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Yost / Jost in 1890's Inzenhof

Yost / Jost in 1890's Inzenhof

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Surnames: Yost, Jost
Greetings, I am trying to determine the parents of Cecilia Yost, born 6 December 1892 in Inzenhof. She came to the Lehigh County, Pennsylvania area of the USA in 1909 and died in California in 1931. Her children never knew her. I am trying to help with that now.

Cecelia's death certificate lists her father as John Jost. She was Catholic.

I would appreciate any information you may have on this surname, or Austrian research advice for finding a birth record for Cecelia Yost / Jost. Thank you!

Re: Yost / Jost in 1890's Inzenhof

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the name is correct written Jost. Yost would be an americanizing.
Inzenhof has a houselist for the year 1858! Jost to find at house-nr. 2, 6, 7, 11, 24, 29, 42, 44, 54, 73, 80, 85, 89 and 109. a Josef Jost was at house-nr.29 and 54, so possible one of them her home:

write to the roman.cath.diocesan-archive in Eisenstadt:


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Nr.2 in list:
the age would fit with your stated birth-year.

First Name: Cacilia
Last Name: Jost
Ethnicity: Hungary, German
Last Place of Residence: R. Fuzes, Hungary
Date of Arrival: Jun 30, 1909
Age at Arrival: 17y Gender: F Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Oceanic
Port of Departure: Southampton
Manifest Line Number: 0011

she went to brother-in-law John (Johann)Koppel i think (siphmanifest). last residenz is stated as Rabafüzes which you find on map south-west of Inzenhof not far away, now Hungary.
in the Inzenhof-house-list also some croatians (Hianzen) to find. but Jost is not a croatian name.

St.Emmerich church in Inzenhof - pictures. also a grave of Jost to see:
St.Emmerich cemetery - pictures:
Rabafüzes - pictures:
some researchers for Jost in Inzenhof/Borosgödör and Rabafüzes/Raabfidisch:

Johann (John) Koppel

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possibility Nr.272 in list:
possible this would be the brother-in-law (my guess). he went to his friend Franz Jost! who was also from Rabafüzes. i must look again if can find out on shipmanifest if Cecilia came with Johann´s wife, which was then her sister. so possible both came in same year after him in June and Franz was of sure a relative i think, maybe their brother or, it looks like she traveled with others from Rabafüzes, as right side of shiplist shows, but it´s a pity left side where are the persons listed is no name only the line-number. but the line nr. 15 shows that a person from Rabafüzes went to friend Anna Jost, Atiles? (Allentown meant?) PA, Lehigh County like all others.,_Pennsylvania
would this all fit?

First Name: Johan
Last Name: Koppel
Ethnicity: Hungarian
Last Place of Residence: Rafulyes, Hungary
Date of Arrival: Feb 13, 1909
Age at Arrival: 34y Gender: M Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: La Provence
Port of Departure: Havre
Manifest Line Number: 0010

there was also a Cecilia Jost which went to brother Josef Jost in Macungie PA in Jan.1910
First Name: Cacilia
Last Name: Jost
Ethnicity: Hungary German
Last Place of Residence: Raabfuzes, Hungary
Date of Arrival: Jan 19, 1910
Age at Arrival: 25y Gender: F Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Blucher
Port of Departure: Hamburg
Manifest Line Number: 0005

1905 also a Cecilia Jost came from Raabfidisch/Rabafüzes, went to brother-in-law Frank Urban:
First Name: Cacilia
Last Name: Jost
Ethnicity: Hungarian
Last Place of Residence: Fedisch
Date of Arrival: Jan 27, 1903
Age at Arrival: 19y Gender: F Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Kroonland
Port of Departure: Antwerp
Manifest Line Number: 0015

arrivings for Franz Jost with some of Inzenhof and Rabafüzes/Raabfidisch.not easy to make out the friend of John Koppel:

the Jost showing a never "ending story" for arriving in N.Y.
there immigrated really a "clan" of Jost that time from Rabafüzes and Inzenhof. too much to show all here. best you search more for yourself at ......
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i just have seen after looking again on the Inzenhof-hous-list
that there also Köppel and Köppl to find.

and found out more of interest - the phonebook for Germany shows 6128 hits for the name Jost.much more then Austria AND there is a place in Germany named Walleshausen. their homepages says, that people from there settled in old times in Rabafüzes! so my guess that the orgin before centuries for Jost maybe in Germany to find.
"Raabfidisch – Rábafüzes
Aber was hat das mit Walleshausen zu tun???
Geschichticher Hintergrund:
Die Einwanderung der ersten Deutschen erfolgte um 1000, als deutsche Ritter in Begleitung der Königin Gisela Herzogin aus Bayern, in das Karpatenbecken kamen. Gisela war die Frau des ersten ungarischen Königs St. Stephan."
Raabfidisch – Rábafüzes
which connection with walleshausen(Germany)???
historical background:
the immigration of the 1st germans was nearly at year 1000, when german knights in company with queen Gislea, countress of Bavaria, came into Karpaten-area. Gisela was the 1st wife of the 1st hungarian king St.Stefan.

found also Jost in Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal/Rábakeresztúr > Gemeinden > Bezirk Güssing > Inzenhof

Re: Yost / Jost in 1890's Inzenhof

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Surnames: Jost
Thank you for all of this wonderful information! I'm going to look at all of these links now for Jost. I really appreciate your help.

Re: Yost / Jost in 1890's Inzenhof

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Until 1789 Inzenhof belonged to the Parish of Heiligenkreuz and from 1789 on to the Parish of St. Emmerich in Oberradling (Felsö Rönök) - you should find the birth record for Cecilia on the LDS-film from Rönök 1789-1895.
I do have some headstone pictures for the name Jost from the cemetery of Inzenhof (birth dates starting 1862)

Re: Yost / Jost in 1890's Inzenhof

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Shipmanifest S.S.Kensington from Antwerp to New York, departure 09/02/1899, arrival 09/12/1899

Jan (Janos?) Joszt, age 39 and Emmerich Joszt age 17 from Inzenhof, final destination Allentown, relative: Stefan Fleischhakker, Egypt Pa.

AW: Re: Yost / Jost in 1890's Inzenhof

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I know the JOST from Inzehof...because they´re the brothers and sisters of my greatgrandmother. she was born as Jost. My GGM buyed a ticket and want to went to America too but she felt in love an married Alois Köppel (Koeppel). They have got my greatgrandmother Angela Köppel in 1904. Angela Köppel married Julius Ecker, maybe between 1920-1924. They have 5 (?) children. The youngest Child (Maria) is my grandmother and was born 1938...
We also have Fotos in our Family with the JOST and KÖPPEL.
Please, write back

Bernhard from Austria

PS: The Farmhouse in Inzenhof already stands

Re: AW: Re: Yost / Jost in 1890's Inzenhof

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Bernhard, thank you for your assistance. I have replied to you at the email address you've provided.

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