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Susmel family search

Susmel family search

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Surnames: Susmel
My part of the Susmel family was originally from Goerz / Gorizia two generations ago. We have done some research and have located a "first ancestor", Vllasich Susmel, in 1748, in the Gorizian parish of San Rocco. We have been told that there are "German / Bohemian" origins to the name. The name is still in the area, with several distant relatives of ours. We have been able to trace most relatives descended from Vlasich Susmel snice 1748. However, we are trying to locate further ancestors and / or collaterals. ¿Anybody else familiar with the name or connected with it? ¿Any suggestions on how to proceed with the search? Our grandfather left Gorizia for Argentina shortly after the First World War, so most records are not Italian in origin.
Thank you.

Re: Susmel family search

Pietro De Marchi (View posts)
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Dear Mr Francisco Guillermo Susmel

my mother,Odette Susmel,has been born in Fiume in 1922.
I believe you know that Fiume (FU) is an ex Italian town that has been assigned to ex Jugoslavia at the end of Second World War.
Fiume and Gorizia are not far away and she has often told me that it' s very possible that Gorizia has been the first nest of the italian Susmel family.
She is the daughter of Vittorio Susmel who had an elder brother,Eduardo Susmel, that was quite renowned during the Fascism beeing Senator.
Their father's name was Victor,I believe.
As you do,my mother and other Susmel relatives are investigating on the origins of this family.
We knew that there are some Susmel in Argentina,but I've never had the chance of knowing their addresses and it's just by chance that I've come through yours.
Any way: we think that the one Susmel who first settled in Gorizia had french origins,but nothing has been demostrated as yet.
I can add very few more news about Eduardo Susmel:he has been the author of a History of Fascism that has been completed by his son Duilio. who died some years ago.
The only survivor of Eduardo offsprings is Lucio Susmel,94,who is a very renowned scientist in forestry subject and a very good painter.I'm acquainted with him and I' ve visited him two years ago in Elba Island where he's retired quite a long time ago.
Most of his sons an daughters are University Professors.
Just few lines about myself.
I'm a retired Alitalia crew member.
I' ve spent three periods in Buenos Aires between the 80s and 90s totalling about 12 months.
I' ve loved staying there.
Well:I hope I'll receive some news about your investigatios.
I' d love to know something regarding that german Susmel who,it seems,has started a Susmel line in Gorizia.
Truly Yours
Hasta pronto
De Marchi Pietro

Re: Susmel family search

Francisco Susmel (View posts)
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Surnames: Susmel
Dear Mr. De Marchi:

Thank you very much for your reply. I am familiar with the background and academic work of both Eduardo and Duilio Susmel, and I have also heard of Lucio and the other University Professors.According to my great-uncle and great-aunt, they were related to my great-grandfather.

I remember hearing from my great-uncle, Giacomo, who was born in Gorizia, that there was some "French background" to the first Susmel that settled in Gorizia.

My brother Alvaro has located the first Susmel in Gorizia as a "mason" ("mauer", in German) in the parish of San Rocco approximately around 1750, and has completed the family tree from there to our times (we have been told that older records were lost in a fire a long time ago). A German genealogist contacted me about three or four years ago and explained to me that our last name is derived from a name from Northern Germany that, over time, has been spelled "Susemehl", "Susemihel" and other similarly. A part of the family, at the time of the Reformation, he explained that had moved to Bohemia and then probably south. Though there is no information beyond 1750, this story seems plausible. There is a "Sussmilch" family site which picks up part of this story and claims that "Sussmilch" is one of the spellings of the name, and includes among like spellings "Susmelj", of which name there is a family in Patagonia that I have never met. If you have, or have access to, any other information, please let us know. On a personal note, my Susmel grandfather died when my father was a little boy, though we did meet his brother who also lived here and a sister that we visited in Trieste. My father and my grandmother did recollect that he spoke with a particular accent (not an Italian, one) that they did not identify as "Italian" but more like "German" (both languages were used in the educational system in Gorizia - Goerz before World War I). My father was a Mathematics Professor and later an executive with IBM. Unfortunately, he passed away earlier this year. One of my brothers is an Economics Professor in Houston, Texa,l USA; another one, Alvaro, is a civil servant in our Congress; my sister, Nuria, is a professional economist, and I have a graduate and post-graduate degree in law, though most of my work now is in financial advisory services. We are all in our forties and all of us have children, five of them carrying the Susmel name, three boys (ages 20, 16, and 8) and two girls (15 and 4). There are other cousins in the family, which descend from my great-uncle.
It is a pity that you did not look for us when you were in Buenos Aires; I am sure my father would have had you over for dinner and a long chat about family history with all of us in the family. Thank you again for your lines.
Francisco Susmel

Re: Susmel family search

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Dear Pietro:

further to my prior message, you may contact my brother Alvaro at or myself at Alvaro's Italian is much better than mine and he has a lot of information on the family tree and the names of other relatives in the Trieste / Gorz area who are involved in this kind of research. And if you happen to come back to Buenos Aires for a visit, please let us know.
Francisco G. Susmel

Re: Susmel family search

Pietro De Marchi (View posts)
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Dear Francisco

I've been very pleased in reading both your e-mails.
To night I'll inform my mother about the interesting news that I've received from you today.
I'm sure she'll be happy,because,due to her age,she had to give up her investigations upon her ancestors.
She isn't fond of computers and she will never write an e-mail,but she's the one who asked me to go ahead on the path.
Even Lucio is interested about the origins of his family and very soon I'll make a call to inform him about what you've written to me.
I'm very sorry that I haven't been able to meet you in Buenos Aires.The reason is that,at that time,nobody knew that the family vine had gone that far.
Thank you for Alvaro's address.I'll send him an e-mail.
If you'll have the chance of travelling to Italy,please come and visit me in Rome.
Never mind about Italian:English and Castillano will be more than enough to understand each other.
All my best

Re: Susmel family search

B. Lapajne, Ph.D. (View posts)
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Just to add some variety to the mix, you might be interested in knowing that the Susmel surname appears in Slovenia today as 'ŠUŠMELJ'. There are over 4 people with this surname in Nova Gorica (across the border from Gorizia), 2 in Logatec, 1 in Ljubljana and 1 in Komenda near Lj., to name just a few. Rather than having a German or Bohemian origin, it is quite possible that the family has Slovenian origins. If one were to check old tithe records for the Gorica/Gorizia area, it might be possible to determine how far back the surname goes in this area.

Re: Susmel family search

Francisco Susmel (View posts)
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Surnames: Susmel
Dear Dr. Lapajne:

thank you very much for your message. There is also a "Susmelj" family living in Patagonia, here in Argentina, but I have not been in touch with them. The explanation about the possible German origin was provided by a German genealogist. The "move" out of Germany, for those that were Catholic, was set around the time of the Reformation, so anyway the famiy could have been in Slovenia and around for four centuries: time enough to have spellings adapted to the region. The limited family lore received from my great uncle and great aunt did include a reference to the famiy having come to the area a two or three centuries ago. But the Slovenian origin is also perfectly possible, as you well point out.

The president of the Securities Depository in Lubljana once approached me at a meeting of the International Organization of Securities Commission many years ago and told me that she was originally from Nova Gorica and that she had had "Susmel" classmates in school (she did not mention any different spelling, but we did not go into that). Over the years, people from Generali Assicurazione and Banca Commerciale Italiana (now Banca Intesa), also based in Trieste, would also recognize the name: on the Italian side, there was no difference in the spelling.

In church records, the first ancestor we have found mentioned in the Church of San Rocco, in then Goerz, was already spelled "Susmel", in the middle of the 18th century. His profession was given as "mauer" (mason). A few "Google" internet searches have provided information going back also to the same period for "Susmel" in the region. Nothing further back, but neither my brother nor myself have done any "field" research.

Thank you very much for your help.

Very truly yours,

Francisco Susmel

Re: Susmel family search

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Surnames: susmel, susmelj, šušmelj
Hi to all,
I am from Slovenia, from Logatec. My surname is Šušmelj.
There are eleven people having this surname in Logatec. We are all related. Our ancestors are somewhere from Gorizia or near by.
My grand grandpa moved to Logatec between first WW. He married my grand grandma, and was mobilized. He died somewhere on frontier in Rusia. My grandpa never saw him, he was only few weeks old when his father died. Considering this was only connection with ancestry, which was broken when grand granpa died, I am not really familiar with my ancestry.

Marko Šušmelj

Re: Susmel family search

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Surnames: Susmel

Family legend goes that there was a baker in Gorizia, who had 4 sons. There was not enough work for them in their father's business, so only one of them stayed in town and the other three sons moved out in nearby villages and settled there.
So there are 3 "branches" of this family still traceable in the Gorica/Gorizia surrounding towns. I really don't know, could also be that the business was closed and there were only 3 sons after all.
My earliest known ancestor was Blasius (Blaž) Susmel, who was living in the nearby Ravnica, about 5 miles from Gorica, born in 1751. He was a part of let's say, Ravnica branch, which also spread further to nearby villages. It is funny, how the priests misspelled the name at the baptisms, and it is documented, how in just few generations Susmel became Šušmelj.
(Susmel -> Sušmel -> Šušmelj)
The reason of this is a very sharp sound of this name for the local population, so they softened the spelling, I guess.

If I can help with translations, it will be my pleasure.

Best regards,


Re: Susmel family search

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Hello Franciso and others,

Because of life's other commitments, I haven't done much re geneaology for a while but hope to make some renewed progress.

My grandmother was a SUSHMEL, and she lived in Trieste. It is interesting to read these comments about the surname originating in Gorizia; in fact I met an elderly relative last year (in Trieste) who told me my grandparents were know as 'i goriziani' (the Gorizians). It seems to fit, cool.

Family lore is that it was German / Bavarian before the Gorizia period. If I learn any more, I will make a new post.


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