancestry and then sold worldwide for a fee" you are a little late.

Ancestry is already linked to FAG (this would only have happened if FAG agreed to and allowed it) for researchers to link to their decease loved ones.

It is sad that you make that statement as it sounds as though YOU don't want to connect with possible relatives. If so, perhaps you should not have posted your memorials on FAG at all. It is the best site for posting and finding loved ones and I commend the site owner for creating so that those of us who live long distances away from our deceased loved ones can at least go to FAG and pay respects to them by posting messages and seeing their headstones.

If your memorials are private and personal, perhaps they shouldn't be posted for "all the world to see". No one on this board even implied that FAG was "For some folks FAG may be "just another" source of birth and death records, but it is much, much more for a lot of us".

The ability to be able to locate deceased loved ones is a wonder to family historians everywhere. I know that it has helped me tremendously in fixing in on where a loved on last lived when I had 2 or 3 different locations for them.

I just hope that I never become as selfish when sharing my family tree with others.

Re: vs Ancestry

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Also, my original post never mentioned anything about Findagrave vs Ancestry. They are 2 different sites that help researchers find ancestors period. Don't put words in people's mouths about that.

Re: vs Ancestry

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Dear THoward, unfortunately it seems you have taken my opinion as a personal affront to you, and apparently some kind of intrusion into this thread. My post was only my opinion. In fact we agree--we both love FAG.

When I used the word “worldwide” I was referring to Ancestry, not FAG--as you just stated. And it’s not unusual for a message board contributor to slightly change the subject within a thread, happens all the time.

Most importantly, I do totally disagree with your wrong-headed interpretation of my post: “YOU don't want to connect with possible relatives.” How can you say that?

Do you know I have several hundred memorials for extended family and friends?

Do you know I am researching our historic cemetery and posting all those names and dates, and linking those brave immigrant family members?

Do you know that I, like you, have benefited from the kindness and generousity of FAG contributors--perfect strangers--who take time to send me new family info?

Did you really read what I wrote? For instance, “FAG contributors are a loving, generous, sharing community. Many have gone out of their way…”

Re: vs Ancestry

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Yes, I did read your post. And, I re-read it two more times because I could not believe how condescending it sounded. Sorry if I offended you, but that's how it read to me and to 2 other people who read it as well. So does your last comment. Sorry, just "my opinion".


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For can also add the findagrave information under the "add a story" link on the overview page on Ancestry. I have seen some people already doing that. If you include a link, readers can always copy the link and paste to their browser. Or do a search at findagrave.
I use findagrave a lot, contribute, photograph, and have reaped the benefits of other people's work, for which I am extremely grateful. I cannot travel across the United States to view my faraway relatives' burial places, and would never see one of their headstones without findagrave.
Keep in mind too that Find-a-grave is NOT a research site, but is so very useful for many people prefer to use a free site, so it is bound to be very popular. And MOST of the information that is posted such as birth and death information is also public record, so no one is breaking any rules. But using the photos on findagrave without the permission of the owner IS a violation of copyright...which many people are ignoring.
A link to the findagrave site is a great idea. I wasn't aware of any involvement with Ancestry at all. I couldn't find a link at findagrave (that I remember) for Ancestry...

Anyway, just a suggestion to add the information to the Ancestry site in the "story" area at Ancestry.
I forgot to mention, I DO see, on right side of page at Ancestry, something about "add a web link"...I wonder if that is where a link to findagrave can be added?

I think Find-a-grave is the best site to come out (other than MyFamily sites) in a long, long, time!!!!!!!



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Thank you for the information I will have to look for the weblink area. I try to remember to ask to use a picture on ancestry before I do. I find it very useful to find out where people are buried and just a shot of their headstone is very nice to me because I am not able travel to that site. Especially if I am far away
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