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Missing Death Certificate

Missing Death Certificate

Posted: 1351506981000
Classification: Death
I have just tried to obtain a death certificate from 1863 and received the following reply from the GRO

"There is no trace of the above mentioned person at the reference you quoted."

I have double checked the index details which are correct.

The death was suspicious, could it be that death certificates for unusual deaths are held elsewhere? Maybe there was a coroners inquiry but I believe the coroners records have not been preserved.

Re: Missing Death Certificate

Posted: 1351508907000
Classification: Query
Can you put the persons name and the district so that we can have a look before giving advice?



Re: Missing Death Certificate

Posted: 1351510342000
Classification: Query
Hi Sandra

The details are

Mary Wilson

Oct/Nov/Dec quarter 1863
Vol 1b
Page 54

Re: Missing Death Certificate

Posted: 1351515002000
Classification: Death
Edited: 1351515194000
Surnames: Wilson
I thought you may have just used the transcript on Freebmd or Ancestry and not checked the original image to see if there had been a transcript error.
I looked on Ancestry and the transcript there is as you say and Freebmd will be the same as that is what Ancestry use.

So I checked the images on Ancestry and there is something wrong with their image files. They are missing some pages so if the record office are using ancestry images they will not find her. Possibly the GRO have lost some files.

Images of Deaths in Ancestry
Image 125, Page 166 WILLIS to WILLOUGHBY
Image 126 Willoughby to WILLS
Image 127, Page 167 WILLS to WILMER
Image 128 WILMET to WILSON Agnes
Image 129 Page 174 WILSON Female to WIMPENNY

They are missing pages 168 to 173 and the reverse of those pages and so have left out most of the WILSON entries.

Then I checked the images via Freebmd and she is there as you can see on the attachment. I suggest you call the GRO and explain.


Re: Missing Death Certificate

Posted: 1351515273000
Classification: Query
Hi Bryan

yes I noticed the same thing, I got confused by ancestry so tried freebmd and found her.

Didnt realise that GRO might use Ancestry, I have sent them an email asking for further info but they could take a week to reply, guess I'll have to wait

I wondered if they had trouble finding the actual certificate because of the unusual circumstances

Re: Missing Death Certificate

Posted: 1351517769000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1351520944000
Hi Alex, a further thought - have you checked what you asked for initially?
Possibly you did a tpyo when filling in the original request form.


Re: Missing Death Certificate

Posted: 1351520776000
Classification: Query
Hi Bryan yes I did, it was when I double checked that I spotted the error on ancestry.

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