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timothy ford

timothy ford

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looking for infor on timothy ford from coun ty cork, ireland. came to chicapee, mass then on to detroit, mich. married mary ada manser. 3 children. margaret(my mother), daniel timothy. reply

Timmy Ford/Cork

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I am searching for my ggrandfather's family who are from County Cork. My ggf is John Ford from Tower, Inniscarra, Cork. A friend just verified for ma that the family dates back to the 1700's in that village. My ggf married a Mary Callahan and they had 4 children; Timmy, Paddy, Mary my gmother Johanna. There is a vague reference to one of them being called "The Yank" because he was born in USA??? Not sure of any connection, but you naver know.
Good Luck, Liz from New York.

Timothy Ford

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hi liz.....thanks for your message....i was always told that timmy came from cork w/his family. so unless i have the wrong info he was born in cork came to Chickapee, mass after arriving in boston harbor. this could be the same family, bit i gather that ford is a common name in ireland. let me know if you have any further info i'd love to see it. thanks, mary stair
p.s. I know he had a brother but if there were more children i don't know

timothy ford

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liz....i've been sitting here looking at this message(i printed it) something went off in my head about the name johanna. i do remember a sister johanna being talked about.
i think he(timmy) came from cork maybe a sibling was born here? if you have any other info please let me know. i am still digging because as i said so little is known about my grandfather's side of the family. mary stair
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Hi again it's Liz from New York. You are right Ford is a very common name especially in the USA (lots of emigrates named Ford). The towns of Tower/Inniscarra and Blarney I have just recently verified as where my Ford line has lived for several generations, there are descendants of my Fords still living there. My Uncles Paddy Timmy Ford as far as I know remained in Cork. Howeveer there were also cousins with the same names that may have emigrated. For example in the village there were 2 Paddy Fords one was my Uncle the other was a cousin who was the one born in the US, not my Uncle. So they did have kin that were in the USA somewhere. Do you have any dates on your Fords. My grandmother Johanna Ford was born in 1892 in Tower. So her father John Ford was probably born somewhere between 1865 and 1875. I know that my Uncle Paddy Ford died there in 1939. Their sibling Mary Ford married a Dennis O'Mahoney and emigrated to England in about 1932, so there was a vast difference in age or Paddy died quite young.
Has the name Callahan ever come up, that was there mothers maiden name, she was also from Cork in Dunemore.
My grandmother Johanna was a nurse at St. Agnes Hospital in the area called "The Hydro."
That's all I can think of at the moment, stay in touch so we can continue to compare notes, I am expecting more info from Cork real soon.
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