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Leblanc and Stansbury family information

Leblanc and Stansbury family information

Molly Dorsey (View posts)
Posted: 1074658348000
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Surnames: LeBlanc, Stansbury
I am looking for anyone who might have information about my father or ancestors or family of my grandmother and grandfather. Father was Wilmer R. "Tut" LeBlanc, creator of "Little Altar Boy Named Speck" cartoons. Died 1953 in Abbeville. Grandmother was May Stansbury LeBlanc, born in Perry, La., I believe. Died in Abbeville. Sister to Lilly and "Aunt Boo". Grandfather was Albert LeBlanc, no information known. Am just beginning research on family tree and any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Re: Leblanc and Stansbury family information

Kristi Stansbury (View posts)
Posted: 1084072170000
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I am not sure that this will be any help considering that I am in the same boat you are in. My father passed four years ago and the Stansbury name from what I know was from Germany, they went to Holland to escape persecution, and then came to Maryland centuries ago. If it helps my fathers name was Dalton Anthony Stansbury Jr. and he was born around Welch, LA. This is all I can help with sorry.

Kristi S Stansbury

Re: Leblanc and Stansbury family information

Posted: 1088299165000
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Surnames: Leblanc, Stansbury
I'm not sure if this will help either. My great grandfather was named Albert LeBlanc b Dec 1893, d Feb 1988. He was born in Vermillion Parish, and died in Abbeville. He was married to Elva Eugine Stansbury, born in Oct 1895 and died about Oct of 1989. His parents were Ulgena LeBlanc and Emma Toups. Her parents were Joseph Stansbury and Lucie Sherman. I don't know if that will help or not (names sometimes are reused in families), or if we're barking up different trees<g>. Good luck to you!

Re: Leblanc and Stansbury family information

Posted: 1097379195000
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If you didn't know there is a great record called the Southwest Louisiana Records, by Rev. Donald J. Hebert.that has many vital records for Louisiana that are so important to finding out parents.

If your ancestors date back to early 1900's on back in time see if you can find someone who will either do a lookup. It is one resouce if you have not already tried to use, use it. You may be surprised at what you may find.

Re: Leblanc and Stansbury family information

Regina Landry (View posts)
Posted: 1104615073000
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I've done a little research on the Stansbury family of Perry's Bridge. May Alice Stansbury was the daughter of Albert Stansbury (born July 3, 1848 and died April 11, 1909) and Florestine Ferray. Albert was the youngest son of Albert Stansbury, Senior and Eliza Ann Dugan. Albert Stansbury, Senior and Eliza Ann Dugan's oldest daughter, Margaret Elizabeth Stansbury (my gt. gt. grandmother) married William Acy and moved to Ascension Parish where she died in 1865. I have a little more information and would like to compare with research you have collected during the year.

Did you know that there is a writeup on the family of Albert Stansbury, Sr. in the "History of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana" published by the Vermilion Historical Society in 1983. There is even a picture of Albert Stansbury, Sr.

Re: Leblanc and Stansbury family information

Terry Larson (View posts)
Posted: 1104654836000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Stephens, LeBlanc, Hebert, Clarke in Vermilion Par
There was a Joseph Taylor White whose daughter married a Stansbury.
From <> I got the following information:

Oh but there is a connection with the Whites in a round about way or with James Taylor Smith (JTS for easy reference) to the Smith family
Nancy Smith daughter of Silas, Sr. married William Wallace the uncle of JTS. William is therefore a descendant of Whites being the son of Whittington Wallace and Lucy White.

Silas son Seth married Susann e Dugan/ Dugast. In the Vermilion parish census she is living with her children in the Stansbury household. It turns out that this household is Uriah W. Stansbury' s home and Susanne is Uriah's sister. Uriah grew up and married Sarah Smith the daughter of JTS and first wife Emily/Emma Hargrave.
In the 1850 Vermilion Par Census, I found:

Lucy Wallace 15 (See Cessac, P.)

Widow Albert Stansbury, 44 $500 (Maryland)
Summerfield Stansbury, 15 (La. )
Uriah, 14
Susan, 12
Robert, 10
Sarah, 6
Elisa, 5
Albert, 3
Widow Susan Smith, 39
Robert Smith, 11
Thom as Smith, 9

In the 1870 Vermilion Par Census:

Summerfield Stansbury 36
Rachael 35 (Maryland)
Clara 13
Henry 11 (m. Rosa Feray)
Robert 7
Mary 5
Iva 2

Henry Webb 28 (Virg.)
Thomas Stansbury 31
Avie 32
Grove 2
Edin 4/12
Uriah Stansbury 32
Eliza 62 (Maryland)
Leonard 1
John Fletcher 17
Albert Stansbury 21
Florestine Feray 17
Treville Stelly 44
Angelina 41
Adam 18
Lucy 16
Marie 13
Bolislas 9
Sybil 6

Washington Wallace 10 (See Gibson, S.)
Henry Webb 28 (Virg.) Schoolteacher (See Stansbury)
Joseph weekly 47
Louise 40
Eduarine 17
Frank 15
John 14
Eve 11
Azaime 7
Azalie 5
Alvin 1
William White 34
Lou 23
Joseph 3
Maggie 1
Melaine Faulk 25 f
Isaac 14
Lillie 12
Melimicen 9
Martha 6
Solomon Faulk 55
Denise 50
Clarice 16
Constance 12
Ann Fletcher 51 (Md.) (See Jitton, I.)
John Fletcher 17 (See Stansbury, U.)
Study this information because it may give you a clue or two that will give you a direction to research.

Terry Larson

Re: Leblanc and Stansbury family information

Ann Stansbury (View posts)
Posted: 1119854458000
Classification: Query
How can i get a copy of this "History of Vermilion" for the article and picture?

Leblanc and Stansbury family information

Posted: 1119876613000
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I'm probably repeating what others have said, but look at It's a wonderful website and you can order "History of Vermilion Parish" from there.

Re: Leblanc and Stansbury family information

Terry LeBlanc Larson (View posts)
Posted: 1119894133000
Classification: Query
Surnames: LeBlanc Hebert Stephens Trahan

My Dad, Alton LeBlanc, was born in 1911 in the area of Perry's Bridge in Vermilion Parish. On his baptismal certificate is listed the name of Warren Stansbury as a Godparent or sponsor. Dad was the son of Ignace LeBlanc and Inez Hebert. Would you happen to know who this Warren Stansbury was?
Dad's Paternal Grandparents were Olivier LeBlanc and Clarisse Natalie Trahan, Maternal Grandparents were Alfred Hebert and Josephine Stephens.
I know that the Stansburys were connected somehow to the Stephens. I think that my dad's great Aunt, Julia Stephens, was married to James Taylor White who had connections to the Stansburys. Just hoping to add some more interest to the family history. Any information you could add would be helpful.

Terry LeBlanc Larson

Re: Leblanc and Stansbury family information

Linda Bruce (View posts)
Posted: 1119896125000
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Hello Cousin Terry, just a small correction please. My greatgrandma Julia Ann Stephens-Dudoit-Smith was married to James Taylor SMITH...not White. As far as I know it was SMITH.
There was a James Taylor White involved in our searches, but think that may be where JTS got some of his name. Also his mother, we think, was a Wallace/Wallis.
I wish you luck on your Stansbury query cuz....take care hon.

Linda Bruce
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