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Hello from James Maiorana

Hello from James Maiorana

James Maiorana (View posts)
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My great grandfather, Natale Maiorana and his son, my grandfather Rosario were from Barcellona, Sicily. I was wondering how I could find out how many siblings Natale had. Anyone have any idea? There is no one left that knows. I'm 38 years old and live on Long Island, New York.


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Hi Mr. James Maiorana
We're from Long Island too.
Sorry to hear your at a cross road.
Did your grandfathers siblings come to America?
I would think there would be information at Ellis Island.
I'm not sure - but would think they have records of people who had entered America available to the public.
If you have any information on your grandpa
then start with that at Ellis.
Wish you luck
let me know how you made out.
The Hubbards

thank you

James (View posts)
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Thank you.
I will give that a try.

Re: Hello from James Maiorana

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Hi Jimmie,

I'm you're cousin Andrea. My great grandfather is Natale Maiorana. You are my "cousin". My grandmother was Rosario's sister Caterina Maiorana(Catherine Scattoreggio). We last met at my mother Frances Mattera's funeral in 1995. I'm reading this message board after your posting is 6 years old. I hope you are still checking the board because I have info for you. I've been working on this as well. But it looks like you've had a head start. I believe they had brothers Giovani who lived in Naso, Sicily near Mt Etna and Salvatore, but I haven't found anything further on Sal yet. My e mail is I still have the business card you gave me at my mother's funeral and I'm going to try calling you at that number. I live in Florida and can hardly wait to talk to you. Maybe we can figure the family out. Cousin Cathy Bruno is comming for a visit next month. We can all work it together. She has some info too!
Talk to you soon,

Re: Hello from James Maiorana

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Hello my name is jacob reed please contact me on facebook if you have questions of are maiorana family because im also the decendent of natale maiorana please contact me!/pro... to find out more info on are ancestors

Re: Hello from James Maiorana

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Hi Did you men Barcillona Spain or Italy. My father in law Vincent Maiorana told me his Grandfather was born in Barcillona? The name can be spelled Majorana or Maiorana. He said his fathers name was Michael and his Mothers name was Theresa His Family were Builders. He also said that his father built some kind of bridge or something in the town, They had silverware with a family crest on it. His brothers went to America before him. He
joined the Merchant Marines and was an engineer and came to America in the Twentys He Married Josephine Miceli and lived in Boro Park Brooklyn, They had 4 children
Michael,Frank,Vincent and Theresa. I lived on Long Island and was married to Vincent and my children James,Robert and June went to school in Pt. Jefferson Station. In there class there was a Michael,Robert and June Maiorana. Their Fathers Name was Steven. I tried to find out if we were related but they said I doubt it. But there is something about the Maiorana noise that said differently. My father inlaw did have a sister, I belive he said his family lived out east on Long Island, when they came to this country. He said his brothers Names unknow wanted nothing to do with him for reasons unknown. I would like to find out about the Maiorana family so my children will know about their family.

I think it is terriable, that our relatives did not keep an account of their familys,and because of this we dont know anything. He did say he owned a house in Messina I bleive and sold it in the late 70 or early 80. Well at any rate I think all the Maiorans in America are related somehow and in that case. Hi. From Roseann Maiorana

Re: Hello from James Maiorana

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Surnames: Maiorana
Hi Roseann! I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you.

Yes, I meant Barcellona Italy (Sicily). It seems like the Maiorana family is into building/construction/developing.

That is such a coincidence that your children had classmates with the same name. Port Jefferson Station?....I live 5 minutes from there!

I wish I could help you as well, but I don't recognize any of the names in your family. I know the names of my Grandfather's siblings, but I see no connection to your family there. But somehow like you said...It's possible we are all related, as I don't know my Great Grandfather's siblings names. My Great Grandfather built a townhouse complex on the water in Barcellona, Sicily among other things. His name was Natale.
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