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Search Ideas Wanted

Search Ideas Wanted

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Re: Search Ideas Wanted

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Hi Karl,
What hit did you get from the 1920 Census. Danny

Re: Search Ideas Wanted

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I went to the Census search page and entered the following in the lived in field "Coblenz, Germany, Military and Naval Forces" Year being 1920. I knew that the census did this in Germany as I saw another record from someone else that had that criteria. From there it was record by record to find someone from Loraine, OhioOnly hit that I got was a Frank Weight, from Lorraine, Ohio. My guess is that the enumerator for the census spelled Lorain incorrectly.

I am trying to narrow the window of when the person I am looking for was in Germany. I am looking for the periods of March to April of 1921.

Re: Search Ideas Wanted

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I have done some research on this area and the American military forces in Koblenz during WW1 and especially between 1919-1923. This is very interesting and especially about the occupation with American forces in Koblenz.

General Wainwright was one of the Generals who was at Koblenz up until 1920. I reccomend you take a look at a couple of books. One has a definate bearing on what you are looking for and some history of what the father of your God-father and his mother went through maybe.

The first book is (1.) "Sleeping with the enemy; by Fred Strickert. It deals with the troops who were there and the fact that they did not build any barracks and were housed on or in the homes of the general population. You can imagine what kind of situation this causes with the Armed forces and the general population. It especially had an effect on the men of the town and the G.I's who were miles away from home and young as a rule. The book is on the internet.

It will give you a lot of insight and possibly answers some questions and pose some questions to you. It might give you some ideas in your search.

You have to keep in mind. That there was not a lot of troops there at the time. 1920 they numbered 15,000 and by 1923 it was down to a 1,000.

The next book (2.) "The Lorelei"-Fred Strickert".

A point in question. There was 2,122 soldiers who applied to get married over a period of time and about 1,213 were approved. 776 women did not want to get married and chose to take care of their own ( I might be wrong in my pharsing "their own"; but they chose not to marry.

There are mid-wives who left diaries who brought several of the children into the world. There are several people who have a common interest and you should try to get in touch with some of the relatives who are looking also. I will try and go back and get you an E-mail address. The town that was quite involved was "Mayen".

There was rules and regulations and guide lines set up and were inforced about GI's and the local women and there were supposedly punishments ; but later they dropped the restrictions and even provided transportation for those wanting to get maried; but they were imediately discharged from the service when they got home.

You are only dealing with the third Army. The next job is to find out what division, batallions or regiments were there at a given time. That can be obtained. I am sure. I will see what I can come up with.

At this point you have to ask yourself a question and don't get me wrong. The grandmother might not want the truth to be known. She might have been one of those who chose not to get married or might have deeper reasons. When you first see some one and it develops into a relationship or a quick romance. and the product of a child coming into this world and the indiavidual in her eyesight might not be worth it and she might just want it left alone and forgotten. The other side of the coin. Was it an american soldier or was it another person and someone she fell in love with and later it became a story about a G. I. and leaving it at that for the history of the family. Maybe to leave it to the winds and let it blow away and to remain forgotten. We can't judge them; because we didn't "Walk a mile in their shoes". It was just during and after a war. It put a lot of strain on peoples minds, hearts, and families. It had to be hell for some people. Especially when you are the product of what and who started the whole thing. Excuse me for getting long winded. Danny

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Thank you for your information on this subject. I to have researched much of what you presented especially the billeting of soldiers within the communities. What I was not aware of was the small number of US Service personnel that were there especially after reviewing many of the Census records.

Thank you again for your response. My search is somthing I have wondered about for years and my time for gathering infomation is limited. My mother is the half sister of the uncle I am researching. She has been the provider of my information that began my search.

I would like to correspond with you outside of this thread. Please send me an email at


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I generally don't as a rule corespond with the Board via the internet. I have only done this on one occaision. I do correspond via the board. It is listed in my profile. I had written a different response and it quoted a lot of the article or book "Sleeeping with the enemy. Please do read the information. It is on line. It quotes other people who were looking and they cite info that would be helpful. I can't reccomend it strong enough. You were unaware of the number of troops that were there; you will be also suprise at other information that is in there and it is right down your alley. Here is a quote from the article. I have left out names. I might be wrong for including them.

"I made this discovery several summers ago when I visited the Standesamt in the town of Mayen Germany in the picturesque Eifel region just north of the Mosel River and west of the Rhine. My mother had died in 1988 and never disscussed her past, only a passing comment that her father had been an American soldier. So there with a German birth registration in hand I was confronted with that reality when I read my father's name:---- ---- of Tennessee, member of A company, 50th InfantryRegiment, Serial No.--- ---. The significance of my mothers birthday, July 1, 1921- thelast day America was technically at war with Germany had never phased me since the Armastice date Nov. 11, 1918 was etched solidly in my mind." "Sleeping with the enemy: How my Grandfather Contributed to The Peace Process Ending World War 1; by Fred Strickert [to be puiblished in Everton's Family History Magazine, Nov.?Dec.2002]"

"From 1918 to 1922, American soldiers occupied the Rhineland as part of the demilitarization of Germany following World War 1. 250,000 Amerian troops filled the Eifel region those first six months. Then the numbers tapered off to about 15,000. They all wore a special blue patch with a red letter "A" (3rd Army) encircled by a white "O". Army of the occupation".

There is information about the marrying of some 1700 men and women. They left there some of them around May 9, 1921. They mention a ship the SS Cantigmy on Feb 3, 1922. The "May 1921 struck a bell. I suggest you read this section. It brings a lot of questions to the mind. I know it stirs my thinking in several different directions in reference to his god-father.

Well enough said. I have a couple of books on WW1 written by Gen. Pershing himself. I am going to do some research and see what I can come up with.

The big question is to find out exactly where the grandmother was living at the time of the pregnancy and the birth. Was it a small town and the name. Have to check and see what military Bat, Rgmnt., company, etc; was in the region and when they went home and then to get a list of the men. It is hard; but not impossible. Most of them have some sort of Company and etc; following and memorials in towns accross America. Might be right in Lorraine, Ohio.; but the big question is what would Grandma want. Take care . Danny.

Re: Search Ideas Wanted

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I believe your answer is in a few areas.

1. WW1 Military troops in Coblenz 1921. Ideal a Census.
2. A list of veterans for the time frame you are looking for from Lorain, Ohio. Third Army.
3. The other areas are areas only you can find the info on. Relatives of people who were around at the time and try and talk to them.
4. A book written by a mid-wife or mid-wives about that era and the people involved. I did see where there were diaries written by some.

I thought these were the most important areas that could be explored. I researched One and two to no avail as yet. It is very time consuming and has taken up a lot of time. I drew a blank. I went to Lorain, Ohio with nothing close; but one individual but nothing definate I could tie it to. I went to NARA and that takes a lot of time and I have come up with nothing.

I have not explored the Mid-wives and there was mention of some diaries. I am going to back away awhile and come back to it. I have spent a lot of time on it. Not a complaint; because it is interesting and if I could write. It is a very good subject for a book. "A revisit to Coblenz". I have learned a lot. Thank You for the chance. I am sorry that I couldn't find more for you.

I am going to back a way a while and get some air. I hope to come back and approach it a new and dig in. If I don't. It has been interesting and informative. Thanks Danny

Re: Search Ideas Wanted

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Thanks Danny, I appreciate you giving it a shot. I have also been through NARA but without the servicemans name I came up with a blank. I too searched in Lorain, Ohio but again most of what they have is from the time period DURING the war, not after

The last thing that I can think of without the midwife diaries would be miliary pay records for the time 3 month time period I am searching for.

Just an fyi for you as well. One thing I did discover is that any US soldiers that enlisted right after 1918 were considered later to be in a non conflict time period and therefore ineligble for VA burial benefits. Talk about a kick in the butt.

Thanks again.


Re: Search Ideas Wanted

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Thank God it has changed. It was a shame. I guess their thought was guided to war time only. Well take care. I hope to get back on it; but you never know someone else might come up with a new slant and solve it. God Bless and God Speed.. Danny

Re: Search Ideas Wanted

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If I may interject something here....1920 Military and Naval Forces census for Germany, Coblenz, Lutzel District Overseas Military...I find a Theodore Roosevelt Wright (Ancestry has surname transcribed as Weight) from Lorraine Ohio, 2634 Read Ave. Age 19, single.
1930 census a Theodore Wright b. 1901 has Yes WWI Veteran living in Lorain OH, married at age 21 (after war). Wife Dora and 2 daughters.
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