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Captain Montcalm Broward's Family

Captain Montcalm Broward's Family

Lauren Nagel Richardson (View posts)
Posted: 958778783000
I was so pleased to run across all the Broward cousins at this message board. I am descended from Francis Broward through Captain Montcalm Broward, the governor's brother. My mother is Sarah Nell Broward, who lives in Maitland; her sister, Bette Broward Richard also lives in Maitland. My grandfather was a Napoleon Bonaparte Broward called Nappy, who married Nan Willox and lived in Orlando, but who died at age 40 and is buried, along with his third daughter, Jahn Broward, at the Jacksonville Cemetery. My great grandfather, N.B., was killed by a jealous husband. I understand there was a trial in Orlando in the 20s. Nappy and his brother, Giles, were raised by their aunt, my great grand aunt, Nell Truscott Broward Giles, who along with N.B. and another Montcalm, were the three children of Capt. Montcalm Broward. I have photos of Capt. Broward and all his tiny grandsons sitting on his lap. Also a very amusing photo of Capt. Broward and maybe his sons riding on the back of an oxen pulling a wagon. He is wearinga white linen suit and a straw hat. Aunt Nellie and her husband LeRoy Giles raised Nappy and Giles as if they were their own. Their mother, Dorothy, was divorced from N.B. Nappy's half sister, Mary Helen, brought us a photo of N.B. and Dorothy on their honeymoon cruise on the deck of the "Three Friends." It must have been the early 20s. I'm the one in my family that is the avid collector of all things Broward. I'm an attorney here in Gainesville and have spoken on occasion with Dr. Samuel Proctor, who still works with the oral history project here. He let me know that there were 30 more pages of Broward family history in his original master's thesis transcript, which formed those five pages in chapter two of the governor's biography. The thesis and also an entire collection of photos and papers from the governor's house at ft. george island are located at the East Library at UF. I must sheepishly admit that I have not had time to did through the material there. I understand the trunk from the governor's house sat for many years in the basement of the Natural History Museum until Dr. Proctor gave it to the library. I have collected three friends photos and have several artifacts from the ship, which were passed down to me from Capt. Broward to Nappy and Nellie and then to me. Even as a child I must have shown an inordinate interest in the family. My great aunt Nellied died when I was 10, but we were very close. I would be pleased to correspond with any of the cousins and would even be willing to copy and send out the additional thesis pages to you all. When Nellie Broward married LeRoy Giles, they moved to Orlando, where LeRoy father's, James Giles, was mayor for something like 6 terms. Thus, a branch of the Browards settled in Orlando. I would be pleased after all this time to be in touch with the Jacksonville Browards and those further dispersed.

Samuel Proctor's thesis

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Lauren, I would love to get a copy of the papers. If you will email mre I will send you my snail mail address and we can discuss the costs of copying and mailing. Thank you, Joanna B. Goodman ( my ggrrandfather was Malcoms brother, Napoleon Broward II.

samuel proctor thesis

Lauren Richardson (View posts)
Posted: 959241589000
Dear Joanna, I will get the thesis pages as soon as I can take an afternoon off. I wish I could draw out a family tree right here in this message, so I could see where we are related. Which N.B. is your grandfather? Captain Montcalm Broward (the governor's brother) had three children Nell, N.B. and Montcalm. N.B. was my great grandfather. He had two sons, another N.B. called Nappy (my grandfather) and a son, Giles, who died in a car accident in the 1930s. He was 18 years old. I think Capt. Broward's son, Montcalm, also had an N.B. and a Montcalm for sons. Which one was your grandfather? or was the governor your grandfather? Thanks for the clarification. My email at work is and at home is Lauren

The Browards

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It's great to read something new on the message board. I haven't checked it for a while. According to the calculator, I am a 2nd cousin 3 time removed from the govenor. I too would be very interested in the thesis. You never get too much information.

I am originally from Tampa, Florida, but I ahaven't lived there for many years. My mother and sister are still there.

I look forward to hearing more from you.

(still trying to find more on Francis)

Where do I fit in ?

Milton Henry Broward (View posts)
Posted: 967211736000
Please help me find where I fit in the Browards.We are from Mandarin and My g.g.father was Milton Henry. My g.father was Charles Milton who was married to Annie Nell. My grandaddy usr to take me to visit Dorcas all the time when I was young.I never found out how we are all related.I,m just learning to usr a computor and it,s fixing to storm. I have to run feed our horses as we are very country. I hope I am going to send this right. If so, my e-mail is jjnljuarez@ if someone gets this.

Milton Henry

Lauren Nagel Richardson (View posts)
Posted: 967669423000
Yes, I received your message. I can only think that your great-great grandfather, Milton Henry's father must have been one of John Broward's sons. John Broward was Francis Broward's son who received a 16,000 acre sawmill grant from the Spanish Territorial governor in 1816. He married Margaret Tucker in 1824 and they had ten children. The five sons were Charles, Napoleon Bonaparte, Pulaski, Washington, and Montgomery. Napoleon Bonaparte was the governor's father. He only had one other son, Montcalm, who was my great-great grandfather. Pulaski Broward was wounded at the Battle of Missionary Ridge, but survived the Civil War. Montgomery Broward served under his brother, Napoleon, and later served in the Western Army. Washington Broward died in the Federal prison at Hilton Head, South Carolina, before he could be exchanged. Therefore, there were four of John Broward's sons who survived the Civil War who could have been Milton Henry Broward's father. If John Broward is not your g.g.g.g.grandfather, then you may be a descendant of Francis Broward's other son who survived adulthood. His name was Charles and he married Jane Eubank and they lived in Duval County. They had two sons, Francis and John. So I would think that you are descended either from one of John Broward's sons or one of Charles Broward's sons. Do any of these names sound familiar to you? I recently went through the governor's archive at the university of florida and found a letter from a Walter Broward to the governor--he must have been a cousin--he had some sort of trouble and was writing for help from the asylum. I don't know if he was a child of Pulaski's or maybe Montgomery or Charles. Two cousins of ours on the internet who are very knowledgeable are Mary Dorcas Weisenberg and Joanna Beckley Goodman, so you could respond to one of their messages on the message board.

Samuel Proctor's thesis

joanna beckley-goodman (View posts)
Posted: 967754127000
I would also like to see these papers that are rich with Broward family history. I am descended from Preston Broward and Laura H. Sullivan through Clark H. Broward. Is it possible to get acopy of these by snail mail? I would be willing to pay shipping costs.
Judy Broward Jackson

add'l info in Proctor's thesis

Lauren Richardson (View posts)
Posted: 968704239000
I did indeed spend an afternoon going through the first few chapters of the Proctor thesis written in the 1940s, and the only additional information in the thesis that did not make it into the published biography of gov. broward is about 5 or 6 detailed pages on the Parsons family line. For all of us descended from Napoleon Broward, Sr. and Mary Dorcas Parsons, I think it would be helpful. You can email me at with you mailing address and I will send the chapter to anyone who would like to have it. I've got your address, Joanna. Don't worry about postage.

walter broward

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Thank you Lauren for the information. It is very interesting. Do you know who Walter was and why he was hospitalized?

Re: Samuel Proctor's thesis

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Can someone who descends through Preston Broward confirm for me that his mother was a Reddick? Anyone of that family have the family Bible? Sharon Broward Davis
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