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Looking for Family of Althea Whitmore

Looking for Family of Althea Whitmore

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Surnames: Whitmore, Parmelee
Althea married Nathaniel Parmelee, likely bet. 1782 and 1790, probably in or near Newtown, Ct. Both were b. in 1761. They are found in the 1800 census in Newtown. Seven children are known, all of whom raised families in Newtown area. Nathaniel was the son of Stephen and Hannah Tousey Parmelee, but Nathaniel was only 8 when his father died, and I find no Parmelee or with alternate spelling in 1790 in Newtown. There is a James Wetmore in 1790 in Newtown, and a James Whitmore in 1800 in Newtown. This James Whitmore, wife and children seem to be near in ages to the Nathaniel Parmelee family. Perhaps this James is a brother to Althea.

Any information with regards to this family greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Re: Looking for Family of Althea Whitmore

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Hi Kate, your info on Nathaniel appears to be incorrect. The Nathaniel Parmelee that married Althea Whitmore in Newtown, Fairfield, CT. was born 2 May 1694 In Guilford, New Haven, CT., son of Stephen Parmelee & Elizibeth Baldwin.
See Parmelee Family in Families of Early Guilford, Connecticut, Vol. II

Attached is page from the book " Newtown's history and historian, Ezra Levan Johnson"
you read it online or download from:

I will look at FHL film of Newtown church records tomorow, will let you know if i find anything on Whitmore.

Re: Looking for Family of Althea Whitmore

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Hello Larry,
The dates of birth for the Parmelee children range from Rufus 28 Dec 1792, to Polly Ann 15 May 1807. I have been successful in locating all of them with their wives in mid 1800's census data. Nathaniel and his family first appear in Newtown in 1800, with appropriate tallies.

With due respect for "Newtown's History and Historian, Ezra Levan Johnson",
Nathaniel b. 1694, while I'm sure he was a remarkable man, could hardly have fathered children born 100 years later.

The person from whom I got my information gave me the descent of Olive as Stephen (1669) and Elizabeth Baldwin;
Stephen (1714) and (2)Hannah Touc(s)ey, (1) Elizabeth Sharp d.1754;
Nathaniel (1761) and Althea Whitmore;
Olive (1794); my ggg gm.

He also gave me death dates for Nathaniel (1834) and Althea (1837) with burials in Huntington Cemetery, Newtown.

My questions seem still to be with the mysterious Althea Whitmore.
I continue to wonder if Althea (1761) as I have been given, is related in some way to James Whitmore, also in 1800 Newtown census. Althea is not a common name, and another Althea Whitmore, (m. Rev. Joseph Lamson) was daughter of Rev. James, and sister of James and Timothy, both staunch Loyalists who migrated to Canada following the Revolution. The name Althea is carried on in that family. James, the Loyalist, had a son James who would be the correct age for the one found in the 1800 Newtown census. While information on other children of Loyalist James is available, I've been able to find little on this son James, and nothing that confirms that he went to Canada with the others in 1783. Thanks very much for your reply. I am grateful for your help and appreciate your checking church records.

Re: Looking for Family of Althea Whitmore

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Hi again Larry,
I've just reviewed "Families of Early Guilford, Vol. II, and find that the descent I gave you for Nathaniel (1761) is correct, although Nathaniel (1761), who I believed married Althea Whitmore, has no wife named, and no further information is given about him. However, the Nathaniel (1694) who Ezra Levan Johnson says married Althea Whitmore, also has no wife given and no further information is given about him either. Nathaniel (1694) is the oldest brother of Stephen (1714), who is father of Nathaniel (1761). Ezra seems to have confused the uncle with the man who fathered the children born @ 1800 in Newtown. Which Nathaniel married Althea will have to be determined by other sources.
Isn't this fun? Thanks again,

Re: Looking for Family of Althea Whitmore

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Yeah, confuzion is normal in the early records. i`ll be lookin at the film this afternoon, some of the pages are hard to read but i`ll see what i can find.
The first of the Whitmore family i find is Thomas Whitmore who was in Charleston, Mass 1639, a descendant of his, Joseph Whittemore removed from Charleston to Mansfield, CT. abt 1698. Will need to trace the line of Thomas.

Re: Looking for Family of Althea Whitmore

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The newtown church records might just add to the confuzion. There are no births & marriages recorded before 1743. There are some earlier records of the society meetings. First i found of Parmelee name is mentions of Stephen Parmaly & Nathaniel Parmalee about 1734 - 1735, Hiram Parmalee and Rufus Parmelee are appointed to church committies ( names of Nathaniel`s sons listed by Ezra) no indication if they are either young enough to be sons on Nathaniel or old enough to be brothers but were of adult age. Hiram & Rufus names appear many times thru the years into the 1800s, it almost looks like Nathaniel 1694 & Nathaniel 1761 had children with the same names. There is a mention of Hiram Parmelee Jr. & wife Betsey in 1828.
I found only 3 BMD records:
"Jan 7 1760, died, Nathaniel Parmelee, aged abt 70 yrs."
"Nov 15 1770, died, Noah Parmelee, aged abt 70 yrs."
"Eloice Parmele, dau of Nathaniel and Althea Parmele was baptized Oct 7 1801."

This shows Nathaniel 1761 did marry an Althea but still unknown surname.
I found no mention of the name Whitmore/Wetmore or any variation of the name in the church records.

As commonaly found in early CT. records here is a gap in the records between 1776 to 1800, the period of the Rev War when births & marriages were not recorded.

Re: Looking for Family of Althea Whitmore

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Some more Parmelee BMD entries in Newtown Curch Records, Vol 6.
1829, Sept 13, Hulda Susan and Laura Ann, children of Hiram & Betsey Parmele
1830, Jan 3, Laura Ann Parmele*
March 7, Theodore Sherman, child of Levi & Polly Parmele
1831, Feb 28, Polly F. Parmele*
Peter Beers, child of Hermon & Polly Parmele
1833, Feb, Frances, infant daughter of Levi & Polly Parmele
John, infant son of Hiram & Betsey Parmele
1836, Jan 31, Alva Winton, infant son of Hiram & Betsey Parmelee
1839, May 12, Amanda Jerusha, infant daughter of Levi & Polly Parmelee

1828, Feb 13, Bradley B. Hull to Eloisa Parmele
1830, Oct 17, George Botsford to Louisa Parmelee
1836, Dec 28, Charles Short of Woodbridge to Julia Ann Parmelee of Newtown

1868, Oct 14, George Botsford died, funeral attended Oct 16, aged 59 yrs.

* no parent given, may be adults?
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