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Newton- NC>TN>KY>IL and points west.

Newton- NC>TN>KY>IL and points west.

Susan (View posts)
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Im hoping for a nibble....ANY nibble! Does this look familar to anyone?

John Newton (yes... ANOTHER one!) b. abt 1760 in VA?
Said to be Rev War Soldier whos father was from England.

Known children are:

1) John G. Newton b. 1784 in Person Co. NC m. 1) Nancy Hailey 2) Judith Grider 3) Milley Pruette
died aft 1850 in Logan Co. KY. Lived for a time in Sumner Co. TN.

Children with Nancy Hailey:
Harrison b. 1810 in NC
Amanda b. 1812 in NC

Children with Judith Grider:

John Henry Draper Newton b. 1820 in TN. (I feel there are more sibs but cant find them)

Children with Milley Pruette:

Margaret Jane 1836
Susan E 1837
Judith 1845.

2) Uriah Newton b.1788 Person Co. NC. Married Mary Polly Hailey 1813 (sister of Nancy Hailey above)
children of Uriah and Mary Hailey:

Issac b. 1819
John G. b. 1820
William W. b. 1824
James Madison b. 1825
Harrison D. b. 1828
Lucinda C. b. 1831
Marilda J b. 1834

Both of these men lived in Sumner County TN and then migrated to the Trigg Co/Logan Co. KY area

John Henry Draper Newton b. 1820 in TN m. Sarah Barham 1842 in Sumner Co.
John HD Newton d. 1890 in Williamson Co. IL

Children of John HD Newton and Sarah Barham are:

John Henry b. 1850
William Thomas b. 1842
George Augustus b. 1846
Mary Elizabeth b. 1852
James Slaughter b. 1853
Charles Newton b and d. same day

John G. Newton's decendants moved into Southern IL in the late 1850's..
while Uriah Newtons seem to have stayed mostly in Trigg and Todd Counties of KY.
Some DID however, move north with JHD Newton.

Anyone connected?


Newton Family

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Have a Joseph Henry Newton. His father was Anderson Newton and grandfather was Henry Newton and greatgrandson of George Newton.
George would have served in the Revoluntionary War. Are we connected somewhere??

Newton's in IL

Susan (View posts)
Posted: 951259157000
Im distantly related to that line, but
unfortunately, not through the Newton's but
through the Murrah's....I corresponded with
A decendant of Anderson Newton for a while but
neither of us could find a connection.

The search continues!
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Thank you for replying. Do you have info
on who you would have corresponded with??

I am just getting started and learning as I go. Any ideas or directions??

Newtons in IL

Susan (View posts)
Posted: 951348912000
The lady I corresponded with was Katherine Morris Fitzgerrell Bruegman
She lived in Mt. Vernon IL but I will tell you the last correspondence I
had with her was in 1994.... as she was born 1911 I dont know that
she would still be alive now.

At that time she gave me the following: This is long and you might want
to print it out.

Henry Newton b. 1650 lived in Essex Co. VA >

Henry Newton B. abt 1690 lived in VA> (she said this wasnt truly proved yet)

Henry Newton b. 1733 prob Lunnenburg Co. VA d. 1783>

George Newton . 1755 Mecklenburg Co. VA m. Sarah d. 1801 Orange Co. NC>

Henry Newton b. 1780 Orange Co. NC m. Mary Riggs d. 1834 Robertson Co. TN>

Anderson Newton b. 1810 in Orange Co. NC d. 1862 in Jefferson Co. IL

Joseph Henry Newton b. 1837 Robertson Co. TN m. Lavinia Starner d. 1924 in Jefferson Co. IL

Kate Elizabeth Newton b. 1879 Jefferson CO. IL M William Morris in Jefferson CO. IL. D. 1958 in Jefferson co. IL

Katherine Morris Fitzgerrell Bruegman is the daughter of Kate Elizabeth Newton Morris... she was born 1911

I did a little further looking and came across the
following in my file from the FACTS AND FOLKS HISTORY OF

Dr. Anderson Newton:

An early settler in Jefferson co. was Anderson Newton,
who immigrated to Illinis from Roberston Co. TN in 1852 and
settleed on a far in Webber Township. He was born in 1810
in Orange Co. NC the son of Henry Newton and the grandson of
George Newton of Mecklenburg Co. VA, who served in the Revolutionary

Anderson had not prospered in TN and was looking
for the "promised land" when he brought his family
to Illinois. At this time, his family consisted of
his wife, Saluda Parsons Newton and three children-
Meridith, Joseph Henry and Sarah A, who became
Mrs. W.B. White. Anderson Jr, Nancy J. were born later
but both died young. Anderson SR. died in 1862, Saluda in
1884 and are buried near the two youngest children in the
family plot on the farm on old Fairfield Road.

Meridith, the oldest son, was born Mar 2, 1834 and was
18 years old wehn he came to Illinois. Most of his
life was spent in Jefferson County. He married
Tabitha T. Bayne in 1862 and they became the parents of
four children- Malvina, Mice, Clyde and Joseph.
Malvina (Mallie) married James B. Warren. Alice (Mice)
married Cary Haney, and the boys died young.

Meridith and Tabitha lived on a farm south of Marlow
and he spent many years as a teacher in the schools in
the county. He often said that he taught letters to two
generations. For many years he was Sunday School superintendent
at the Marlow Methodist Church. He died June 14, 1915 at
the age of 81.

His decendants are scattered but two continue to live
in Jefferson County. Belle Warren, daughter of Mallie,
taught school for 50 years, most of the time in elementary
schools of Mt. Vernon. James C. Warren, grandson of Mallie,
is a school teacher and farmer living in Farrington Twp.
He taught school for several winters, and then "read medicine"
in the office to Dr. Stonemeti in Lynchburg, a small village
north of Opdyke. He married Lavinia Starner in 1864 and they moved to
Macedonia IL where he began the practice of medicine.
After about a year, he moved to Marlow IL and practiced medicine there
for 23 years. In 1890 he opened a general store in Marlow.
Dr. Newton was a Civil war Veteran, having served four months until
rheumatism, acquired from sleeping on the ground, disabled him. He and his
brother Meridith, got together enough money to pay a substitute to take his

Ten children were born to Dr.and Mrs. Newton.
They were Ada, Eva C, Alluna, Anne E, Walter H.
Kate and Henry (twins), Leda, Della, and Van Cleve.
Ada died at the age of 12 and Henry at two weeks
but the remainder grew to maturity. The last surviving
child was Annie who died in 1972 at the age of 98.

In 1906 Dr. Newton sold his store in Marlow and moved to
Mt. Vernon. He was one of the incorporators of the old
Jefferson State Bank and served as a vice-president until
his death November 24, 1924. His wife died in 1912.

Four grandchildren live in this area:
Walter N Scott, a farmer, lives near Bluford.
Newton Scott lives just across the line in
Wayne County: and Vina Gowler lives in Opdyke.
All are children of Alluna.
The fourth grandchild is Katherine Morris Fitzgerrell,
daughter of Kate who lives in Mt. Vernon. She is married
to Louis R. Fitzgerrell. Katherine served the Mt. Vernon
High School as a nurse and guidance counselor for
22 years until her retirement in 1976.

.. after you start looking at the above, you will see that there are some inconsistancies.....
at times its hard to decide just WHICH Dr. Newton the
author is talking about... but the Dr. Newton who is married to
Lavinia Starner(and mistakenly identified as John B. Warren early
in the piece, is actually Joseph Henry Newton,
Kate Morris Fitzgerrel's granddaddy.

Hope this helps!


Like I said.... not sure if all this will help you, maybe it wont.. but maybe someone will be able to make a link.


Newtons in IL

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Thank you so much for your help. I have some of the same info. The article mentions grandchildren. My grandfather was Walter Scott, son of Alluna and William T. Scott.
Alluna was a daughter of Joseph Henry Newton. I have located the cemetary where Anderson and Salina are buried along with some of their children. Where are you connected?? Again thank you for your help.
I grew up in Jefferson Co., IL and live in
adjoining Marion Co., IL now. My parents still live in that area along with other relatives.

Newtons in IL

Susan (View posts)
Posted: 951374888000
Im just "vaguely" connected your Newtons and its kinda hard to explain.

Kate Newton b. 1879 daughter of Joseph Henry Newton married William Morris.
William Morris's grandfather married a woman named Elizabeth Murrah.

Elizabeth Murrah was the sister of William Murrah.
William Murrah had son Noah.
Noah Murrah married Annie Eliza Newton (dau of John Henry Newton)
Annie Newton was my great grandmothers sister. My Great Grandmother
was Lela Maud Newton. She married Harmon Jefferson Whittington.
They had my grandma :)

Like I said, it was hard to explain!

I grew up in Williamson Co :) but now reside in Germany
at least for a few more months and then back to the land


Newtons in IL

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Thank you so much for info. Katherine Bruegman is still living. I spoke with her briefly this a.m. She was getting ready to leave for hair appointment!! She and I are to correspond at a later date. Was very willing to help with info. Thank you...Thank you...

Keep in touch...

Newtons of IL... yet again.

Susan (View posts)
Posted: 951398267000
Glad I could help Marylin :).... tell Katherine
I said hello... doubt that she will remember me
but I remember her as very gracious and helpful.
A true lady in every sense of the word.



Marilyn (View posts)
Posted: 951756046000
Hi, I am Edward Newton, and some of the names that your are researching are showing up in my family back ground. I am working on this as my time permits.
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