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Anders Rudolph RUDE, Son of CARL RUDE

Anders Rudolph RUDE, Son of CARL RUDE

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Seeking any information on the parents of ANDERS RUDOLPH RUDE, born Circa 1813, in Copenhagen; came to Boston, MA (USA) in 1836. Was pastor of Evangelical LUTHERAN churches in Maryland, Virginia, & South Carolina. Died 21 May 1883 in Georgetown, Williamson Co., Texas. It has been reported that his parents were CARL & CECELIA RUDE of Copenhagen and that Carl may have held an honorary position of "royal" gardener. Any information regarding parents (or siblings) of ANDERS RUDOLPH RUDE will be greatly appreciated.
Ruth E. Dunlop, Euless, TX, USA

Re: Anders Rudolph RUDE, Son of CARL RUDE

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I’m not sure if I like your pastor ?

“In 1850 Rev. Anders Rudolph Rude was a Lutheran minister who held 7 slaves. Rev. Rude, a Swede (thank God, they don’t know he was Danish) who in 1842 served Shenandoah County as a Missionary of the newly formed Lutheran Synod of Virginia, settled at the hill south of the Shenandoah River, afterwards called Rude’s Hill, near the Steenbergen plantation, the recent home of D. Coiner Rosen.”

From his birth:
Anders Rudolph
Born: 25.10.1812
Chr.: 22.11.1812
F: Lars Andersen Rud - worker
M: Marie Blanck
København, Sokkelund, Vor Frelser; 1797 – 1813; picture 118 (original page 230).

His family in Census 1845:
København (Staden), Christianshavn Kvarter, Dronningensgade, Stueetagen, 226.
Lars Andersen Rude, 69, Married, Retired, Born in Ringerige, Hole sogn, Buskerud amt, Norway
Marie Blanck, 63, Married, His Wife, Born in Ringsted
Sophie Frederikke Rud, 25, Daughter, København
Jensine Emilie Rud, 22, Daughter, København
Peter Adolph Rud, 21, Son, Ships Officer, København
Thora Wilhelmine Rud, 14, Daughter, København

I did suspect with that surname that he was a Norwegian. Also, he was not in Denmark in 1801.

Marie however was born in Denmark. 1801 she may have been this servant with an old lady in Copenhagen:
København (Staden), Nørre Kvarter, Nørre Kvarter, , 891.
Anne Margrethe Wassermand, 70, Widow
Anne Marie Jørgensdatter Blanck, 18, Single, Servant

I did not find any of the family members in the 1834 or 1840 census.

Hope this will bring you forward. You should be able to find the birth of Anders Rudolph’s parents witout too much truble.

Best luck

Re: Anders Rudolph RUDE, Son of CARL RUDE

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All persons in the household

København, København (Staden), Christianshavn Kvarter, Dronningensgade, , et Huus No 226, St. etage, 1,


Name: Age: Marital status: Occupation in household: Occupation:

Lars Andersen Rud 63 Gift Formand ved Kgl. Grønlands Handel
Cecilie Marie Blauck?? 58 Gift hans Kone
Sophie Frederikke Rud 22 Ugift deres Børn
Carl Rud 18 Ugift deres Børn
Jensine Rud 17 Ugift deres Børn
Adolph Rud 15 Ugift deres Børn, fraværende i Coffardiefart
Thora Rud 8 Ugift deres Børn

groom's name: Lars Andersen Rud
groom's birth date:
groom's birthplace:
groom's age:
bride's name: Sidsel Marie Blanch
bride's birth date:
bride's birthplace:
bride's age:
marriage date: 27 Nov 1811
marriage place: Trinitatis,Kobenhavn,Kobenhavn,Denmark
groom's father's name:
groom's mother's name:
bride's father's name:
bride's mother's name:
groom's race:
groom's marital status:
groom's previous wife's name:
bride's race:
bride's marital status:
bride's previous husband's name:
indexing project (batch) number: M20105-7
system origin: Denmark-ODM
source film number: 44550
reference number:

Flemming Aasklint

Re: Anders Rudolph RUDE, Son of CARL RUDE

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There seems to be some uncertainty concerning the name of Lars Andersen Rud’s wife. I’ll do some more checking.

Actually I owe you a little more. The names of pastor Rud’s parents don’t fit. But he is for sure the only Anders Rudolph Rud born in Denmark for many years. I checked all parishes in Copenhagen 1810 – 1815 to be sure.

Concerning slaves; my 4 x great grandfather, Peter Hansen Koch (1745-1817), ships captain of Copenhagen, was deeply involved in slave trade from the Gold Coast (now Ghana) to the Danish Caribbean Islands (now US Sct. Thomas, Sct. Croix and Sct. Ian). He shares the first place for most ship travels (Danish based) with slaves!

The name “Ruud” (original Norwegian spelling) was pronounced with a long “u” (close to “food”). It means a place (homestead) where you have cleared away (often burned) the trees/bushes. The term is common in the Nordic countries as the ending of old place names (-rud, -röd, -ryd). The Buskerud Fylke (county) in Norway was swamped with places ending “–rud”. Even the name of the fylke itself. A “rud” could be a very small settlement with only a few families; sometimes only one. It was often used together with the patronym to identify persons/families within the parish.

In Hole Parish (Lars Andersen Rud’s birthplace) I found many places with –rud. But Lars Andersen home is referred to as Ruud only – most likely indicating that this place was the oldest (original) “rud” in the parish.

I’ve found his birth, confirmation and the wedding of the parents if you are interested. But maybe you prefer to look them up yourself ?


Re: Anders Rudolph RUDE, Son of CARL RUDE

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The only Sidsel Maria I could find from Ringsted is christened Apr. 12th 1781 in Ringsted.

The 1787 census shows her father as a widow:
Soroe, Ringsted, Ringsted Købstad, Ringsted, Nørregaden 94
Joergen Mouritsen, 43, Widow, Shoemaker
Jens, 9, Son
Sidse Maria, 7, Daughter

The mother obviously died between 1781 and 1787.

The (possible) parents were married Nov. 20th 1777 in Ringsted:
Shoemaker Joergen Mouritsen and Wilhelmina Dorothea Larsdatter, both born in Ringsted.

The surname Blanck doesn’t show here.
It will take a little more effort to find out if this is the right Sidsel Marie, and from where the name Blanck enters the scene. However, the name is present in Ringsted at that time (a carpenter Just Blanch, born ca. 1728, is in the 1787 census).


Re: Anders Rudolph RUDE, Son of CARL RUDE

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for your reply to my request for information about the parents of Anders Rudolph Rude. I have been searching for many years. He was my great great grandfather. Much of the information I have on him came from the book "Danske I Amerika" by Peter Sorensen Vig. Of course, this book is in Danish, which I cannot read, but was able to do an amaturish translation. The date you have for Anders' birth (25.10.1812) is the same. Anders' father was reportedly a gardener at Rosenborg Castle/Palace which is in Trinitatis Parrish, I am told. These things seem to fit. I know that some old Danish parrish records are now online, but most difficult for me since I cannot read Danish. Are you in Denmark? My grandfather, son of Anders, thought his grandfather was named Carl; Lars sounds somewhat like Carl, so maybe he misunderstood. I would really like to see where you found the birth record of Anders Rudolph; Can you tell me how to find it online?
I am a member of world wide. I will study all your emails to make sure I get everything correct. Thanks again. Ruth E. Dunlop, Euless, Texas, USA
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