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faught cherokee connection

faught cherokee connection

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Surnames: fAUGHT
I am searching for the Faught family that moved from Virginia to Georgia between 1790- 1799.One son , Samuel Faught, born in Virginia in 1790 was my gg grandfather. Another son,Wiley Blount Faught, born in Georgia in 1799 was my gg uncle.They appear in Hickman County Tennessee in 1809, Limestone County Alabama in the 1820s and Giles County Tennessee in 1830.
In Georgia Cherokee records , I got a lead on a Faught family led by Nancy Faught that appears in the Cherokee Rolls that listed the Cherokees to be removed to Oklahoma.Nancy Faught, sons Wheeler and Eli, and daughter Margaret went west with the Goin Snake group in September 1838,under John Benge.Nancy's son Wheeler was hung in Oklahoma in 1846 for involvement in tribal warfare between two groups of Cherokees. Nancy and daughter Margaret appear in the 1851/52 Drennen Rolls ,which lists the New Echota, Georgia Treaty Group of Cherokees.
Nancy died and Margaret married George William Crouch.I found no record on Eli in Oklahoma.Note: a good source for the above is found on " Google" under "Dr. Emmett Starr, Cherokee Genealogist".
I am intrigued that there was a Faught family of Cherokees in Georgia soon after my Virginia - kin were there.When the Virginia - Faught family moved on into Tennessee,a son could have remained in Georgia with the Cherokees.

I am searching for the name of the father of my gg grandfather,Samuel. I hope a search of early Cherokee land records and of white men that married into the tribe will help identify the Faught that was the husband or father of Nancy, the Cherokee lady that went to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears.

Should any one reading this have info on the father of Samuel and Wiley Blount Faught, I will appreciate the lead. Note: The two brothers, Samuel and Wiley B., and their mother Nancy died in Giles County, Tennessee. I do not think they have a Cherokee connection; but there is a possibility that a member of the family does.

1 February,2014 update to he original message: Please see my tree "Blucher Louis Faught" for the latest info on this subject and the results of my DNA test.

Re: faught cherokee connection

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Surnames: Faught, Manasco
John Harrison Faught, b.VA 1780-d.Walker Co, AL aft. 1830, m. 1803 in TN, Nancy Marilla Manasco, b.SC 1780-d. Walker Co., AL, (no date).
Their children:
Wiley Blount, GA 1799-?;
Levi, TN 1804-1838, Morgan Co, AL;
Jesse Hunter, TN 1805-Apr 3 1869, Walker Co, AL;
Samuel William Faught, TN 1807-d.1841, Walker Co, AL;
Nancy Hunter, Sep 25 1809-Sep 28 1888, Denton, Denton Co, TX;
Sarah E, AL 1817-?.

I am a descendant of Samuel William Faught, who m. Elizabeth Brown. Their son James Anderson Faught is my gggrandfather. Elizabeth's parents were John M. Brown (half-blood) & Hannah Rice. Elizabeth's father's parents were Cherokee Chief John Brown and first wife, Dolly Dean (full-blood).

According to Claim No 21413-21397 of James Anderson Faught, his father Samuel W. Faught was part Indian, but as he died in 1841 when Anderson was only four years old, he wasn't sure how much Indian his father was. Samuel Wm. Faught is buried in Faught Cemetery, Walker County, AL, with wife Elizabeth and children Sarah & Anderson.

I hope this helps.

Re: Faught Cherokee Connection - John Harrison Faught

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Surnames: Faught
I read your reply with interest. Appears there may have been more than one Faught with a Cherokee connection. The one I traced to Oklahoma in the Trail of Tears event was evidently married to a Faught that had a family of two boys and one girl.They were first listed in Army records showing rations issued to New Echota Treaty Cherokees during 1836-38.They later appeared on Cherokee rolls in Oklahoma.

Another subject: I am trying to determine if John Harrison Faught was the John Faught listed in the War of 1812 files. I show John, Moses, Isham and William as Privates in the 36th Regiment of West TN Militia in Hickman County, TN. Samuel Faught of Hickman County was appointed a Lieutenant in the same Regiment in 1809.In 1806-8. a Samuel and John were living in White / Warren Counties.

I have been tracing William Faught b. 1764 in VA. as the possible father of John b. 1780, Samuel b. 1790 David b. 1795, and Wiley B b. 1799. The Isham and Moses of the Hickman County Militia would have been at least sixteen , and therefore, born around 1797. They may have also been Willian's sons. However, based upon their age , if the John in Hickman County in the War of 1812 period was your John Harrison Faught b. 1780, he could have been Isham and Mose's father. Do you any records that show if John was in White, Warren and Hickman counties as indicated? Also, I have only found William Faught listed in Hickman County; and the 1820 Census of Lawrence County / 1830 Census of Carrol County,TN. Do you have any thing on him?

Re: Faught Cherokee Connection - John Harrison Faught

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You're right--there are other Cherokee connections in our Faught family. Wiley Blount Faught's brother, Samuel William b.1807, married Elizabeth Brown b.1809 TN, daughter of John (Cherokee Jack) Brown and Hannah Rice. Elizabeth's grandfather John Brown of Creek Path was at least half Indian and her grandmother Dolly Dean was full-blood Cherokee. It would be reasonable to assume that if one sibling married an Indian, other siblings were likely to as well.

Wiley Blount was married several times and had many children including Sarah (b.1817), Joseph (b.1818), Isham (b.1821), Moses Matthew (b.1824). However, these weren't born until after the War of 1812. It gets quite confusing when these same names are repeated so frequently throughout the generations and different lines.

Although Wiley Blount is not in my direct lineage, I have quite a bit of information about his family taken from their family Bible. It's several pages of typed print that also includes several miscellaneous families of Faughts--too much to retype here. If you'll contact me at, I'll be glad to share with you what I have. There may be something in it that would help you.

Re: Faught Cherokee Connection - John Harrison Faught

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I know that my G.G Grandfather was John C. Faught and he was in the war of 1812 out of Tennessee. i do not have any records but this may be the john Faught that you speak of. i would like to get more info on him too.

Re: Faught Cherokee Connection - John Harrison Faught

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Although there are no John C.'s in my files, the John Faughts I have would have been 50-60 years old during the War of 1812. I'm not familiar with details of that war--there may have been soldiers of that age. Right now I'm thinking your John C is in a different lineage. Perhaps Robert can make a connection from his research?

Re: faught cherokee connection

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Well, hello...............and the father of your Samuel Faught is Gaspar Faught, and his second wife a german lady. Samuel was born at Peaked Mountain, Virginia. There war three generations of Faughts (spelled Voltz, Pzaughts, Faults, Fotz, Fouts etc) in the German Church records.
Gaspar left Peaked Mountain and the German settlement there, with his second german wife, and joined the Militia. I have lost track of him between 1790 (Samuel born) and 1794 when he showed up at Telico Plains (was Georgia, then split into Tennessee and Georgia and split again and again etc). He lost his second german wife at Telico, and remarried to LOUISA BLONT BLACKLEDGE a widow who had lost her entire family in one night of terror. Louisa and Gaspar had for certain two sons William and Levi.

William Blont Faught, and his brother Levi Bruce Fauaht were born in that area of Cherokee Indian lands attached to Franklin Co, Georgia, that was known as Telico Plains. Your Samuel Faught was 1/2 brother to the two men.

Their father was Gaspar Faught. He was a captain sent to Telico Plains to help construct a block house. He lost his german wife. Your Samuel was a son of the German wife. I do not have her name.

While at the new Block house, the Blont family were interested in connections to the VAST Salt Petri cave Nickajack, and encouraged a sibling to marry him. This was Louisa Blont Blackledge (a widow who had lost her husband and all her children except 2 that were carried off by the Indians. She demanded constant reports of Telico Black house of her captured children.

Capt Gaspar Faught was in charge of the salt Petri mining at NICKAJACK cave. He fell in love with her and married her after losing his german wife (and mother of Samuel Faught, blind Sam and others). Gaspar and Louise had two sons for certain. Both born at Telico plains. One (William Blont Faught) at Nickajack cave which was then in Cherokee lands attached to Franklin CO, Georgia, and the other (Levi Bruce Faught)20 miles away at Telico block house, which became Tennessee, then Blont Co Tennessee, and was separated again and again. There is a site on the net that has Telico Block house pictures etc. The orginial block house is long gone, but the foundations of the rebuilt block houses are now a historic point of interest.

Both of Louisa Blont Blackledge Faught's sons by Gaspar Faught were baptized at the church near Telico Blockhouse. The records are still intact there.

Gaspar with help of Louisa's two brothers (both became Govenor of Tennessee) talked Gaspar into resigning from the Militia at Telico Block house and forming a business with another man mining the Salt Petre at Nickajack Cave. This party of men became very wealthy. Actually the Block house at Telico was really not much of a fort type block house, but a trade center with the miliary and the Cherokees.

I have accessed the Peaked Mountain Church records and have a patch work genealogy of Gaspar Faught who was born there, joined the military, came to Telico plais 1794, then after he retired he went to Giles Co Tennessee
There is another FAUGHT descent very interested, I will notify him of you. And in the mean while........ (1 417 345 5976)

Email me your email and I will have him contact you. He recently retired and moved to Telico Plains and lives near the old Block house ruins. Seems that the three of us have A LOT IN COMMON TO DISCUSS!

GREAT GRANDPA always deneyed that the faughts had cherokee blood, but others in the family said that this was not so, Nancy Cook was married to William Riddle of giles Co, Tenn before she had a son by Levi Bruce Faught and then moved away to Arkansas. She is buried at Deer. But no grave for Levi.

Re: faught cherokee connection

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You have the children of John Harrison Faught mixed up with Gaspar Faught that was born Peaked Mountain, Virginia (four geneations of Faughts there at the German Church).

William Blont Faught was the first son of Louisa Blont Widow Blacklier and was named for her father's surname BLONT. Her second husband was Gaspar Faught. Your John Harrison Faught is a kin but not the father of William Blont Faught that was born at Nickajack Cave 1799, Cherokee lands attached to Franklin Co, Georgia. Williams brother Levi Bruce Faught was born 20 miles away at Telico Block house (all this is located in Telico Plains.) Samual born 1790 at Peaked Mountain, Virginia and was from a German wife of Gaspar. These births can be verifite at the German Church at Peaked mountain, Virginia and at the church at Telico Block house Tennessee.

Re: faught cherokee connection

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the 1/2 brother of William Blont Faught named Levi Bruce Faught married Nancy Cook (Rev Brown, the Indian chief and on the Cherokee rolls) is your connection to the Cherokees. She died in Deer Arkansas.....she was first married to William Riddle and had children by him.

Re: faught cherokee connection

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Surnames: Faught
Great info regarding Gasper Faught. I was at a dead end.I am interested in the old Peaked Mountain church records and the Tellico block house records you mentioned.I have done quiet a bit af research in Virginia, where I now live.Would like to compare notes. My E-mail address is
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