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African American Descent

African American Descent

Kay F. Stockett (View posts)
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I don't know if the caucasion descent of the Stockett surname really know that there is african american descendants of the Stockett surname, but if you do, I would like to know where we came in to the picture as far as the blood line or maybe not the blood line, maybe its the lave name that we received, I still know that we have the same last name and I would like to know how it came about. I have two sons and I have sisters and nieces and nephews who would like to know about our surname. Anyone with any information please email me at Thank you

African heritage Stocketts

Kristopher M. Stockett (View posts)
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I've heard two stories about where the African-heritage Stocketts originated. I think it depends on which branch of the family you talk to!

The one story is about a white Stockett son who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. A slave was sent to find him after a big battle (I'm not sure of the details). The son was injured grievously and the slave found him, hid him and cared for him...eventually bringing him home to the Gretna Green Plantation (on the Louisiana/Mississippi border, I's still there, though a much smaller plantation now). As a reward, the slave was given the Stockett surname and freed...
The other story is that Stockett-owned slaves took the Stockett surname after being freed after the war...knowing full well that the bloodlines were mingled anyway...

Either or both could be true...

Re: African heritage Stocketts

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You are right! A slave did bring a Stockett back to Gretna Green Plantation. The Plantation is right outside of Woodville, Miss where I was born and raised.

The Plantation was and still is owned by the McGhee Family.

I was told this a a youngster......

Re: African heritage Stocketts

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As far as the California Stocketts know from oral family history, there were slaves owned by Stockett family members in the southern states from the Baltimore area in Anne Arundel County in Maryland to Mississippi (particularly around Jackson) who were emancipated in 1865 by Abraham Lincoln's Proclamation. These slaves did not commonly have given surnames, they were known by a single name. When freed, these black former slaves adopted the Stockett surname as their own, which gave some recognition to the high regard in which they held their former owners in their new lives as free citizens. Obviously they wouldn't have voluntarily taken a name that was not reputable or from where they were treated badly. This is what I was told from the time I was a child in the 1950's, I am not claiming it is factually true, but it is what we were told. It certainly seemed plausible as an explanation, but then there is always the possibility of mixed blood, or of instances like the Gretna Greene plantation rescue mentioned in other posts.

Re: African American Descent

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I am of the Maryland Stocketts, descended from Captain Thomas Stockett. I know that my ancestors were slaveholders, but have been trying to unravel the African-American Stockett line without much success.

I know that there are a large group of African-American's living in the Baltimore, Md., area, that are Stocketts. I know that there is a tree on that is called something like "Slave Descendants of Stocketts" or something similar. I've come accross it while processing hints, but now I can't find it.

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