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DUMAS,Albert Woods;Houma,ALA;b1876

DUMAS,Albert Woods;Houma,ALA;b1876

Joseph Dumas (View posts)
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Wed., Nov. 3, `99


Are there descendants of Albert Woods Dumas, Sr., out there?

He was born 9 September, 1876, to John Sumpter Dumas in Houma, Louisiana. 
If memory serves me, John Sumpter Dumas first appeared in the 1880 census --
a resident in Railroad Avenue, Houma, where he's listed as a "sugar boiler."
  Reportedly, John was born a slave on one of the two Magnolia Plantations
in Houma.  [John Sumpter Dumas'death certificate was filed in Louisiana,
1918, and he was buried in Houma.]

In 1899, a medical degree in-hand, Albert Dumas, Sr., put out a shingle in
Natchez, Mississippi. A couple of years later, 1902(?), he wedded Cornelia
Marcella Harrison of Vicksburg, Mississippi.  He practiced community
medicine in Natchez until his death, October 1, 1945, aged 69 yrs.  He
helped establish many businesses, including the short-lived Bluff City
Savings Loan  Bank.  In 1941, he was elected president of the National
Medical Association.  In 1991, the electric power corporation, "Entergy"
cited Albert Sr. life for its contributions, including the invention of a
medical device, the "trocar canula."

For many years, the Dumas' owned much of the property on the north side of
Franklin Street, 700 block.

Albert Sr.'s son, Albert, Jr., [my father -- born 1903(-1971) at
Natchez]also was a medical doctor and practiced with him in the same
building.  At his death, Albert Jr., had retired from private medical
practice.  In his final two years, he was an adjunct faculty member at the
University of Mississippi Medical School. He also administered health care
delivery to the poor populations of the Mississippi Delta.

Albert Sr. had eight additional children: Marcella, Alexander, Michel,   
Willard, Dorothy, Marjorie, John and Gloria.

Today, only Gloria Dumas remains in Natchez where she passes the Winters. 
The remainder of the family is dispersed throughout Mississippi, Louisiana,
and other regions---Washington, D.C., Maryland, Florida, New York, Kentucky,
Colorado, Michigan, Texas, Arizona, and California.

A colorful book on genealogy research, "Black Sheep and Kissing Cousins"
does wonders in helping one sift through the myth and legends that spring in
family histories.  One such legend propogated in our branch was direct
descent from les Alexandre Dumas', the writers.  But a little research
reveals them living life to the full in France, parallel to John Sumpter
Dumas' toiling life on a Louisiana sugar plantation...


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Re:DUMAS,Albert Woods;Houma,ALA;b1876

Armen J. Dumas (View posts)
Posted: 941660419000
Hi Joe,

Thanks for the info on the Mississippi Dumas'.

We met via e-mail a long time ago.  Albert, Sr. had a brother named John
Thomas Dumas who had among many children, Newman Melford Dumas, Sr. my
grandfather.  You met my mom, Barbara Dumas (nee Evans), when she visited
NYC a few months ago.  So we're both decendents of John Sumpter Dumas.

Let me know what your research finds.  Take care and keep in touch.

Armen John Dumas

Re: DUMAS,Albert Woods;Houma,ALA;b1876

Eunice (View posts)
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Surnames: Dumas
Alexander Dumas' grandfather was the Marquis Antoine-Alexandre Davy de la Pailleterie who married Marie-Céssette Dumas, a black slave on the West Indies island of Santo Domingo (Haiti). His grandfather did not approve of his father enlisting the army under the name of Davy de la Pailleterie, so he enlisted as Thomas-Alexandre Dumas. Thomas-Alexandre worked his way to the title of General under Napoleon Bonaparte.

Many make the mistake that the Dumas name was from the father when it fact it was his mother's last name.

My line through my great grandmother Emma Dumas does not know if we are related to Alexander/Alexandre Dumas but we are said to come from Haiti/Santo Domingo and was moved to Lousiana then to Alamaba.

1880 Census found a Emma 19, Francois, 18
yrs., Antoinette, 14 yrs. Rodolphe, 10 yrs. Willis, 8 yrs, Lorencia, 6 yrs and Theodore, 2 yrs.

Isidore Lemiere and Rosalie (Dumas) Lemiere were married in
February, 1883 and Rosalie had recognized children born as early as 1857 but I don't know the other children's name. Does this sound familiar?

Emma Dumas relocated to Magnolia Alabama

Re: DUMAS,Albert Woods;Houma,ALA;b1876 Correction

Eunice (View posts)
Posted: 996900668000
Surnames: Dumas
I meant to say that it was his grandmother's name not mother.

Re: DUMAS,Albert Woods;Houma,ALA;b1876

Linda Doughty (View posts)
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My Great Grandmother was named Eunice Allie Dumas and she married a John Mirkel Brown. They lived in Oklahoma and my Grandmother was born in 1908 and named Johnnie Inez Brown. They had about 6 children and I believe my grandmother was somewhere in the middle. I am trying to trace my Indian and African ancestry. My grandmother was very closed about her family and all I know is that she was both part American Indian and Black and she always said we were related to the writer Alexander Dumas. If any of this is familiar please answer. Thank you.

Re: DUMAS,Albert Woods;Houma,ALA;b1876

Patrick Hannis (View posts)
Posted: 1105047870000
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Yours was the first I had seen mentioning my gggm Eunice Dumas. The man she married though was John Montgomery Brown, b. Oct. 4, 1865. Evidently he was killed in TX somewhere in 1912. Eunice lived until Sept. 24, 1941 when I am told she was taken to be placed next to her husband. If you can find out where they are burried please let me know.
Eunice A. Dumas b. Jan. 8, 1878, Barnesville, Lamar, GA Her father was John Randolph Dumas b. March 9, 1852, d. April 3, 1885 and mother Ora Lee (Chandler) dates unknown.
J.R. parents were Eugene Nehemiah Dumas b. June 7, 1821 d. Jan 1, 1866 and his mother Mary Ellen (Collier) b. May 28, 1830 d. April 25, 1900. Both are believed to be burried in Union Church, Gaggons, GA.
So your Grandmother was sister to my Grandmother, Effie Hazel Brown b. Aug. 23, 1904 in Marietta, Love, OK d. January 1987 in Tulsa, OK. She had married Marvin Lee Newell, b. Aug 10, 1903 d. Sept 11, 1963, on Jan. 19, 1923.
Their daughter Marvorie Newell, b. Nov 13, 1925 in Oklahoma City, OK, married Charles Irwin Hannis b. Jan 15, 1926, and they are my parents. So that would make us distant cousins maybe.

Re: DUMAS,Albert Woods;Houma,ALA;b1876

Posted: 1259070172000
Classification: Query
my name is tracy skime and my grandmother whom is still living, is marcella dumas. she is the daughter of albert dumas and lorraine schwartz. I have heard her talk about her sister dorothy, could it b a possible connection? my e-mail is

Re: DUMAS,Albert Woods;Houma,ALA;b1876

Posted: 1267472417000
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Check the listings for Midway Church Cem, Lamar Co, GA and you'll find Ora Belle Chandler Dumas Gardner buried there with other relatives. Her inlaws, Nehemiah Dumas and Mary E. Collier were white according to census info. There ARE mulattos and blacks named Dumas in the same area after the war but I am not aware of any relation (not officially anyway) to the family of Nehemiah Dumas. I would be interested to see what documentation exists to establish a connection between the white and black Dumases of Pike and Lamar counties. With mulattos in the census its obvious that there was mixing of the races. It is my understanding that the surnames were NOT always those of the slave holders' family but that some freed slaves used surnames of local families. Check the wills because slaves' names were sometimes listed there and of course the other documents of slave sales and emancipations and don't rule out the existence of free blacks including those (even free black women) who owned slaves themselves.

Re: DUMAS,Albert Woods;Houma,ALA;b1876

Posted: 1267637353000
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Oh I almost forgot the listings for the cemetery are on the Lamar County Genweb Archives page. Surnames for all cemeteries are listed alphabetically. That's how I found where they are buried.

Re: DUMAS,Albert Woods;Houma,ALA;b1876

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The maternal side of this family is William H Chandler and Emily C(aroline?) MNU only had 2 daughters -- Fredonia "Donie" Chandler Horne and Ora Belle Chandler Dumas Gardner.

Their Chandler origins remain unknown. I think modern docs of the grandchildren (death certs, etc) may have location info to determine the family's old stomping grounds. Might even find Emily's surname in the process too.

Happy Hunting

Barry Jernigan
Smyrna, TN
(Group 7A Chandler proven through Y-chromosome testing) Kit#109219 of the CFA DNA Project
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