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Re: Lakota Sioux and Cherokee Lineage

Re: Lakota Sioux and Cherokee Lineage

Michael Charles Bresette (View posts)
Posted: 976235658000
I was once told that my ancestors had some major interactions with both Nations. I do not know where to start? Please drop me a line if you can.

Thank You,Michael

cree link (Hypolite Bresette)

keri-jade (View posts)
Posted: 977781097000
My ancester is Hypolite Bresette (born aprox. 1790, Montreal). He was a voyager for the North West company and The Hudson's Bay Company and is a Drummand Island Militia member. He married a cree princess named Archange (the sparrow). But it is rumoured (and published) that he was half native. I can't find any information on his family (parents, etc.), but I am searching for some!
P.s. there are MANY different ways to spell this last name. No variation suprises me now. :)
keri-jade (

my family

michelle bresette (View posts)
Posted: 977839094000
my grandafarther was albert bresette
he passed away a year ago..he lived in
portland maine..please tell me if you are
in any way realated to me through him

Re: Albert Bresette

Michael Bresette (View posts)
Posted: 978483072000
Michelle Bresette,I am sorry for your loss. My father is from Maine as well,Norman Bresette. His Fathers name was Charles Merril Bresette.I have not found an Albert Bresette. Again, I am sorry for your loss.-Michael Charles Bresette

Re:Cree link

Michael Charles Bresette (View posts)
Posted: 978704139000
Thank you so much for your information. I would love to learn more about him and any possible blood links.My Great Grandfather is as far back as I can seem to find. I would enjoy discussing any information you might have. Thank you for your kindness.-Michael


Renee Hopper (View posts)
Posted: 991034853000
My great-grandfather was Daniel Bressette; we think his father was named Charles or John. Daniel's children were named Charles, John, Daniel, Nora, Edith, David, Patrick, Harold, Frank (my late-Dad 1910-1993, Joseph and Josephine (twins). We are Objiwa/Chippewa/Pottowatomin natives, but of course, were are assuming French descent with a name like Bressette, plus living in southern Ontario (Kettle & Stoney Point First Nation), possible fur traders; definite hunters.

Re: my family

Posted: 993407715000
Classification: Query
We have bressettes in our family history. The father was William bressette. Some of the children were Edwin, Rose, Margaret Curtis, John, David. They were large families. In the Oxford county of Maine. Some spell it Bressette others Bresette. Rose Bressette was born in Quebec married George Smith.

Re: my family

Amy Knepp (View posts)
Posted: 998322981000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Bresette
Do you know if John Bresette moved to Illinois or Michigan? I am looking for information on my Grandfather John Peter Bresette who married Dorothy Way. Thanks

Re: my family

Caroline (View posts)
Posted: 998350438000
Classification: Query
I don't know if John Moved to either State. At the time of Rose Bressette Smith's dead April 6, 1964 (his sister) He was living in Canada along with his brother David. Rose was born in Quebec Canada.

Re: cree link (Hypolite Bresette)

Arlene Drane Bressette (View posts)
Posted: 1037935349000
Classification: Query
Hi Relative,

My name is Arlene Drane madain name is Bressette. I Have alot of information for you. Hypolite Bressette is my 3rd great grand father. His mother was also full blooded native. Hypolite father came from France. He use to stand on guard for a castle in France. Hypolite and Archange L,Hirondelle had a large family. The oldest son Was John Baptiste Bressette EDmond Bressette Ponite Bressette Charles Bressette Elie Bressette many others including daughters. Some were born out west. I come from EDmond Bressette who married Rosile Gendron. They also had a large family. THey hade a son who was also EDmond Bressette who married Hurmine Bonnvile from port severn. They hade 11 childern which my grandfather was one of HIs name was Maxine Bressette who married Myrtle Stocker. THey hade 24 childern. Which my dad is one of. So my GRest grand parents Hade 11 childern 70 grand childern which my dad is one of and 114 great grand childern which i am one of. We have an unique heritage. I have my native card. send me back emile. arlene
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