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ORIGINS??? S.C.Crosbys

ORIGINS??? S.C.Crosbys

W. J. Crosby Turner (View posts)
Posted: 970056968000
Do you know of a family story that tells the origins of the South Carolina Crosbys?
Did they migrate from Virginia? The colonies in the N.E.? Through Barbados?

Did they originally come from Northern Ireland? Scotland? Ireland? England? Wales?
What ethnic group have you heard they came from originally?

--Peter CROSBY (b. 1750, Barnwell Distr., S.C.)
m. Margret

--Humphrey Crosby b. 1801

--John M. Crosby (1808)

--Jacob M. Crosby ~1786 or Jacob 1790.
Do you have any contacts with Crosbys from these countries? Where did all these Crosbys come from?
Judy W. says ~3 "Scot-Irish" brothers came to Barnswell/Colleton area. What have you heard?


wanda MAY knowles (View posts)
Posted: 970094467000
HI my name is wanda and i am looking for information on mattie pearline crosby may. I know she was born in either N.C or S.C she passed away in july of 1909 in either wachula,fl. or zolfo springs fl. she had two brothers that lived in ruston, la. one of the brothers name was richard. he owned or ran a sawmill,and,or drugstore in ruston,la. i found his grave in the cemetary in the town of ruston, i dont know who were mattie and richards parents were. mattie was married to lee g. may he went by the name lee but his real name was leroy gadson may. lee is buried in the new hope cem. out from brooker, fl. i was raised in lawtey,and starke,fl. i know we were related to some sullivans in brooker. they were related to my grandmother. the mans name was jessie sullivan and he had a daughter named maryellen. i dont know if any of them are still there or not.if you have any info on my grandmother or her brother richard i would forever be in your debt. thanks wanda


W. J. Crosby Turner (View posts)
Posted: 970149471000
Hi Wanda! There are at least four lines of Crosbys originally descended from South Carolina in your specific region of Florida. Three that we know of are related several generations back. The fourth probably is but we don't have the real data at this point.
You will notice a number of Crosby markers in the Dedan Cemetery in Brooker; and the Brown, Crosby, and Dyal Cemeteries in Starke. There are a number of living Crosby descendants with family history in Brooker and Starke. Ask around and you will find contacts to your cousins who will give you some of the really poignant aspects of family history that you cannot find on the web. Look into the Bradford Co. and Alachua Co. Historical society gen. boards on the web.
You will notice that a lot of family names recur often across generations of Crosbys. The given names Richard and Mattie (Crosby) as well as others show up a number of times in a number of generations. In fact, the most complete and accurate Crosby genealogy reflecting years of many years of diligent work that I have seen was produced by Richard C. Some day soon when Crosby historians start sharing notes, we will all thank Richard for his brilliant contributions. What would really help now in your question is to have the approximate dates for your Mattie and Richard. In addition, I am interested if we are linked to the Crosbys in Wakulla so let me know if she lived there. Lastly do a quick search in the Crosby site at familyhistory or Genforum and you will see postings from the Crosbys in Ruston, LA. I hope all in well in Florida- I grew up in Citra/Ocala. My grandfather was born in Starke. Looking forward to your reply. W. J. Crosby Turner, Atlanta


wanda knowles (View posts)
Posted: 970182074000
Thank you so much for your reply, my grandmother mattie pearline crosby may, was born july 30,1871 in either N.C or S.C. she died july 16,1909 in wachula,fl. thats what was told to my father. he was only 4 yrs old then. mattie married lee (leroy) gadsen may oct. 9,1890 lee was the son of reuben and elizabeth jane (markey) may and the grandson of william and nancy may of alachua co. fl. i dont know if matties brother richard was older or younger than she. i would love to know something about her and her family but its like she never existed. any help would really be appreciated. thank you so much. wanda


W. J. Crosby Turner (View posts)
Posted: 970473532000
Wanda, I am still looking. Please be patient. It took me years before I found the answers to some of my family origins. Don't hesitate to make some phone calls to relatives. I noticed in another posting that you listed 1848 as a possible date of birth as well as 1871. Is 1848 a possibility or are you pretty sure she was born in 1871? Please let me know.
Also, do you know if she lived in Starke or Wildwood, Jacksonville before Wakulla?
Lastly, can you put the genealogist who said she was related to William J. Crosby in touch with me? There were two or three or more William J. Crosbys born in the Starke area after 1860. It would be nice to know that genealogist's theory. Crosby

crosby family

wanda knowles (View posts)
Posted: 970520846000
HI, and thanks for taking the time for me. i got the last info that i sent you ,from a deceased aunt who got it from a 1929 family bible. so this would be the most acurate dates and it is mattie pearline crosby married lee (leroy) gadsen may oct.9,1890 and she was born july 30,1871 and died july 16,1909 she died in wachula,fl. and was born either in n.c. or s.c. lee may was born in washington county,ga. his parents was reuben and elizebeth markey and lees grandparents were william and nancy . they lived in alachua county . i know grandma mattie had one brother that lived in ruston,la. and i know she was related to some sullivans that lived in or around brooker,fl. this is all i know. and what is so sad i got that info from my dad and he has been deceased since nov. 1981 and all of his family is now deceased . so i have no one to turn to for any more information. so any thing you happen to find will be more than ive got. thanks again. wanda

Crosby family

W. J. Crosby Turner (View posts)
Posted: 970942071000
Wanda, Please forward me
your direct e-mail address. I have checked my databases and have not found her yet with the dates that you noted. I did see a couple of possibilities could not fit her dates of life.
I know a Crosby family historian who lives in Brooker. She may be able to help you. However, Marilyn is not on line and I will have to track down her phone number. Also, they may have a family reunion in August every year and someone there may know something. Also have you done a search for her name on Alachua and Bradfor county census in those years? I also recommend that you post a note in those historical societies. Best of luck! Crosby

ORIGINS??? S.C.Crosbys

W. J. Crosby Turner (View posts)
Posted: 970942297000
O.K. folks- Does someone have any ideas or family stories on the origins of these Crosbys?
I have found 1 and possibly 2 S.C. Crosbys who migrated from Virginia in the late 1600s and early 1700s. However they did not live in Colleton but other counties? Please give me any information, leads, or family stories. Thank you, Crosby Turner

Any success with Crosbys in Starke, Brooker?

W. J. Crosby Turner (View posts)
Posted: 974096990000
Wanda, Did you have any success with the Crosbys I suggested you contact in Starke and Brooker? Please do let me know how your search is going. Crosby Turner

SC Crosby

Posted: 975443080000
Edited: 994786458000
My greatgrandfather, William Crosby was born in Chester, SC. I can't find anything on his parents. HELP. He married Salena Kirk. They had my grandmothers Sarah and Isabelle Crosby. My Grandfather married Sarah first and they had several children. She died in childbirth according to my mother, and then my grandfather 3 years after Sarah's death married her sister Isabella. Sarah is my father's mother, however. Any help? Loraine.
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