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PAF and MAC compatability

PAF and MAC compatability

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I am using PAF 2.3.1 on a G5 OS10.4.11 with Classic 9.0 running in the background. It is horribly slow.

Does anyone know why the Church refuses to update their program for MACs, especially since the new MAC OS is so easy to code with? I understand there are a couple of individuals who are trying to do this...but have not been successful to date and only sporadically work the issue. I don't understand why the Chruch doesn't view the MAC market as worth the effort. I'd be willing to pay for that vs getting it free.

I have about 2000 entries in each of my two PAF folders - for my Paternal and Maternal lines.

Is there any other program that is compatible with PAF - that will maintain the individual ID numbers assigned to each ancestor - that I can transfer my data to? I was hoping to find something that I could do a GEDCOM transfer to and maintain the integrity of my data. The MAC supported MACFamilyTree does not maintain the individual ID numbers. (I have a copy which I have not opened yet because of this issue)

I hate to think that I will need to buy a PC and then switch/GEDCOM my data to that. Of course I'm assuming that the PC version would also maintain the individual ID numbers. Would it?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Re: PAF and MAC compatability

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It is a year ago today that you posted your query and I don't see that anyone answered you. My problem is similar. I have a Mac 1988 PAF 2.1 that makes a GEDCOM 2.1, however I need a GEDCOM 5.5 or better to move all my extensive data to a new Mac Family Tree Maker.

How can I convert my Mac GEDCOM 2.1 to Mac GEDCOM 5.5? Help!

Did you make any discoveries in how to solve your/my problem?

Have a happy and blessed 2011.


Re: PAF and MAC compatability

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Dave - this is really bizarre. i posted that message about 2 weeks ago - not a year ago!
i am still waiting for one of the WashMetArea PAF people to pick up on it and suggest a course of action. however i am losing hope that anyone will have a solution.

i still have no idea as to how to move forward....

if you solve your problem let me know....... ditto here.

Re: PAF and MAC compatability

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1 Jan 2011

This isn't a solution to your problem, but there are a few things you could try.

PAF was based on an early version of Ancestral Quest, and as you've noted, the Mac version was discontinued long ago, and the Windows version is no longer being updated. There are few commercial genealogy programs being made for the Mac, with Reunion appearing to be the most popular one. I use the Windows version of PAF, so I don't really know the Mac world.

As far as updating the gedcom to the 5.5 standard, one thing that you could try is to take the gedcom that you have to a Family History Center and see if they have the older Windows versions of PAF, then use them to import and export the data to update the gedcom. The FHC where I volunteer has all the older Windows versions of PAF. Try calling your local FHC and ask about what's available.

Again, not knowing that much about the Mac world, I don't know whether your version could run one of the virtualization programs such as Parallels which would allow you to use a newer version of Windows PAF. I realize that this sort of solution will not appeal to a lot of people, since it would require getting a copy of Windows to install in a virtual machine, and there are issues with Windows PAF running under Windows 7. But perhaps you have on older version of Windows available that you could use. The Windows version of PAF works fine even on Windows 95.

Getting back to Reunion, you might want to look into whether is will preserve your ID numbers, making it a viable alternative.

This page from Familysearch gives the programs that are currently certified to work with the new online Familysearch programs for doing Temple Ready work, etc. and may give you some ideas as to other programs to investigate.

Good luck, and if you come up with a solution, be sure to post it back here so that others can see it.

Dave G

Re: PAF and MAC compatability

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Classification: Query

I tried Personal Ancestry Writer II and was very happy with the way it handled my data. There was a small wrinkle in how it handles citations (puts them all into the notes area) but no data was lost and indeed I find it a bit easier to track.

I was transferring data to my MAC Book for use while travelling so didn't try moving media files.

The program was apparently written by a Mac user who was miffed about the loss of PAF for Mac, It's free to download and accepts GEDCOM files maintaining the original RIN references.

I used PAF 5.5 so did not encounter a problem but again if you update you PAF program I would think that you would be able to convert your older data before exporting as a GEDCOM.

Anyway good luck with your project.

Brian D

Re: PAF and MAC compatability

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thanks to all for the comments.....Brian's message was the first one that i was notified of as haveing responded so apologize to everyone else.

i finally tossed in the towell and switched to REUNION and am more than pleased. the REUNION tech people are wonderful to work with and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
i was able to export to a gedcom file and it worked perfectly.
most importantly i was able to maintain the RIN numbering system that i had in the PAF system.

i posted all of this on the local washington dc paf user group folder also.

thanks to everyone for their input and suggestions and again - sorry i didn't see any of the messages prior to Brian's most recent one.

Re: PAF and MAC compatability

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Whatever you do , don't I repeat don't download and use ifamily for mac - they managed to lose half of my info 5 years ago - and I got abused when I pointed out the problems - - I also would like to use PAF again, but have the same problem

Re: PAF and MAC compatability

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thanks for the comment. i bit the bullet and bought Reunion for mac only and absolutely LOVE it. their tech support has been great.
only 2 things i don't like. they don't have a hardcopy manual (i hate trying to read a screen and do something and not be able to pencil in notes about what i'm doing) and i have not figured out how to do a descendant's chart like you can on PAF....but on the + side, i did a GEDCOM import - lost nothing and MOST IMPORTANTLY kept the little id numbers assigned to each person by the PAF pgm.
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