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Surnames: Noetzelmann
I am the great great granddaughter of Rudolph Noetzelmann. Hans was my grandmothers father. I would love to come into contact with some family.

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Hello all Noetzelmann's. Here are some e-mail addresses for you. Several of you have already begun to chat. There are a lot more (which I will give you when you reply to me) so I encouage you to start talking and get your personal records in order because I'm bringing a website on line very soon dedicated to Noetzelmann's world wide. Once on line there will be a standard format to follow so you can let everyone else know who you are and what's going in your life. Cordula, Felix, Gerhard and Roland are excellent contacts in Germany. Remember the time difference though. Anywhere from 7 to 8 hours ahead of us on average (you know that).
Stephaine Lynn (Noetzelmann) Cisneros in Colorado
Cordula Noetzelmann in Germany)
Fred Noetzelmann
Jeremy Noetzelman in Washington state)
John Paul Noetzelmann in Oklahoma
Kristina Noetzelman - Jeremy's wife
Gerhard Noetzelmann in Germany
Roland Noetzelmann and family in Soltau Germany
James and Adele Noetzelman in Washington state
Carrie Gay
Urs Noetzelmann in Germany
Uwe Noetzelmann and family in Germany
Xenia Noetzelmann in Germany

My research shows that the Noetzelmann's who came to America came from West Prussia (we all knew that). The earliest Noetzelmann's I have found are from that area although I believe I have found Noetzelmann's going back to the 1600s (and farther) but cannot say so offically until my search verifies such.

There are two sets of Noetzelmann's who came to America. The first group settled in the Great Lakes and upper midwest region of the country (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota) which favors more of the climate that they lived in. They have records throughtout that part of the country. Randy Noetzelmann mentioned baptismal records in Illinois. Those are for the Noetzelmann's who settled in Minnesota. They also have records at which is the LDS website.

The second group that came to America are the children of Peter Noetzelmann who lived in Klein Zappel, West Prussia. Peter once came to America to visit his children and then returned to West Prussia. Peter's children settled in Nebraska. Peter was married twice and in the second marriage he had a son named Rudolph Otto Noetzelmann. From Rudolph and Anna (his wife) come the rest of us. In the 1980s a family history was done and several of us have a copy it. If you don't have one check around and someone can make a copy and send it to you. It really needs to be scanned and then made available electronically.

When discovering new names keep in mind that several earlier Noetzelmann's shared the same first name. There are Noetzelmann's in both regions with the same first names. There is more than one Henry, Otto, John, Matthew, Julie, etc.

If you are looking for where Klein Zappel is today it is in modern day Poland. It is now called Czapelki. Nearby towns/villages are Czaple {Gros Zappel}, Sartowice, Gorne, Wiag, Ernastewo and Swiecie. A geographical locator is Jez Wiekie (Lake Wiekie). There are also other Klein Zappels in Poland and Prussia. The Kries (county) is key to knowing which Klein Zappel you are talking about. Also remember that through time the old Prussian names have disappeared although some remain. After World War II this area was ethnically cleansed of it's German and Prussian population.

Try to learn what administrative record keeping was like during the time our ancestors came to America and you can uncover a gold mine of information. Hint: Klein Zappel, Schwetz, Prussia then is today Czapelki, Swiecie, Poland.

We still have one Noetzelmann relative living in Poland today. His name is Franciszek Noetzelmann and he lives in Torun, Poland. He and his father were born in Schwetz (Swiecie). I have received and sent several cards and letters to him and his family. Please do the same:

Mr. Franciszek Noetzelmann
Reja 42/1
87-100 Torun Poland

Frank is a professor at the University of Torun. A simple word search using "Noetzelmann or Noetzelman" in a search engine such as will bring up the University website. He does not have personal e-mail. You can also write to his daughter (Ilona Noetzelmann) at the same address above.

I also have a website which I receive numerous messages from about Prussia, but I don't have it handy at this moment. If you contact me I will look it up though.

Goodbye for now. Alles Gut. John Noetzelmann

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Noetzelmann Update: I forgot one address and have a couple of new ones:

Jeanne West living in Wyoming is my cousin

NOTE: Jeanne can provide addresses for her mom (my Aunt) and one of our Aunt's - Shirley and several other cousins).

James Otto Noetzelman living in Snohomish Washington
Sarah Maree (Noetzelman) Boden is the second child of James and Adele Noetzelman. Her husband's name is Peter. She is a nurse, he's a software engineer. They live in Spokane Washington
Bethany Joy Noetzelman is the third child of James and Adele Noetzelman. She just finished college and is with her parents in Snohomish for a while before heading to the east coast to work at an equestrian training facility.

You can also contact Christina Noetzelman through This is James and Adele's youngest daughter.
Susanna Mae Noetzelmann my baby.

If you want to reach me from 0630 - 1500 (3:00) Monday through Friday you can at:

God Bless all of you. Alles Gut. John Greggory Noetzelmann

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Updated e-mail addresses:
Desarae jackson
Randy Noetzelman

More will always be coming.


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felix (View posts)
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don`t forget the originally German version with an Ö
Nötzelmann. =]

have you got something like a family tree or any other similiar things about the Nötzelmann`s who lived in prussia around 1800-1900?
I would really like to get some information, but after the war many books got destroyed. even if the west prussian books should still exist, it would be hard to find out about where they are now.

as far as I know the Nötzelmann`s were just servants like Dienstmädchen (the women) or Knechte, Tagelöhner (the men). The ancestors of mine moved away to German Mecklenburg around 1920. So I can`t explain to myself why they moved. I read that 1919/1920 some prussian areas became polish, but perhaps it may have only been poorness that made them go.

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Hallo Felix. Sorry I took so long to answer. Since your posting I have added more Noetzelmann names and continue to do so daily. I was working on a website, but did not have my data ready to test the site. I was trying so hard to get a website up and running that I got ahead of myself. It has been discountinued until I can get my data ready. At this time I have traced four Noetzelmann branches back to Kreis Schwetz in West Prussia (1771-1772). I also have many smaller branches from Kreis Kulm and other Kreis' in the early to mid 1800's. I have so many names that I will be needing help from Noetzelmann's everywhere. My current plan is bring the website up, post the Noetzelmann names I have and ask for help from Noetzelmann's everywhere in putting our family tree together. This will help bring many of us together and give everyone a chance to tell our story. John

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from germany (View posts)
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that`s great!!!! i`m really looking forward to it!
when will you release the page?

welcome Noetzelmann's

Rand Noetzelmann (View posts)
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John! you have done an incredible job.Yes I'm still here.I unfortunatly have been in a marathon of surgery.I WILL BE back soon.It's so wonderful to see the Noetzelmann's come together from all over the world.I always look forward to hearing from you or any of our famlly.Please use my e-mail at guess I should clarify who I am for those that don't know me. I'm Christ Henry Noetzelmann's son.My full name is Randy Chris Noetzelmann.I'm so sorry I haven't been able to keep in touch lately.I have one more back surgery then I should be good to go.Thanks John for all that you have done for our family.Keep up the good work :) I look forward to seeing you all again.last time i was just a farmers kid in missouri. All my love,Randy

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Hallo Randy. I did not know you were having back surgery. I will pray for your health. I love you very much. I also need an operation. It is a major undertaking and I will continue to wait as long as I can. Some days I have a lot of trouble. A lot of Noetzelmanns are coming together now. I have designed the website. Three Noetzelmanns in Germany will help with the translations. I must get it up and running very soon. You are a fine man from a wonderful man your father. I love your father very much. I spent many good days around him when I was younger. My aunts and uncles are pillars in my life along with my father John Rudolph and our grandparents Henry and Ethel. First is our King Jesus and after that everything comes together very nicely. I will stay in touch with you at I love you. John

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Hello my name is Andrea I am the great granddaughter of Ottilie Noetzelmann who was the daughter of Peter & Wilhelmine. I am looking to connect with this part of my lineage and find out more info about Peter and his family.
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