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Question about Old 96 District

Question about Old 96 District

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In researching my family history I came across an ancestor who was supposed to be born in 1747 in Laurens County SC. Since then I have discovered that this may not be possible since that land was inhabited by the Cherokees and the first known white inhabitant of the area was John Duncan in 1753.I realize that I may have the wrong information on my ancestor and in fact he may not have been born in Laurens County at all . Any light you could shed on this would be helpful.


Re: Question about Old 96 District

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There were not many non-Indians in the area that became Lauren County in 1747, thought there could have been a few Indian traders and hunters. You probably know Lauren County was created as a subdivision of Ninety Six District in 1785. Ninety Six District itself was created in 1769.
One source you should look into is the land grant records at the SC archives. You can find these online and even print colonial plats from your computer.
Use this site to search for some of your earlier ancestors. Enter last name first, then comma, then first name. Since spelling was not very important back then try partial names first.
Another source to understand the early migration in the up country of SC is Robert Meriwether's The Expansion of South Carolina, 1729–1765. Kingsport, Tennessee: Southern Publishers, Inc., 1940. This is not a genealogy book but a valuable book on how the area around Laurens was settled.
While fertile, unused land and Indian trade attracted earlier setlers, Indian uprisings kept migration low until the 1760s, though there were brave souls there earlier. By the 1760s settlers were pouring in.
Other than land records (plats, grants, memorials), council journals, and a few other miscellaneous records (letters, petitions, etc) there were not many records of the earliest settlers. Most of this information would be at the archives. It would definitely be worth a trip.

Re: Question about Old 96 District

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In Brent H. Holcomb, "North Carolina Land Grants in South Carolina" in the Introduction he states that prior to 1772 the area west of the Catawba River was not surveyed and so the border between North and South Carolina in the Up Country was not fixed.

He also states that land grants were issued for this area but in North Carolina not South Carolina. He mentions the following present day South Carolina counties as having land grants issued in North Carolina: Marlboro, Chesterfield, Lancaster, York, Chester, Union, Cherokee, Spartanburg, Greenville, Laurens and Newberry.

I don't know exactly to what extent those land grants were issued for land now in Laurens County. The North Carolina counties for the administration of these grants were consecutively Bladen, Anson, Mecklenburg and Tryon. Some were also issued in the same areas in South Carolina records as well. He states those would be considered as being either in the proprietary counties of Craven or Berkeley and St. Mark's or St. David's Parish.

The earliest grants in the book date from 1741 in Bladen County, North Carolina records.

I am not extremely familiar with waterways of South Carolina especially for those whose names may have changed through the years. Land records are usually identified by waterways as landmarks. And some names of waterways were repeated sometimes within the same modern county boundaries. As in there being two waterways called Mountain Creek within Greenville County, etc.

I probably need to obtain either a DeLorme topographical atlas of SC or better yet a fishing atlas (three volumes I have for TN serve me very well in locating waterways in old land records here). They also often show the smaller side roads often bearing old family names still used to this day.

Barry Jernigan
Chandler Family Association Genealogy Enquiry Panel
(currently handling a case for the Old Ninety Six District particularly Greenville but probably involving Laurens as well)

PS The SCDAH site is an excellent site yes. Greenville County government site has microfilmed records which are extremely helpful. Wish other SC county govts might have similar sites of their records.

Re: Question about Old 96 District

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My cousin, Margie Barton, read your post and would like to discuss Laurens County records with you, please contact her at

thank you so much for the valuable information, it has helped us very much.
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