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HELP Please on Family Tree- Which Samuel Snead?

HELP Please on Family Tree- Which Samuel Snead?

Posted: 1219844102000
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Surnames: Snead
Can someone help me please? After years of reseach & notes on my ancestors, I started filling out the family tree information on I thought it was wonderful that it automatically comes up with "hints" to add information. I started adding so much, that I got lost. Decided to refer back to my notes to fill in the blanks and discovered this error- two Samuel Sneads, shown as father and son, but one born in 1700 and the other in 1709. Couldn't be right? Then I noticed two Daniel Snead's?

My line is through the Snead's from NC to GA: G.W.Snead, son of "Unknown" Snead & step-son of Absalom, son of Daniel Snead, son of Henley Snead...

This is where I ran into my problems. Would appreciate all help.

Thanks so much,
Jenny Hensley

Re: HELP Please on Family Tree- Which Samuel Snead?

Posted: 1219871105000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Snead, Henley, Burford
I recommend that you locate a copy of Snead Notebook, compiled by Elizabeth Cowan Snead Shue, printed by Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, 1991. It may be available to you through your library, or you may be able to purchase it on line. If you exhaust those sources without success, post another message and we will explore how I can help.

If the Shue book is correct, then it appears to me that you may be mingling the descendants of Israel and Samuel Snead. Both moved to NC from the Cub Creek drainage in Louisa County, VA in the 1750's. It seems likely that they were brothers, based on location, age and activities. There are records of both men, and the families their wives came from, in the Louisa records. See the deedl list at

The Shue book lists children of Samuel and Temperance Burford as:
Phillip B.
Betty (Elizabeth)
all born between 1751 and 1767.

The Shue book lists children of Israel and Johanna Henley as:
Henley (Henley's children include Absolum, Henley and Daniel)

Hope this helps,

Max Snead

Re: HELP Please on Family Tree- Which Samuel Snead?

Posted: 1219871358000
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"Kathering" was a typo. It is Katherine.

Re: HELP Please on Family Tree- Which Samuel Snead?

Posted: 1219891380000
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Thank you for your assistance in getting me back on the right track. Yes, does seem I was mingling families- easy to do with the same names and time frame. I will look for the Snead Notebook, but if I have trouble will post again for help.

Re: HELP Please on Family Tree- Which Samuel Snead?

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Do you have definitive evidence that supports this Absalom Snead as a son of Henley's son, Daniel? There has been much speculation regarding Absalom's father. My own theory is that Absalom's father was Solomon, an older son of Henley and Mary Snead. However, I have no definitive proof of this relationship. I assume the Daniel you mention was one and the same who 1st married Nancy Newton and later Margaret Graham?

Re: HELP Please on Family Tree- Which Samuel Snead?

Posted: 1220240290000
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Actually, no I don't have defintive proof that Absalom is Daniel's son. (Yes, the Daniel married to Nancy Newton & Margaret Graham) A few years ago I was in touch with 2 researchers, Max Snead & Ken Snead, and may have received my information from them, along with some of the other family trees that I have compared mine to. I think much of this part of the Snead lineage is speculation. What made you think that Soloman is Absalom's father? Do you have further speculation on the name of the "Unknown" Snead, Absalom's brother and first husband to Dianah Beasley?

Re: HELP Please on Family Tree- Which Samuel Snead?

Posted: 1220376055000
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Surnames: Beasley Snead
Ken Snead here. You may have picked up speculation regarding Daniel as "Unknown" from me. Read on.

My theory regarding Absalom's father being Solomon, son of Henley, is very speculative. There are several Richmond Co., NC land deed records in which two or more of Solomon, Absalom, Samuel S., and Philip SNEAD were parties to the transaction either as seller, buyer, or witness. None of these records specifically mentions the relationship of any of these SNEAD's. There just seems to be a very common thread among these men.

As we have probably discussed before, Absalom, Samuel S., and Philip (and probably "Unknown" SNEAD, 1st husband of Dianah BEASLEY SNEAD) all came through Georgia. Except for "Unknown" they all eventually moved on to Cherokee Co., Alabama at about the same time. I believe it very likely they were closely related, possibly brothers. This and the land records have caused me to speculate that Henley's son Solomon was their father. As far as I know, no one has as yet found a will for this Solomon, thus so far no strong proof of my theory.

As to who "Unknown" SNEAD was, that is still a big mystery also. I have not looked at this in detail for a couple of years but my notes from 2002/2006 include this:
"The most likely candidate for the 1st husband of Dianah Beasley Snead is John Snead (b 1800-1810). Most probable 2nd possibility is Daniel Snead (b 1800-1810). Another factor pointing towards John is the fact that one of Dianah's children by "Unknown" was John Adams Snead. This is consistent with a common naming pattern of the times."

These notes were based on several sources including census and land records. These analyses are complicated by the several Daniel, John, Samuel, Philip, and Solomon SNEAD's living there in Richmond County during the late 1700's and early 1800's. The analysis, especially of the census records, is too complex to go into here. Please contact me via e-mail and we can discuss it further.

Re: HELP Please on Family Tree- Which Samuel Snead?

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Surnames: Snead
Mr. Snead,

Is it possible that our Israel Snead (b abt 1810) that owned land in MS, married Sarah Jane Reynolds, and then went on here to Texas, could be the UNK Snead? So far no one can tell me who our Israel Snead's parents were although, records show a consistant year of birth and location as "1810" and born in "North Carolina". I do have records of the "marriage bond" between Charles Reynolds and Israel Snead for the marriage of Sarah Jane Reynold in 1833, Madison Co., MS.
Just a thought.

J Snead
Mesquite, TX

Re: HELP Please on Family Tree- Which Samuel Snead?

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Snead, Beasley
It is unlikely that our "Unknown" Snead was your Israel. Our "Unknown" Snead probably died in NC or GA around 1839. His "widow", Dianah (Beasley) Snead, married Absalom Snead (speculated to be "Unknown"'s brother) on May 16, 1839 in Forsyth County, GA. The "Unknown" Snead family, along with the other Snead's I mentioned in my previous response, had only recently moved to GA from NC. It seems likely that "Unknown" had died on the trip or shortly after arrival. Again this is much guess work because we have found no specific evidence as to what happened to him. It is possible that he and Dianah were divorced and he moved on. That is not likely given that divorce was rare at that time.

It is quite possible that your Israel did come from Richmond Co, NC, there were several Israel's there during the late 1700's and early 1800's.

Re: HELP Please on Family Tree- Which Samuel Snead?

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Snead in Cuba
I am begining my family research and do not know much. I decided to join this thread because I see that you know a lot about the name Snead. My grandfather was William Lawrence Snead from Markham, Virginia. His mother was Maria Reyes Iznaga born in New Orleans but raised in Cuba. She married William Charles Snead. He was a soldier during the spanish/american war and rcvd direct orders from Gen. Robert Lee. I do not know much but my great grandfather parents were Dr. Edward F. Snead and his mother was Mary Couch or Koch, not sure which was the correct last name. I have heard that my great grandfather was cousins with Sam Snead, the golfer. Does anyone have any further info.? Can you please respond to my email Thank you!!
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