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Isaac Ramsey, Sr. and Thomas Ramsey, Sr. of Edgefield District, South Carolina

Isaac Ramsey, Sr. and Thomas Ramsey, Sr. of Edgefield District, South Carolina

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Surnames: Ramsey
Seeking information on Thomas Ramsey Sr., birth approx. 1756-1765, death 1823-1829 Edgefield District, South Carolina. He lists wife Lavina and daughter Lavina and "the Rest of my Children" in his will.

He had land on Reedy Creek by 1802, where it branched off of Cuffytown Creek in the northern part of Edgefield District, close to the border with Abbeville District. He had land on Cuffytown Creek by 1801, which he may have inherited from Isaac Ramsey Sr. or bought directly.

He was listed on the 1790 Census as Thos Ramsey in Edgefield, 1800 census as Thomas Ramsey in Edgefield, 1810 census as Thomas Ramsey in Edgefield, 1820 census as Thomas Ramsey Sen. in Edgefield.

Isaac Ramsey Sr. birth date unknown.

He had land on Cuffytown Creek near Beaverdam Creek by 1767 , land granted 4/10/1771 on Sleepy Creek, mid-upper Edgefield County, about 7 miles from his land on Cuffytown; memorial 5/25/1771 for the land granted the month before; land granted 10/15/1774 on Sleepy Creek; land granted 12/15/1784 on Cuffytown Creek. Land granted either to Isaac Sr or Isaac Jr 1801 on Sleepy Creek for land that had been surveyed in 1770. Neither Isaac appears on the 1800 South Carolina Census, but at least one Isaac, if not more were living across the state line in Columbia County, Georgia by 1803. Not sure if it's the same Isaac(s) or not, since according to deed records the land was granted to an Isaac Ramsey in 1774. The said land was bounded by Randall Ramsey and James Sims.

Any information on these two and/or their parents, wives, children, etc. would be appreciated.

Shanna M. Francis

Re: Isaac Ramsey, Sr. and Thomas Ramsey, Sr. of Edgefield District, South Carolina

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Ramsey, Worthington
I believe the senior Isaac Ramsey's wife's name was Sarah (LNU) and land records show him in the area by 1763. I am descended from Randall Ramsey which was likely the son of Isaac Jr or Thomas Sr. I have been trying to find answers in the land records. I have many records from Edgefield District but I need to search records for Abbeville District (they lived on the border of the two districts and I know of at least one land transaction that was recorded in Abbeville instead of Edgefield even though the land was in Edgefield). I'll just dump out all the records I have that mention the Ramseys in this one area (many family relations are mentioned).

Deed Book 1: 1786-1790 Edgefield SC
Pp: 10-16. 16 Mar 1768: Isaac Ramsey and Sarah, his wife of Colleton Co. SC to William Martin for 200 pounds, sold 100 acres in Berkley Co. SC on Ninety Six branch of the Saluda River. Said land originally granted 17 June 1763 to James Johnson and sold by James Johnson and Sarah, his wife, to Isaac Ramsey by L&R 9 & 10 Dec 1763. S/Issaac Ramsey, Sarah (R) Ramsey. Wit: Elisha (X) Brooks, Neome (N) Wood, William Christie, who swore by oath 17 Mar 1768 before John Savage, J.P. Rcd. 17 Mar 1790.

Grant of 157 acres on a branch of Cuffee town Creek, Branch of Stevens Creek by the State of S. C. to Isaac Ramsey. Certified the 10th day of Dec. 1784 by Bennett Crafton Dept. 7, Surv. E. Breman, Survr. General. Given under the Great Seal of the State, William Moultrie Gov. and Com. in Chief at Charleston the fifth day of June 1786. This tract adjoining lands held by James Henderson. John Vanderhorst, Secretary.

Pp 614-617. William Glover of Georgia to James Rushton. L&R, 9 May 1785/ 10 May 1785, 85.14 SC money, 183 acres on Cuffeetown Creek adj land of John Bostick, Richard Brooks, Isaac Ramsey, part of original grant unto Elisha Brooks 12 August 1768. Wit Nathaniel Henderson, Eli Thornton. /s/ William Glover. Proven 10 March 1790 by Eli Thornton; John Moore J.P. Recorded 22nd April 1797.

Pp 166-169. Anthoney Cooper and wife Mary to Thomas Ramsey. Indenture, 19 September 1793, 40 SC money, 417 acres granted to sd Anthoney Cooper 7 February 1791 on Reedy Creek of Cuffeetown Creek adj David Cunningham, Isaac Ramsey, John Murphey, Colonel Gervey, Eli Thornton, Federick Weaver. Wit James McMillan, Isaac Ramsey. /s/ Anthoney Cooper, /s/ Mary (x) Cooper. Proven 12 January 1794 by Isaac Ramsey; James Harrison J.P. Rec 24 March 1800.

Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine Vol LVI January, 1922
P. 369 10309. Henderson – This record was found in the Clerk’s Office, Edgefield, S.C. viz: “We, Rebecca Henderson, Thomas Henderson, Eli Henderson, and Nathaniel Henderson, of Warren Co, State of Ohio, sell to Enoch Brazeal ‘Rev.’ 677 acres of land on Coffeetown Creek, being a part of the land granted to Nathaniel Henderson, deceased, date 1809. Witnesses: John Stott, Willis Kelley, Ezekiel Hollingsworth.” This land was in Edgefield Co. Nathaniel Henderson’s will recorded in 1803 mentions w Rebecca, sons Richard, Thomas, Wm., Eli and Nathaniel, and dau Mary Ramsey, Martha Hollingsworth and son-in-law Thomas Cook. Wife and Thomas Cook executors. Dated Oct, 1801. By putting the will with the deed, it shows that part of the family moved to Ohio; perhaps Priscilla of the query might be a dau of this family. – Mrs. Susan B. Hill, Edgefield, S.C.

Pp. 492-495. Henry Horlbeck of Charleston, brick layer, to Thomas Cook & Thomas Ramsay. Deed, 21 January 1801, $300, 193 acres adjoining Thos Ramsay, Nathaniel Henderson, James Henderson. Wit Robt Finney, William (x) Ramsey. /s/ Henry Horlbeck. Justice John Cosper Falker certifies relinquishment of Margaret Buckingham Horlbeck. Proven 21 Jan 1801 by Robert Finney; William Turpin J.P. Rec 23 March 1801.

Pp. 71-72. Isaac Ramsey of Abbeville District to Edward Kirksey. Deed, 27 November 1801, $80, one hundred acres bounded by lands of Thomas Pincket, Conerly, & sd Ramsey. Wit John Logen, Thomas Youngblood. /s/ Isaac Ramsey. Proven 27 November 1801 by Thos Youngblood; Wm Robertson J.P. Rec 4 Nov 1801; Rd Tutt C.C.

P 152. Thomas Ramsay, planter, to Joseph Cook, planter, 21 May 1803, $84, eighty-four acres on Cuffeetown Creek bounded E by land of sd Joseph Cook, N by Thomas Cook, NW by land granted to Lawrence Mark, being part of a tract whereon sd Thomas Ramsay now lives and which was granted to Anthony Cooper. Wit John Adams, Rebeckah Adams. /s/ Thomas (T) Ramsay. Justice John Lyon certifies the relinquishment of dower rights by Lerena Ramsay wife of Thomas Ramsay, 21 May 1803; /s/ Lerna (T) Ramsay. Proven by John Adams 21 May 1803; John Lyon JQ. Rec 6 June 1803.

P 155. Isaac Ramsay, planter, to Joseph Cook, 1 April 1800, $225, eighty-five acres on Beaver Dam Creek, NW of John Fort (Holt?), NE on Daniel Sullivan, NW on Beaver Dam Creek, other sides joining Thomas Cook, it being part of a tract whereon sd Isaac Ramsay now lives, originally granted to John Brown. Wit Thomas (T) Cook, James Sandefur, Judiah (x) Sanderfer. /s/ Isaac Ramsey. Justice John Lyon certifies the relinquishment of dower Mary Ramsey wife of Isaac Ramsey 21 June 1803; /s/ Mary (x) Ramsey. Proven by Thomas Cook 16 June 1802; Jas Harrison JP. Rec 6 June 1803.

P 164. Mary Ramsey to Patrick Sullivan. Abbeville District, 29 April 1803, Justice Fleming Bates certifies relinquishment of dower rights by Mary Ramsey wife of David Ramsey, 116 acres sold by her husband to Sullivan 4 November 1797, /s/ Mary (M) Ramsey. Rec 5 January 1804.

P 178. James Ramsay, planter, to Frederick Williams, planter. Deed, 23 February 1805, Twenty Five Dollars, Forty four acres on the waters of Sleepy Creek of Savannah River, bounded N by Thomas Youngblood, the other sides by sd Frederick Williams’s land, and was granted to sd James Ramsay on 3 December 1804. Wit James Walker, John Dorn. /s/ James Ramsay. Proven 2 August 1805 by James Walker Junr; William Robinson J.P. Rec 4 Nov 1805.

P 239. James Ramsay, planter, to John Dunn, Deed, 23 February 1805, Nine hundred sixteen dollars, two plantations containing by the original surveys five hundred sixteen acres, situated on Sleep Creek of Savannah River bounded at time of survey SW on William Matthews, W on unknown, SE on Hutchison, NE and SE on Youngblood, NE on Thomas Eveleigh, NW vacant, and was granted to Samuel Ramsay by two grants one for one hundred acres 10 April 1771, the other for four hundred eighty six sixth November 1786, and at the death of sd Samuel Ramsay the two tracts afsd descended to Matthew Ramsay his oldest son and was left by will of sd Matthew Ramsay now decd to sd James Ramsay. Wit Gilbert Faulkner, James Walker. Proven 3 March 1807 by Gilbert Faulkner; Alexr Bean J.P. Rec 4 August 1807.

P 443. Allen Glover to Daniel English, Deed of coveyance , 26 September 1806, Five hundred dollars, one hundred acres on waters of Beaverdam Creek adj land now belonging to Thos Ramsey, Jesse Harris, and Braseel. Wit William Hollandy, Eli Henderson. /s/ Allen Glover. Proven 10 March 1809 by Eli Henderson; [name of justice of peace has been cut from the bottom of the page]. Rec 13 June 1809.

P 333. Isaac Ramsey to Jacob Youngblood, Deed of Coveyance, 30 December 1799, twenty five pounds sterling, 15 acres on Beaverdam Creek par of 100 acres originally granted to John Brown 31 August 1774; also 75 acres being part of 157 acres originally granted to sd Isaac Ramsey 5 June 1786. Wit Thomas (x) Ramsey, John Harkens. /s/ Isaac Ramsey. Proven 9 May 1813 by Thomas Ramsey, Das Williams J.P. Rec 13 May 1813.

P 234. Theophilus Goode and his wife Priscilla Goode to Michael Corley. Deed, Putnam County, Georgia, 3 April 1811, late of Columbia County, GA but now of Putnam, Three hundred Dollars land on Ready Creek a branch of Cuffeetown Creek bounded by lands of Thomas Ramsay, Rooks land now belonging to Thomas Berry, original grant made to Anthony Cooper 22 February 1802 by His Excy John Drayton, tested by Peter Bremar Dep Secy. Wit Eli Champion, William Corley, William D Lane JP. /s/ Theophilus (x) Goode, /s/ Priscilla Goode. Putnam County, Georgia, Justice William D Lane certifies relinquishment of dower rights by Priscilla Goode 3 April 1811; [no signature]. Proven Edgefield District, 18 March 1815 by William D Lane; Robert Walker JP. Rec 29 March 1815.

P 356. Eli Thornton to William Thomas, Deed, 20 October 1815, Four Hundred Dollars, 200 acres adj lands of Henry Weaver, James Hollingsworth, Thomas Ramsey, Thornton, Rasha Manby, Cannon, on waters of Cuffeetown Creek of Stephens Creek. Wit Hugh Mosley, John Timmerman. /s/ Eli Thornton. Proven 16 December 1815 by Hugh Mosley; Edmd B Belcher J.P. Rec 3 March 1817.

P 357. William Thomas Jr to Menoah Wetherington, Deed, 17 January 1816, Five hundred ten Dollars, 200 acres adj SW on Henry, S on James Hollingsworth, E on Thomas Ramsey and Jacob Thornton, N on Phillip H Manby, NW on Carson, lying on Reedy Creek of Cuffeetown Creek of Stephens Creek. Wit Hugh Mosley, James (x) Thomas. /s/ William (x) Thomas Junr. Proven 9 February 1816 by Hugh Mosley; E B Belcher J.P. Rec 3 March 1817

P 154. Mary Ann Ramsay, to her granddaughter Mary Ann Barton dau of Willoughby Barton who is married to my youngest daughter Sarah, Deed of Gift, 30 May 1818, Negro woman Sally with her increase. Wit Charles Goodwin, Chas Goodwin Junr. /s/ M A Ramsay. Proven 13 June 1818 by Chas Goodwin; M Mims C.C.P. Rec 13th June 1818.

P 115. Jacob Thornton of Abbeville District to Menoah Heathington, Deed, 25 December 1819, One hundred fifty Dollars, 67 ½ acres on Cuffeetown Creek adj Thomas Ramsay, sd Heathington, heirs of James Hollingsworth. /s/ Jacob (x) Thornton. Wit Robert Perrin, Abner Perrin Junr. Proven 1 Apr 1820 by Abner Perrin jr; William Thurmond JQ. Rec 3d April 1820.

P. 108 Thomas Ramsay to Starling Deen. Ramsay for One hundred fifty Dollars sold to Deen One hundred thirty eight acres being part of tract originally granted to Antony Cooper lying as shown on plat. 27 April 1822. /s/ Thomas Ramsay. [no witnesses]
Plat by Jas Carson D S at request of Thomas Ramsey shows adjoining land of Hugh Mosley, Jacob Miller, Joseph Fergason, Randel Ramsey, lying on waters of Cuffeetown creek of Stephens Creek. 22 April 1822.
Proved 2 May 1822 by Samuel Timmerman who saw Thomas Ramsay and James Carson sign with himself. William Thurmond JQ. Rec 3 May 1822.

Pp. 161-162 Thomas Ramsey Senr to Jesse Ramsay. One hundred fify Dollars in hand paid by Isaac Ramsay, one hundred thirty seven acres, being part of land bought by Thomas Cook and Thomas Ramsey from Henry Horlbeck. 22 March 1822 /s/ Thomas (x) Ramsey. Wit /s/ Jas Carson, Jacob Miller.
Plat of Thomas Ramsays 137 acres shows adj owners Brazel, English, heirs of Philip Steifel, John Ramsay and road from the south to Hamburgh.
20 March 1822. /s/ Jas Carson D S.
Proved 12 April 1822 by Jacob Miller; Robert Walker J P.
Recorded 24 June 1822.

Pp. 299-300 Isaac Ramsey to John Harris. Deed. For Six hundred fifty Dollars in hand paid by John Harris, Ramsey sold one hundred thirty seven acres, being part of land purchased by Thomas Cood and Thomas Ramsey from Henry Harlbeck 22 April 1823. /s/ Isaac (x) Ramsey. Wit: /s/ Jas. N. Casey, /s/ James Carson.
Proved by James Carson who saw Isaac Ramsey and James N. Casey sign. Sworn 22nd April 1823. /s/ Jas Carson. Saml Perrin J.Q.
Justice Saml Perrin certified release of dower by Sally Ramsey wife of Isaac Ramsey 9th May 1823. /s/ Sally (x) Ramsey.
Recorded 28th Decr 1825.

Edgefield District, S. C. - Deed by Isaac Ramsey to William Weatherington for 81 acres on Reedy Creek adjoining lands of Thomas Randall Ramsey, Randall Ramsey, Jas. Hollingsworth and Isaac Ramsey, for the sum of $325.00. Wit. Sterling Dean and Jacob Miller. Dower was signed by Sarah Ramsey by her mark, before Jas. Carson, J. Q. of Abbeville Dist. Dated Nov. 7, 1825. Surveyed by Jas. Carson, D. Sr.

P. 316 William Weatherington to William R. Miller. Mortgage. For One hundred sixty five Dollars fifty cents paid by William R. Miller sold him eighty one acres adj. lands of Randal Ramsey, Isaac [Binding], Thomas Ramsey, James Hollingsworth, place whereon sd Weatherington lives. Condition that if William Weatherington repays Miller on 1 January 1829 with interest, the articles herein contained shall be utterly void. 12 February 1827. /s/ William Weatherington. Wit: Wm H. Buffington, /s/ Robert Lanier.
Proved 12 February 1827 by William H. Buffington. J. Harrison J.Q.
Recorded 5th March 1827.

Thomas Ramsey gives deed to Wade S. Cothran for his interest in tract of land deeded to him and his brothers James Ramsey and William Ramsey by their grandfather, Thomas Ramsey, Sr. deceased, for the sum of $50.00. Dated Nov. 16, 1835. Wit. Jas. G. Sheppard and Jacob Miller. Sworn to Mar. 2, 1836 before Jas. Carson, J. Q.

FROM "DAVID RUSH AND HIS DESCENDANTS," PAGE 202 – (Original old land records in the hands of Mrs, Mag Aiton Agnew)
Deed by John Rodgers and Dower by wife, Caroline A. Rodgers, to Wesley A. Miller for 81 acres of land in District of Edgefield on Reedy Creek, adjoining lands of Capt. James Hollingsworth, John B. Johnson, and lands given by Thomas Ramsey, Sr. to sons of Thomas Ramsey, Jr. for the sum of $250.00. Witnessed by: Wade S. Cothran and Jacob Miller. Dated March 2, 1836. Before James Carson, J. Q.

Frances Ramsey Deed to Wade S. Cothran for her share of her brother’s estate. William Ramsey with his brothers James and Thomas inherited the estate of their grandfather, Thomas Ramsey and William died a minor and Frances, his sister, inherited one fifth of his share which she sold for $20.00. Paper dated Apr. 2, 1844. Wit. S. M. Bradford and J. W. Spikes.

Re: Isaac Ramsey, Sr. and Thomas Ramsey, Sr. of Edgefield District, South Carolina

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Hi Craig:
I am sure based on circumstantial evidence that I belong to this family.
I have a lone Elizabeth Ramsey born ca 1792 in possibly SC. I believe that sisters are: Susannah (she's older but I wonder), Charity and Rebecca and possibly an Isaac. All the girls married cousins of the Hollingsworth family who resided nearby Edgefield and vicinity. The girls migrated to Miami County, Ohio early 1800's. Richard Henderson was also in the area and I believe that he is an uncle to the girls and his sister, Mary Henderson (probably their mother) married Isaac Ramsey. I could write a book on the whole thing as it is one enormous tangled web and difficult to explain.

What kind of information or knowledge do you have regarding the Isaac Sr and Jr? I have been digging around and know about these men and they had business dealings with the Thortons, Hendersons which all migrated to Miami County and then onward to Vermillion, Indiana. The Quaker influence was heavy in these areas. Ramsey do not appear to be Quakers.

Re: Isaac Ramsey, Sr. and Thomas Ramsey, Sr. of Edgefield District, South Carolina

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Craig: We are of the Henderson line. Mary Henderson (born in VA either 2/1763 or 9/1762 ((daughter of Nathaniel Henderson (1744-803) married Thomas Ramsey. According to Nathaniel Henderson's will, they were given land in the Cuffeecreek area. We were recently in South Carolina (family history searching in the Edgefield area. We didn't have the time to specifically locate the property that the Henderson's had, but we did find a Henderson Cemetery. There were about 30 stone grave markers (just names) and 4 marked graves (2 Hendersons, 1 Canfield, ?) It may be that some of your Ramsey's may also be burried there. If you're interested in pictures or to follow up with the Henderson/Ramsey relationship, please contact me.

Re: Isaac Ramsey, Sr. and Thomas Ramsey, Sr. of Edgefield District, South Carolina

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Surnames: Ramsey, Henderson
Very interesting. Yes, I am interested in any information you have. The Hendersons and Ramseys lived adjacent to each other back into the 1700s right during the time that I'm search the hardest on. Do you have a copy of that will? I am a bit surprised that it shows Mary married to Thomas. I have seen that Mary became a Ramsey - I just wasn't positive who she married. One of the records I have listed shows an Isaac Ramsey having a wife Mary - I assumed maybe that was who she married. It all gets a bit confusing - there were at least 3 Thomas Ramsey's maybe as many as 5 - and there were at least 2 Isaac Ramsey's. Thomas Sr was married to a Lerena (LNU). They had a son Thomas Jr - maybe that is the Thomas she married. I know that Thomas Jr had 3 sons James, William, and Thomas, and a daughter Frances. Any information you can provide would be a huge help - I would love to get a copy of that will.

Re: Isaac Ramsey, Sr. and Thomas Ramsey, Sr. of Edgefield District, South Carolina

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Nathaniel Henderson
JamesCHendersonadded this on 31 Mar 2008
Nathaniel was born while his parents were still in Virginia.The Bush River MM minutes show he was recieved June 28 1777 on certificate from the Cane Creek Meeting (North Carolina) dated Dec 11 1779. His marriage to Rebecka(h) Thornton is recorded in the Cane Creek MM on Dec 22 1762 and reported on 3 January 1763 as "orderly accomplished". Cane Creek was formed on Oct 31 1751 and is still active. Cane Creek is located near Snow Camp Alamance County North Carolina on the Greensboro-Chapel Hill Road.
Box No. 39 Pkg. No. 1540
Nathaniel Henderson Will
Thomas Henderson Exec
July 29th 1803
In the name of God Amen I Nathaniel Henderson of the County of Edgefield and State of South Carolina Planter Being Very sick and weak in body but in perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God Calling unto mind the mortality of my body and Knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hand of almighty God that give it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian Burial at the discretion of my executors nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as touching such wordly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life I give devise and dispose of in the following manner and form first I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Rebekah whom I likewise make and ordain my Executor my Land and tenements where I now Live and a certain part remaining over and above that part which I propose for my son in law Thomas Cook whereon he the s/o Cook now lives together with all my movable property I also constitute and ordain my well beloved sons Richard and Thomas Henderson my executors of this my last will and testament Secondly I give and bequeath unto my well beloved sons William and Richard Henderson the sum of twenty shilling sterling to be paid out of my estate by my executors thirdly I give and bequeath to my Son Thomas Henderson all my lands lieing and being between the Beaverdam Creek and the dry branch together with one mare and Colt which he now claims I also give to my Daughter mary ramsey one cow and colt I also give unto my Daughter Martha Hollingsworth three cows and Calves and one two year old heffer and one year old mare colt to martha. I also desire that the dowery bequeathed to my wife at her decease to be equally divided between my two youngest sons Eli and Nathaniel Henderson and I hereby utterly disanul revoke all and every other former testaments wills legacies bequeaths and executors by me in anywise before named willed and bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifeteenth day of October 1801 Signed sealed and published and pronounced in the presence of
Thomas (his mark) Cook
Reuben Taylor
Nathaniel Henderson (Seal)
_______________________________________ __
South Carolina
Edgefield District By John Timkins Esquire Ordinary
Personally appeared before me Thomas Cook who being duly sworn do make oath & say he was present and saw Nathaniel Henderson sign seal Publish and deliver the within to be his last will and testament & that the said Nathaniel Henderson was then of sound and disposing mind and memory to the best of this Deponents knowledge and belief and that he saw Ruben Taylor sign his name as a witness thereto at the request of the Testator. At the same time Qualified Thomas Henderson Executor
Given under my hand at my office
the Sixth day of June 1803
Jn Timkins Q.E.D
South Carolina
Edgefield District By Jn Timkins Esquire Ordinary
These are to authorize and empower you or any threee or four of you whose names are here under written to repair to all such parts and places within this State as you shall be directed by Thomas Henderson Exec - - - - - - - - - of the late Nathaniel Henderson -- Dec'd wheresoever of the Goods & Chattles of the said Dec'd are and or do remain within the said parts and places and which shall be shown unto you by the said Thomas Henderson - - - - - -- and there view and appraise all and every the said goods & Chattles being first sworn on the holy Evanglilist of allmighty God, to make a true and perfect Inventory and Appraisement thereof, and to cause the same to be returned under your hand or any three or four of you to the said Thomas Henderson -- - - - - - - - - - - on or before the Fifth ______ Day of August now next ensuing dated Sixth ____________ day of June Anno domini one thousand Eight Hundred and Three and the Twenty Seventh year of American Independence -----------
To Thomas Henderson , Jacob Youngblood Joseph Cook& Eli Henderson Apprais --
Jn Timkins Q.E.D
Warrent of Appraisal - Memorandum this 23 day of July one Thousand and Eight Hundred and Three
Personally appeared befor me William Roboinson Esq one of the Justices assigned to keep ther peace in the said District on the Estate
Nathaniel Henderson Dec'd
Thomas Henderson, Joseph Cook, Eli Henderson, being of the appraisers appointed to appraise the goods and Chattles of Nathaniel Henderson Deceased who being Duly Sworn made oath that they would make a just and true appraisement of all and Singular the goods and Chattles ready money only excepted of Nathaniel Henderson Dec: as shall be produced by the Executors of the Estate of the said Dec: and that they would return the Same certified under their hands unto the Said Executors within the time prescribed by Law.
Wm Robinson (seal)
A true and perfect Inventory of all the Chattels and personal Estate of Nathaniel Henderson late of South Carolina in the District of Edgefield Dec'd made by us whose names are hereunto Subscribed the 23 day July 1803
D(ollars) C(ents)
Martha Hollingsworth 10 head of Cattle -------------------- 45 =
Do one mare ----------------------------------------------- 130 =
Mary Ramsey one Cow and Calf ----------------------------- 9 =
Thomas Henderson one mare and colt -----------------------200 =
Twenty one head of Cattle ------------------------------------ 80 =
Twenty four head of hogs --------------------------------------36 =
One mare and colt ---------------------------------------------60 =
One Horse ----------------------------------------------- 20 =
One mare and year old colt ----------------------------------- 50 =
One horse ---------------------------------------------- 100 =
Some Geese ---------------------------------------------- 15 =
One Wagon and Tackling ------------------------------------ 150 =
One set of Smith Tools ------------------------------------------ 80 =
Some Carpenters Tools ------------------------------------------ 20 =
Two Cutting Boxes --------------------------------------------- 6 =
One Whipsaw and Crosscut -------------------------------------- 12 =
Four Axes ---------------------------------------------- 7 =
Some Iron and Steel ---------------------------------------------- 9 =
Some plows and hoes ---------------------------------------------- 20 =
Carried forward $ 1049
(page 2 )
Brought forward $ 1049
One Grindstone --------------------------------------------- 3 =
The pots oven & kettle --------------------------------------------- 12 =
Some Shoemakers tools & some Sickles ----------------------------- 5 =
One Spinning mashine --------------------------------------------- 30 =
One Loom & tackling --------------------------------------------- 12 =
Some Hogsheads & Barrels ----------------------------------------- 10 =
Some Leather -------------------------------------------- 4 =
Fifeteen Chairs -------------------------------------------- 5 50
One gun and Shotbag -------------------------------------------- 8 =
One Table -------------------------------------------- 3 =
One cupboard & Crockware ----------------------------------------- 12 =
The kitchen furniture ------------------------------------------- 25 =
Two cotten gins ------------------------------------------- 3 =
One sidesaddle ------------------------------------------ 8 =
One bed and furniture ------------------------------------------ 50 =
One Do ------------------------------------------- 25 =
One Do ------------------------------------------- 30 =
Two Do ------------------------------------------ 40 =
One Chest & two Trunks ------------------------------------------ 5 =
One Cotten Wheel & reel ------------------------------------------ 2 50
Two Slates ------------------------------------------ 1 =
Two Seythes & Cradles ------------------------------------------ 3 =
Some Riddles & Sifters ------------------------------------------ 2 =
One ewe & two lambs ----------------------------------------- 2 =
One Matlock ------------------------------------------ 1 50
Amt to Carrie for'd $ 1351 00
(page 3)
Brot forward $ 1351
One Logchain ---------------------------------------- 3 50
One flaxbreak ---------------------------------------- 1 =
One hackle ----------------------------------------- 1 50
Total Amt $ 1357 00
Thomas Henderson
Joseph Cook
Eli Henderson

Re: Isaac Ramsey, Sr. and Thomas Ramsey, Sr. of Edgefield District, South Carolina

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Surnames: Ramsey
If you're still around here, I have a document on Thomas that you will find very interesting and informative.

Re: Isaac Ramsey, Sr. and Thomas Ramsey, Sr. of Edgefield District, South Carolina

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Surnames: Ramsey
I think I am in this line of the Ramseys but I'm not sure. I know the I'm from the Marion Thomas Ramsey line (from South Carolina that died in LA). If this is the same line, can you please lay out who married who and what not. I'm new to this whole thing, and very confused.

Re: Isaac Ramsey, Sr. and Thomas Ramsey, Sr. of Edgefield District, South Carolina

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You sound like you might be from the line of Samuel & Eleanor Ramsey. They had children that migrated to a northern Parish of LA. There were quiet a few of them there and they went down in history as having the longest ongoing and multiple death feud in America's history, before relocating out of the Parish area. So you'll want to do your homework on Samuel of Edgefield and see where it leads you.


Re: Isaac Ramsey, Sr. and Thomas Ramsey, Sr. of Edgefield District, South Carolina

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Surnames: Ramsay, Ramsey

Anyone have a copy of this Plat? I'd like to compare it to another one I have and will send you a copy back of it.
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