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Florida State Hospital Records 1950 - 1970

Florida State Hospital Records 1950 - 1970

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I am a masters student at UCF in Orlando. My thesis requires that I research the Florida State Hospital (fka Florida Asylum for the Insane) in Chattahoochee. Can anyone tell me if there is an archives? What the hours are? What telephone number or person in particular I should contact?

Also is there a local Historical Society that might provide newspapers, journals, pictures, letters of patients, patient families, or former employees during the above-referenced time periods?


Re: Florida State Hospital Records 1950 - 1970

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Barbara, i too would be interested in any info re this time period at hospital as my birth father was a patient at this facility sometime between 1960-61 through 1966. Could you please email me if you can locate any info re this? thank you so much for your help and i will in turn forward any info found.

Re: Florida State Hospital Records 1950 - 1970

Barbara Jones McClure (View posts)
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I most certainly will share any information I find out. A lot of records are in Tallahassee. Would you be willing to get together for a fact finding mission at the State Archives in the future?

Re: Florida State Hospital Records 1950 - 1970

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I am very interested in records from Chattahoochee as my grandfather was a patient there some time between 1968 and 1971.

I still have family in the panhandle so if a trip to Tallahassee or Chattahoochee is necessary, please let me know. I would be willing to do some leg work.

My 24 year old son has been diagnosed as bi-polar and I would like to be certain of my grandfather's diagonosis to get a complete genetic make up. Without accurate historical information we are at risk for incorrect conclusions.

Re: Florida State Hospital Records 1950 - 1970

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Please add myself as another interested party. My biological mother was admitted as a pregnant patient in appoximately August/September 1960. The child, a half-
sibling of mine, was born on December 26, 1960.

Mental illness and alcoholism plagued my biological mother.
None of my older half-siblings nor my younger one knows specifics
about our mother's mental afflictions and what may have been passed down to us.

If I can help with the research in any way, please let me know.

Re: Florida State Hospital Records 1950 - 1970

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I recently joined NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness and it has proven to be a great resource for information. In the Orlando area they offer a series of classes over a 12 week period for family members of people suffering from mental illness. I'm currently attending and it has helped me tremendously to understand my son's bipolar illness. Frequently alcoholism/addiction go hand in hand with mental illness.

I have personally dealt with periods of depression off and on throughout my life so the genetic link is a huge factor.

I would encourage anyone interested to check the website at for more information. There is an annual fund raising walk in various cities each year too. Here in Orlando it's on May 5th.

Best of luck to you Diane.


Re: Florida State Hospital Records 1950 - 1970

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Thanks Wanda!

I will definitely check out the website.

In November of last year I turned 50 and a month
later met a half-sibling for the first time. I was the
fourth child of my biological mother's but her first
out of wedlock. I wasn't the last to be conceived that
way. It's a very, very complicated and tragic family and God must have a purpose for me because I was adopted into
an incredibly loving and stable home.

Two older siblings claim no problems and neither does
my younger one but I have had bouts of sadness throughout
my life and finally addressed the situation last summer.
While I can't see a difference, my friends can and that must mean something. has been an invaluable source of information for both my adopted and newly-discovered
maternal family members. I've heard horror stories
about Chattahoochee and am wondering just what my mother
might have gone through while there. The sibling who
was born there claims our grandmother committed our
mother when she was five months pregnant because she
was consuming up to a fifth of vodka a day. Would the
woman be able to commit her daughter without any
court intervention? These are questions I would like
to have answered.

Again, thank you for the link to the website.

Diane from St. Louis

Re: Florida State Hospital Records 1950 - 1970

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Surnames: Miller
I am looking for information on Emsey Miller. He was a patient there and died there in the 1950s.I have not been able to find any record of his death or where he is buried. any information would be appreciated. Also any information on his medical condition.

Re: Florida State Hospital Records 1950 - 1970

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Wanda, Diane, Barbara, and others...

I have been corresponding with the FL State Hospital about my great grandmother. You can write to them for records, etc., at:

Florida State Hospital
Attn: Health Information Manager
Deborah Germany, Sr Clerk
P. O. Box 1000
Chattahoochee, FL 32324-1000

You have to provide proof that you are a relative of the person, i.e. birth certificates, census records, pedigree chart, before they will release any information.

Also, some of the hospital records from 1900 - 1978 made it the Bureau of Archives. You can write to them at:

Bureau of Archives and Records Management
Department of State
Mail Station 9A
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250

They will need as much information as you can send them in order to do a thorough search. Also, there is a charge of 25 cents a page for copying of any records they find and a $2 mailing fee.

As for burials, if it was depression era or earlier, you may not be able to locate the grave. According to the Hospital Funeral Director, when the depression hit, the cemetery was shared by the city and the Hospital and neither had the funds for upkeep of the cemeteries, so they let them go. As far as I can tell, the last survey of the (older) cemeteries was done in 1923 and you can find it at

I don't know if there is an historical society working with the hospital to recover and preserve the older cemeteries. If not, there definitely should be, not only for our ancestors, but there are civil war veterans buried in there, too.

Hope this helps you find what you are looking for.


Re: Florida State Hospital Records 1950 - 1970 EMiller

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Surnames: Miller
Hi -- I noticed your post when I was on the board researching for a friend. I put the name "Emsey Miller" into the Florida Death Index, and nothing came up, but I searched again under 'Miller' and 'Gadsden County' and found that "Emsy Miller" died in Gadsden County in 1954 (sorry, no month/day). This should be enough information to get the certificate.

If you send for a death certificate from the state's vital records department, please note that you should make sure to write that you not only want the cause of death shown on the copy, but that you are allowed access to it because it has been over 50 years since the death. (If it weren't yet 50 years, direct descendants who can prove their descent may requent cause of death.) I am in the process of waiting for another year and a half to get the information I need, or I will need to help the friend I'm researching for put some paperwork together for her ancestor.

Although the death certificate I already have does not have the cause of death, it does show how long the doctor had treated this particular patient, so it gives a rough idea of how long he would have been at the State Hospital.
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