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whitely family history

whitely family history

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I am looking for ancestors of William Whitely born in 1807 in Bedford co. Va. He was the son of John Whitely born 1775 in Bedford Co. Va. Mother was Susannah Tyler. William movved to Grayson Co. Ky and married Julia? Am searching for Julia's maiden name. They had children named Stephen, Martha, Elizabeth, Clarrissa and there may be more children but still researching this. If anyone has information on this family please help. Thanks Neal

Julia A Smith

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I have your family and her name was Julia A. Smith. Please e-mail me at, I would like to chat...

Elizabeth Whitely

Sue (View posts)
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Neal - do you have any info on Elizabeth Whitely, the daughter of William Julia A. Smith Whitely; and sister of Stephen? I am willing to exchange what very very little I have on my Whitely. I am still grabbing at straws! - Sue
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I will try to help figure out where your Elizabeth may fit into our picture. There are so many Elizabeth's, John's Williams in our family, it is unbelievable!

I have researching for several months now and have discovered much about our ancestors.

I will get back to you after the Holiday, and my work load getes lighter I will have some evenings to continue on, will get back to you. Mary Ann

Elizabeth Whitely

Sue (View posts)
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Mary Ann - I look forward to any assistance on my Whitely. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving. - Sue

message to Sue

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Dear Sue: I haven't had a chance to do much checking yet but do need to know a couple of things. Do you know the birthdate of your Elizabeth you are searching for? Stephen Whitely had a sister named Elizabeth and in the 1860 census it shows her to be 10 years old. That would mean that she was born around 1850. She was 10 when Stephen was 22. I know he had other sisters who were younger, Martha and a Clarrissa. Not sure yet as to their exact birthdate. In checking through the information at the Family History Center we discovered that there was an Elixabeth Whitely that had 2 illegitmate children, they were a John a William. At this point it is a possiblity that this Elizabeth was Stephen's sister but can't prove it yet. The census keeps showing these 2 little boys living with an Elizabeth Whitely, no husband listed. It appears that they were living with Stephen Whitely and Elizabeth Day Whitely and Stephen's stepmother Cinna Whitely in Grayson County Ky. Later the census shows that Elizabeth and husband Stephens moved to another dwelling close to the step mother. Still researching, am getting closer to discovering many things. Will keep you posted. Love Mary Ann


Sue (View posts)
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Mary Ann, Thanks for the reply. I do not know the birthdate of my Elizabeth Whitely, but her son, John, my great grandfather, was born Sept 10, 1854, so the Elizabeth Whitely b ca 1850,sister of Stephen could not be his mother. The Elizabeth Whitely you discovered with two illegitmate children--John and William--sounds more promising. My great grandfather John Whitely did have a brother named William who died circa five years of age. If the Elizabeth with the sons can be proven a sister to Stephen instead of the Elizabeth who is ten in 1860, then I would feel like we made it through a brick wall! I certainly appreciate any help. Thanks a heap. Sue


Eleanor Bratcher (View posts)
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I have read the information Neal wrote to you about and it is of the same information that I need please get in touch with me we must all be on the same track.. Eleanor Whitely of Ohio County. My father and grandfather was from Grayson Co. My fathers name was Roy and his father was Virgil Perry, and my father's grandfather was John Westley and his father was John possibly from Va. Please help me locating these people...Thank you Eleanor Whitely Bratcher

search fo rmore whitely's in jamaica?

caroline whitely-daugaard (View posts)
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I am from Jamaica, and have recently been turned on to this website. I find it interesting that there are so many whitely's here. Both my parents are deceased, and so I would love to pass any information on about my father and his side of the family.

Whitely in Jamica

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Dear Caroline: I would like very much for you to email me- Would be interesting to see if you are related, I have found many relatives through this message board. I would like to know your parentss names, etc.
Mary Ann
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