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Publishing Center falls short

Publishing Center falls short

Posted: 1356034398000
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I've beed trying to prepare a collection of Family Group Sheets for my siblings by Christmas. That's not going to happen. I realize this facility is not high on the vendor's priority list but it's frustrating when things don't function as hoped. Here are a few things I've run into, good, bad, and bugs.

Designating which FGRs to include in what order is not difficult. There are facilities to build a real book with a title page, copyright, dedication, preface, etc. It can produce narrative but I chose to use family group sheets so I could better control which generations are included.

A PDF was really my only option. FGRs and charts are not available in rich text format. There is a wonderful optional indexing feature which builds a name index for you with proper page references. This feature is not available in plain text and HTML formats.

There is a limit of 200 items (decendancy chart, pedigree chart, individual report, family group sheet, etc.) which is not well documented so, of course, I ran into it. Deleting is buggy. When I tried to insert after deleting, I discovered the subscripts for the FGRs were not reordered so instead of inserting, I brought back deleted FGRs and others close to the insertion point disappeared.

I was producing FGRS even for unmarried individuals so I had a consistent format throughout the book. Inserting these FGRs when close to the 200 limit is buggy. Invariably, an existing FGR was duplicated and the desired FGR was omitted.

I believe my only options now are to rebuild my book or produce rich text format do a lot of editting with my word processor. With the second option, I don't know what I'd do about an index.

Re: Publishing Center falls short

Posted: 1356057535000
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Have you been in contact with Legacy Support to try and solve your problems?

Have you submitted a bug report for things that are not working properly, or suggestions to improve those features that are working as they're intended but could be better?

There are programs that will edit a PDF file for you - I can't name any right at this moment, but I'm sure you'll find something with a Google search if you want to persue that.

What word processor are you using? Have you looked in its Help to see if it can index for you?

Are there any specific questions we can try to answer for you?

Kind Regards,

Re: Publishing Center falls short

Posted: 1356095577000
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Yes I have submitted a bug report for the insertion problem so that might get fixed (1BD-186368A3-0317). Some time ago, I submitted a bug report for double entries in the Table of Contents which was resolved. When I ran into the deletion problem, my frustration overflowed. This facility appears to be something that's not very well debugged, kind of thrown together maybe.

A PDF manipulator is a possibility if I can figure out how to merge the indexes.

My word processor is Windows Wordpad which has been adequate until now.

I guess I'm curious; is there anyone besides me who's trying to use this out of the box without doing a lot of manipulation of results? Maybe that's not the publisher's intent.

Can you please put a note about the 200 chapter limit in the manual? I'm looking at both "Legacy Family Tree 7.0" that came with the original CD and the online help file and I couldn't find any reference to it.

Should I submit a bug report for the deletion problem too?

Thank you for listening.

Re: Publishing Center falls short

Posted: 1356545108000
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I received notification today that Millenia accepted my suggestion to add the fact that there is a limit on the number of chapters in the publishing center to the help files and manuals. More importantly they appear ready to add an error message if you try to add the 201st chapter and take appropriate actions so as to avoid making the book unusable if that occurs.

Re: Publishing Center falls short

Posted: 1356546719000
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The response when I submitted a bug report for the insertion problem is that Legacy does not support FGRs for unmarried individuals. This was determined notwithstanding the fact those reports can be generated either as part of or not part of a book in the Publishing Center and they function perfectly well. If you wish to insert a FGR for an unmaried individual, it may work. If not, the following workarounds seem to work when a simple insert will not.

1. Position the "Family" tab to the unmarried individual you want to include.
2. Click the "Reports" icon.
3. Click the "Publishing Center" button.
4. Notice the "Current Person" is the individual chosen in the Family tab and the "Current Couple" says "None".
5. In the "Chapters of Book" window on the right, navigate to and click the chapter BEFORE which you want the new chapter inserted.
6. In the "Available Items" window, click the Individual Report selection.
7. Click the "Insert" button.
8. Leave the new chapter selected, and click Family Group Report in the "Available Selections" window.
9. Click the "Insert" button.
10. Select the unwanted Individual Report chapter in the "Chapters of Book" window
11. Click the "Remove" button.

You can also perform the following workaround which has never failed me.

Follow steps 1-4 and then
5. Click Family Group Report in the "Available Items" window.
6. Click the "Add" button.
7. Click the new chapter added at the bottom of the list in the "Chapters of Book" window.
8. Use the up and down arrows to position the new chapter to the proper place in the book.

Re: Publishing Center falls short

Posted: 1357222709000
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I followed up some more with screen shots showing the step-by-step of the problem I see. When words fail, say it with pictures. The tech understood and the problem has been referred to the programmers but there are no promises on when it will be addressed. If you care to and can query the status, it's issue 4268.
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