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Looking for information regarding:
Daisaku Kikuchi
Born: Early 1800
Place: Fukushima Shinobugun, Omorimure, Japan ??
Married to: Tsuma
A son name: Namizo Kikuchi, born Oct 10, 1876
Place: Fukushima Shinobugun, Omorimura, Japan

We, the Kikuchi Family, are gathing Family History Record
to develop a Family tree.

Please email if you have any information, regarding Daisaku Kikuchi

Thanks you.


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I am the granddaughter of Fumiko Okino, daughter of Tamayo Okino ( maiden name Kikuchi). My great grandmother was born in Japan on Feb 10, 1874. I have no idea what city. I am very interested in any information you may have on the Kikuchi family. Please e-mail anything that might help. Thank you.

Kikuchi Family

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We are the great-grandchildren:

Our father Minoru Kikuchi was born in Honohima, Hawaii on 3/5/1908
His father (our grandfather) Namizo Kikuchi was born in Fukushima Shinobugun, Omorimura, Japan on 10/10/1876
His father (our great-grandfather) Daisaki Kikuchi Birth ????, Japan

Our grandparents Namizo Kikuchi (wife=Yae Suzuki) Family arrived in Hawaii 6/16/1907
I have found information on the Kikuchi family in Hawaii. There are records of Japanese
family by family name, date of arrival and then name of the ship the ancestors come in and find
out which part of Japan they came from.

From the "Family guide provide by Hawaiian State Public Library System ..."
"Japanese-The key to Japanese research is finding the family Koseki which
is the family registry that Japanese immigrants brought with them from their villages.
The Japanese Consultate has an index to passenger lists from 1885 to 1910. The
passenger lists are also at the Bishop Museum and the Hawaii State Archives.
The Hawaii State Library has a microfilm copy of the card index of
passinger lists found at the Hawaii State Archives. Researchers can call the Japanese
Consultate with the family name, date of arrival and the name of the ship the
ancestors came in and find out which part of Japan they came from. Also refer to the LDS
(Mormon) research paper on dates records are available for Japanese research.

I would like to get more information on:
(1) Daisaku Kikuchi born=?, Japan(wife=Tsume)
(2) Yosaku Fujikawa born=1879(father=Genzo Fujikawa, mother=Mitsu Fujikawa)
in 1899 arrive in Hawaii from Japan
returned to Japan after 1930.

Please email any information to

Re: Kikuchi Family

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I've been doing research on my husband's family, the Kikuchi family. Don't know if I can help, but am willing to share anything I have. His family is from Fukushima-ken. Arrived in Hawaii in 1902. His grandfather was Tokujiro Kikuchi, his grandmother Kichi Kikuchi (same). Other related names in Japan that we know of are Fujimoto and Sato. Our U.S. family members are on Oahu, Kauai, and Hawaii Islands, and in CA and WA.

Re: Kikuchi Family

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Our grandfather, Namizo Kikuchi was born in Fukushima Shinobugun, Omorimura, Japan in 1876. He and his wife (Yae Suzuki) arrived in Hawaii 1907. Namizo's son are Minoru (b.1908), Kaoru (b.1913), and Noboru (b.1923) from Hawaii. We do not have records of Namizo's family (brothers, sisters or sibing).
Can you share your family information from Fukushima, Japan.

Re: Kikuchi Family

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Surnames: Kikuchi
I don't know how much help I can be to you. I don't recognize any of the Kikuchi names you listed, but that doesn't mean you and my husband are not related, though, as the older men may have been cousins or something. Tokujiro and Kishi (Kikue) Kikuchi came to Hawaii in 1902. He had two brothers who remained in Japan, Yuzaburo and Takahashi. We know of Tokujiro and Kikue's 8 children (my father-in-law, Goro, or Edward, was the second youngest). One son remained in Japan and spent his life there; Ryushu was his name ( or something like that; I have seen it spelled a number of ways). He established a branch family in Tokyo. I have the address, if you want it. Tokujiro's oldest son, Yukie, married Kono whose last name was also also Kikuchi. Some of her family came to the US about the same time. They now live mostly in Utah, I believe. My husband's cousin lives with us and he knows that family pretty well, as he lived on the Mainland for years. Tokujiro took several trips back to Japan over the years and died there in 1960. We know that he had close family there, as we have a number of pictures. But was don't know who is who, unfortunately. There definitely are Kikuchis related to us, and maybe to you, in Tokyo. I don't know if this information has been of any help or not. Let me know if you would like the Japan addresses. The main thing in determining any relationship is how your Kikuchi name is written in Kanji. Ours is with chrysanthemums and water, or pond. If yours is the same, we would be of the same Kikuchi clan. Am looking forward to hearing from you. We live on Kauai, Hawaii.

Re: Kikuchi Family

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Surnames: Kikuchi
Dolly, thank you for your reply. Here are some of my husband's family information.

1) Kikuchi name in Kanji: Chrysanthemums and Earth. I believe they are from Northern Fukushima, Japan.
2) Great-parents, Namizo Kikuchi (b. 1876) and Yae (Suzuki) (b.1885) came to Hawaii 1907. He passed away in Honohina, HI 1967.
3) Namizo and Yae had 7 children. Minoru, the oldest is my husband's father passed away 1996. Namizo has 3 children still living, 2 in Oahu and 1 in California. Namizo Kikuchi was born 1876 in Fukushima Shinobugun, Omorimura, Japan. Married April 1907 in District of Kukushima-ken, Fukushima-ken Empire of Japan.
We are researching for Namizo Kikuchi family information (parent's name & etc). The name Kikuchi, I understand, is a common name in Japan, like Jones and Smith. So, to find the right one is our goal.
Again, thank you and if you do get more information, please feel free to email me. My huband and I were born on the Big Island of Hawaii and planning to be in Kauai for our daughter's wedding.
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Aloha! Received your message and your e-mail the same day. Our Kikuchis may be related; at least they must have belonged to the same clan. Interesting that both families went to the Big Island (1902 and 1907). You might want to re-check the Kanji meaning in Namizo's signature. We think the second character is the same as ours, i. e., pond or water, not earth as you wrote.

Re: Kikuchi Family

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I know you haven't posted since middle of '03. This is my first post. I too am researching the KIKUCHI family. I have recently confirmed with my family that in kanji the name means chrysanthemum and soil or earth. I have traced my KIKUCHI into Iwate-ken. Non of the names you have listed matches anything I have, but we are perhaps of the same clan. Here are mine, I do have a little more info.
KIKUCHI Nobu (grandmother), Muzusawa, Iwate-ken
KIKUCHI Chosuke (G-grandfather) Iwate-ken
KIKUCHI Shintaro (GG-grandfather) Iwate-ken
KIKUCHI Hayato (GGG-grandfather) Iwate-ken
KIKUCHI Shingo (GGGG-grandfather) Iwate-ken

Re: Kikuchi Family

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Surnames: KIKUCHI in Hawaii
Thank you for your reply. I am still working on my husband's Kikuchi family. I hope I can find more material. My husband died of cancer in July 2003 and his mother died February 2004. My father-in-law was Edward Goro Kikuchi and he died in 2000. All died in my arms. I loved them and miss them so very much. I want to trace the Kikuchis as much as far back as I can for our three daughters and for our three nephews who still carry the name Kikuchi. There are three male Kikuchis who are sons of my nephews. They live on Maui. If you do a search for "Pila's Pages" on Google or Yahoo, you will find my husband's site and pictures of us. Again, thank you. I will keep your information.
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