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Jackie Meadows O'Brien (View posts)
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Does anybody know the name of the little cemetery by the side of Highway 9 between Nixburg and Equality in Coosa County? It is much nearer Nixburg than Equality

Does anyone know the history of this cemetery? Does anybody know the cemetery I am talking about?

Thanks for any information.

Old Nixburg Cemetery

Thom Robinson (View posts)
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Classification: Query
I occasionally travel this road, located in COOSA COUNTY, AL, while going to and from Montgomery. I stopped, out of curiosity, about two months ago and did a quick visual survey of this cemetery. It's in a pretty bad state of disrepair, but many of the graves and headstone markers are still readable. Surnames visable include: NEWELL, SMITH, ROBBINS, KENDRICK, HARRISON, LITTLE, MOORE, MARTIN, CRAWFORD, WALKER, AND MITCHELL. A few inscriptions I jotted down:

Daniel ROBBINS July 24, 1795 to March 1, 1851, born in NC
(Our Father)
Sarah ROBBINS December 25, 1807 to October 27, 1896, born in VA (Our Mother)

Mary MITCHELL December 11, 1888 to November 2, 1922

Mother & Son
Emily MITCHELL 1873 to 1936
Cary MITCHELL 1915 to 1936

Ira D. MARTIN April 28, 1883 to December 23, 1908

Nancy HARRISON, wife of Anderson H. KENDRICK and daughter of Henry and Frances MITCHELL, Dates Illegible

Laura Louisa, daughter of Anderson H. and Nancy Harrison KENDRICK, November 15, 1838 to August 17, 1853

Hopes this helps. If this raises any suspects for you, I'll be glad to stop the next time I travel that way and do some further investigation.

Old nixburg Cemetery

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My husband surveyed the property it was on. Very old lady had 60 + acres. And sold it. Then realizied she sold the cemetery. Had to go back and mark lines, and she bought it back.

Story was all of her family was buried there. She was a "old maid" never married. Family there for genereations.
Surname of BLUE ( not sure of spelling).

I made a copy of the survey and put in the the cemetery book at the Coosa county Courthouse in Rockford. This probably does not help. The fenced in area is not the whole cemetery, rocks mark graves behind that and that there are alot of unmarked graves on the left side we were told closest to the road are blacks and behind them are slaves most of these are just rocks.(goes back in the woods)

One very interesting thing I found was a Mason that was a Jew. It has both symbols on the crypt.

This cemetery next to a church that is long gone, dont know the name could not find it. (Kendrick, I think).

Sorry, I could help more


Kendrick Ancestors (African American)

Virginia M. Jones Robinson (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Kendrick
I have been researching my Kendrick relatives. They were from Alabama. I have some information which brings me to Coosa County. Who was Anderson Kendrick? The information I uncovered does have him buried in Nixburg. Is there a Shiloh Baptist Church nearby? His wife was Nancy Harrison. Their children were named Maria, Julia, Anderson and Laura Lisa. Did they own a plantation which was serviced by blacks?

I have the names of several other Kendricks listed in Coosa County, Alabamma, circa 1866. They are Daniel, Russel (Barrell), Amber, Fountain, Robert, Charlotte, Embrough, Loosa, Lucinda, Spencer, Phillips, Jenry, David, Burrell and Arenna. My interest lies in Robert Kendrick, if these Kendricks are African American.

Additionally, I am trying to locate information on KENDRICK CLAY AND ASSOCIATES?

If anyone has any information regarding any of the above please contact me by email.

Thank you,

Virginia M. Jones Robinson

nixburg cemetary

scott martin (View posts)
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Surnames: robbins
this cemetary was donated to kendrick memorial church in the mid 1800's by soloman robbins which is buried there with his second wife of ten children. the four boys were all killed in the civil war. his old home which still stands is about 100 yards behind the cemetary. i would like to know who owns it now in anyone knows.


L. Howard (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Kendrick
Do you have any information on the Cemetary in Nixburg, as in location. Any information would be appreciated.


L. Howard (View posts)
Posted: 979992000000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Kendrick, McKinney
My great-great grandfather is Joseph Kendrick-McKinney, whom now deceased, born mid 1800's. His mother's given slave name was Lucy Kendrick. His father a slave master, first name is unknown. His mother Lucy later married a McKinney. I am trying to find any infomation that you may have pertaining to the Kendrick Family. Thank you.

Re: Kendrick-McKinney

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Surnames: Kendrick, Williams
I have a Joseph Kendrick listed in the 1866 Colored Census-Coosa County, Alabama. You will find him on Sheet 10, Page 67. He might be the one for whom you are searching. I ran across the name of Lucy during my research. I will try to look into my notes and find what I have on Lucy.

Much Luck,


Re: Kendrick-McKinney

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Lucy Leonard had two kids by a master Kendrick. Alex McKinney claimed Joseph and Evalena as his step kids, but they took on the McKinney name so Rev. Joe McKinney aka Papa Joe McKinney. I think Lucy is from Joseph and Biddy Leonard I am on this family tree.

Re: nixburg cemetary

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I've stopped by this cemetary once. Being a Robbins descendant, it has always been of interest to me. I have images of the markers and would love more information on the house of Soloman which is supposed to be 100 yards away. I don;t remember it. I would like more info on where Scott obtained his information about Soloman and his family!
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