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George Washington Minnis Family 1800's

George Washington Minnis Family 1800's

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Surnames: Minnis
I have worked many years on my family tree. Of course there's a set of grandparents that I cannot find very much information about (I have most of their children's names)
However, I cannot seem to find much information about them (beyond 1870/1860 census).
I would love to figure out, just where my grandfather originated from? He is George Washington Minnis b.1830 d.1879 m. Priscilla Farley.
There no records previous to 1860/70, as if he possibly located from another state (Which Ive been searching as well) I hope someone stumbles across this and is able to open a "door"

Re: George Washington Minnis Family 1800's

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Your family were former slaves, so they won't be in the Census before 1870. In the book "Somebody Knows My Name, Marriages of Freed People of North Carolina", which are records of the former slaves as reported to each County after the Civil War, here is their marriage in Person Co.:


What you need to do is to research for possible slaveowners first by trying to locate any MINNIS slaveowners in records prior to 1870, and then by looking at their wills & estate records for the names of any of their slaves. While not all former slaves took the surnames of their slaveowners, it is a place to start, and the MINNIS surname was not a very common name. In looking at the US Census 1790-1940 for the surname of MINNIS, and then narrowing it down to "white" starting in the 1870-1860 census, you find that the majority of the names were in Orange and Chatham Counties. It is more than likely that your MINNIS may have come from one of the Orange Co. families, and that's where I would start looking at the Slave Schedules in 1860 and 1850, to see which ones of those families owned slaves. Once you've done that, then start looking for their wills & estate records and reading through them for a slave named WASHINGTON or GEORGE, and if you're lucky enough to find an inventory in the estate records, they sometimes include the ages of the slaves.
FamilySearch has some of the NC Estate Records and Probate Records online for various Counties, although not all of them are indexed, so one must do their own searching through the books for the surnames of interest. They have Person Co. Estates indexed, but I see no MINNIS, they don't have Orange Co. indexed. Both Person & Orange Counties are among the Probate Records, but none are indexed. The books that aren't indexed can be used by first looking for the time period of interest, and then seeing if the first few pages of the book has an index of the names included, then going to the pages indicated.
It takes a while, but I have been very successful at finding slave names and would advise that if you are truly interested in finding your family during slavery, it is well-worth your time to go through these various steps to locate them.

The link to the FamilySearch North Carolina Collections, which are free, but do require that you register to create a login to view images is this:

Deloris Williams

Re: George Washington Minnis Family 1800's

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Thank You !! So Much, I am definitely going to search deeper!
If you don't mind, I had placed a similar question in another area. Its for my other grandfather, would you be so kind to let me know what you might see out there?? (Ive been searching for years): John Snead b. 1846 d. 1931 m. Elizabeth Patrick (Brunswick County, NC)

Im also trying to find out what area they are from as well?
I would thank You SO Much if you were able to help me.

Re: George Washington Minnis Family 1800's

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I have a lot of SNEED/SNEADs in my family, but they were from Granville & Person Counties. In looking in the Census records, those Counties seem to have had the majority of the SNEEDs living there, but I don't know of any of the families going to the Brunswick Co. area, and the first SNEED of any race that turns up in Brunswick, appears to be JOHN & ELAY SNEED, black, both born abt 1855, I assume this is your family. Unfortunately too, according to the Cohabitation Marriage book, Brunswick Co. didn't comply with the law about recording former slave marriages, and there is only one small piece of paper with 9 marriages listed, none of them SNEEDs.

Again, it appears that your SNEEDs may have come from some other County, but looking at the previous Census, it's much more difficult to pinpoint a possible origin, if one is considering that their slaveowners were SNEED. It is always possible, too, that the SNEED name could have come from a female who married into a family in Brunswick Co., because often a woman brought a number of slaves into a new marriage from her own home.

The Slave Schedules for 1860, at least on, only has a couple of counties with SNEED slaveowners, but I don't see any SNEED slaveowners in Granville and I know for a fact there was one who had at least 50 slaves, so I suspect Ancestry has a transcription problem there; I've rarely found the SNEED/SNEAD surname transcribed correctly by them from any era. The 1850 Slave Schedule is a bit better, although I can't confirm they caught all of the SNEED surnames in the State, I do know of the ones in Granville, Person, and Johnston Counties, which account for the majority of SNEED slaves. In addition, I see 2-3 slaves owned by a Mary Sneed in Craven Co., and 1 in Richmond Co., also for a Mary Sneed. The SNEED slaveowners in Granville, were Richard & his son, William M. Sneed, who had lots of slaves; in Person Co., there was Thomas Sneed, the 1st cousin of Richard, and Lemuel Sneed,another cousin of Richard's, who only owned 3 slaves; and in Johnston, it was Robert W. Sneed, who I believe may have been distantly related to the Granville ones. These locations make it difficult to tell where yours may have come from since they are not near Brunswick, but the closest would be Craven and Johnston. I would suggest, too, that you continue to explore the census & slave schedules because, as I said, I'm not entirely sure that all of the SNEEDs were even listed in all of the Census because there seems to have been such difficulty for the transcribers to read them. (Whenever I find any of the names incorrectly listed, I make the corrections on Ancestry, and I've seen some doozies. Examples of some of the ways that I've seen SNEED/SNEAD transcribed on various Ancestry records are: SMITH, SNUD, SNOT, SUCK, SICK, SUCH, LIND, LUND, LYNCH,LOAN, LEEN,TUCH, TUD, TED, etc.)

I hope that this info will at least give you some ideas of where to turn next, and to try to use them in conjunction with the suggestions I gave in the previous messsage.
Also, if you haven't already, you may want to keep a map handy to consult the locations of the counties, it really helps in identifying the migrations of families.
A couple of NC maps can be found here:

There is a State Map about 2/3 down the page-if you wish, you may highlight and print the map:

1895 State Map:

This site also has individual County maps, click the button at the top of the page to get to the Counties.


Re: George Washington Minnis Family 1800's

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By the way, is this any of your family:

North Carolina, Deaths, 1931-1994:
Name: John Sneed
Event Type: Death
Event Date: 09 Aug 1931
Event Place: Leland, Brunswick, North Carolina
Birth Year:
Birth Year (Estimated): 1881
Burial Date: 10 Aug 1931
Cemetery: Johnson Graveyard
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Marital Status: Married
Race (Original): Colored
Father's Name: Jno. Sneed
Father's Birthplace: N.C.
Mother's Name: Elsie Patrick
Mother's Birthplace: N.C.
Spouse's Name: Elsie Patrick
Reference ID: cn 3
GS Film number: 1943041

And could this be your John & Elizabeth Sneed, even though it says "white", they sometimes get it wrong?

North Carolina, Marriages, 1759-1979:
Name: John Sneed
Spouse's Name: Alice Patrick
Event Date: 26 Sep 1870
Event Place: Brunswick, North Carolina
Race: White
Spouse's Race: White
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M74534-7
System Origin: North Carolina-EASy
GS Film number: 988929

The marriage date pretty much falls into line with the ages of the children 1st found in 1880 Brunswick Co. Again, you may already have some of this, but just in case, I did a quick search on FamilySearch and found a bunch of records on the Brunswick Co. SNEEDs in the Census, Marriage & Death Databases. Here is the link to the search I did, you should be able to further follow the Results; click onto the persons name to view the record, some are just transcriptions, others are actual images, which are indicated with a camera icon, I strongly suggest to view anything that has an image to it in any database.


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