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John or Jose Pedro in the South Pacific

John or Jose Pedro in the South Pacific

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I am looking for informations about my grandfather, John or Jose Pedro.He came to the South Pacific in early of mid 18th century. He came perhaps on a whaling ship and settled in Tokelau. He had two marriages and his descendents are spread out in the South Pacific.

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hola : mi nombre es pedro jose sirias y tengo 30 años mi abuelo murio de 98 años y me conto que nuestro apellido era un seudonimo. por favor escribeme haber si logramos relacionar las familias por cierto mi abuelo se llamaba pedro como el tuyo .
espero respuesta gracias.

Re: John or Jose Pedro in the South Pacific

Margaret DePuy (Pedro) (View posts)
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talofani...meaning hello in Tokelau. My name is Margaret DePuy (Pedro). Pedro is my maiden name. My fathers name is Bob David Pedro. His grandfathers name is John "Johnny" Pedro from the Tokelau Islands. My fathers father David Pedro is the youngest of the second marriage to Selepa Vaopuka from Fakaofo Tokelau. Johnny Pedro came to Western Samoa via the Catholic Church as an architect. From W. Samoa he traveld to Fakaofo between 1860 -1865. He lived and died in Fakaofo. Im not sure what the date was when he died. I dont know if this is the info that you may have been looking for on your family. All i can tell you for the moment is that i come from an extremely large family and my sister and i have been searching for more info on the net regarding the Pedro clan. If the info here is any help to you regarding your family tree, im very interested in continueing this email with you privately. thank you for your time..tohani..MND

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Malo ni Margaret, My name is John Pedro from Wellington New Zealand. My father is Donald Pedro whose mother was Maamui Emily Pedro the eldest daughter of Selepa Vaopuka and Jose Pedro. It seems that we are related. It was fascinating to read your information regarding Jose Pedro. I have managed to learn that he passed away in 1921 on Fakaofo, Tokelau.

I too am interested in discussing this further privately. Look forward to hearing from you.

Alofa lahi atu
John Pedro

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Malo Margaret my name is ane and its quite funny because my great grandad is Filipo Lapana who comes from a line of Vaopukas but im not quite sure how he is from my fathers side and on my mothers side i am a decendant of Manuele the son of John Pedro whos daughter is Sulu and my grandmother is Taunese Epati and my mum is Fekei Ieremia so if you have any info on Selepa please contact me on it would be much appreciate

Alofa atu lahi

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Talofa everyone

My name is Tahirih Pedro Tuaree and I am the great grand daughter of John Jose Pedro from one of his sons Ioakima Jack Pedro who migrated from Tokelau to Kiribati and married a tuvaluan lady named Taase. My understanding of the family tree from my grandfather Kima Jack Pedro was that John Jose Pedro married three grand daughters of Vaopuka the king of Tokelau.Vaopuka had a son named Sakaio who marrid Kesia and have children, three of which are married to John Jose Pedro. John Jose Pedro's three wives are: Toniga- first. Siniva is second wife and Selepa is youngest and third wife. My grandfather is the oldest child of Selepa and second is his brother Fred Pedro, third is Ben Pedro, fourth is David Pedro, fifth is his sister Maamui Emily Esera Pedro (who resided in Fiji), sixth is Ana Iosua Pedro, seventh is Margaret Pedro Jennings, eighth is Luisa Pedro, ninth is Sania Pedro Sua, tenth is Iva Pedro. As for John Jose Pedro's first marriage Toniga, their children are: Manuelo(Manuele)Pedro Mr, Toniga Solomona Mrs,Rebecca and Suliana. From his second wife Siniva, they have three children: Petelu Pedro, Falani Pedro and Mele Pedro Pereira Mrs.

I hope this information helps and would be happy to learn more about the family ancestry.

cheers to you all


By the way all of Selepa and John Jose Pedro offsprings names have all been used in Kiribati, Marshall Islands and Tuvalu where Ioakima Jack Pedro's(my grandfather) offsprings resides. Names like David, Fred, Ben, Emma, Mamui. Iva, Luisa, Sania, Margaret are all common names in our family in Kiribati, tuvalu and marshall islands now.

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Surnames: Pedro
Talofa Pedros

My Name is Tahirih. My father's name is Don and my great great grandfather is Jose Pedro. the one who migrated to Tokelau.My great grandfather Ioakima Pedro is the son of Jose and Selepa the daughter of Vaobuka. My grandfather is the first born child of Ioakima Pedro and Taase.

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Malo ni MPT and the Pedro Family,

We have a family reunion in July 2010 over in American Samoa!

I have some questions:
1. When was Jose John Pedro born? 18??
2. What was the name of the town he was born in, in Portugal?
3. What happened to his daughter Iva Pedro? Her sister Maamui last heard that the she went to Australia with a Mr Grimble between 1926 and 1933, and was never heard of again.

Alofa lahi atu

Ko John David Pedro (Great grandson of Jose John Pedro)

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Surnames: Pedro
My name is Candie Holt I am the daughter of Tekina Pedro Holt. My Grandfather Edwin Pedro the son of Kima Jack Pedro and Tase Pedro. Whoever knows about the family reunion in American Samoa in 2010 please let me know me know my mom would like to attend.

Kind Regards,

Tahirih Pedro Tuaree ,
My mom would like to speak
with you she gives her regards
with much love, I want to let you know
that Aunty Faleteu passed away January 10,2007
please let us know your email address to keep in contact.
Say hello to everyone!

Tekina,Keaton,Candie, and Utimawa

Re: John or Jose Pedro in the South Pacific

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Hi Candie,

I am married to John Jose Pedro's great great grandson Samuel (Maamui's line). I know little about the Pedro family tree. However, if you follow the link below you should find all the information that you require regarding the Pedro Family reunion that is to be held in American Samoa, July 2010.

I hope this helps with your query.

Kind regards,

Charlotte Peni
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