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Organizing genealogy docs

Organizing genealogy docs

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How do you organize your paper genealogy documents? I have scanned nearly all my docs, e.g, birth, death, etc. but have binders full of the originals. Does anyone have a good way of organizing these by family or something? Thanks?

Re: Organizing genealogy docs

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would love to know how to do this also........i see no one answered your original post.......someone out there help us..


Re: Organizing genealogy docs

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My way might not work for everyone but I create a folder for each person. Within each persons folder, I order it by date ascending so the Birth cert first and anything older goes behind.

When there are documents for multiple people like a marriage license, I create two copies and put a copy in each person's file.

Re: Organizing genealogy docs

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I would use the scanned copies as "working copies" and if you want to make binders print off your scans.

It may be tempting fate, but all of my originals (some 100+ years old) are in a metal box. Should there be a fire there is more chance of survival and all databases are backed up off-site (USB stick in desk drawer at work)

In answer to your question... I keep all docs in folder by type (birth, death etc) and then organised by surname alphabetically. This works for paper and electronic files

hope this helps

Re: Organizing genealogy docs

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My computer files are pretty organized (not so much for the paper) this is the method I use:

1. on my hard drive there is a folder for each surname

2. Within the surname folders are separate folders for each individual. I use the following naming convention: Last Name, First Name Middle (birth year-death year)

Example - Smith, John Joseph (1850-1926). This helps to differentiate between people with the name name

If its a female, it's Maiden Name, First Middle, Married Name (birth-death). Example, Jones, Mary Alice, Smith (1855-1900)

3. Within each of those individual's folder are scans of all documents, pictures - everything is scanned. The scanned files are named for the individual like so: Smith, John Joseph (1850-1926) - Census - 1930 US Census

it was an absolute pain in the rump to initially set up, but now there is no problem finding someone or knowing what file pertains to who. If a file pertains to more than 1 person a copy is in each person's folder on the hard drive.

Also, I have a Mac so for any file or folder you can right click and add notes about the file or folder - those notes are searchable so I use those extensively as well.

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